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Mozile (Mozilla Inline Editor) is an easy to use context-sensitive XHTML editor that will allow users to edit web pages from the comfort of their own browser. It can act as the client-side of a content-editing system or as a self-contained “web word processor”.

Manage the conversation, then when you’re ready, send it with a single click.

Key features:

Use any web browser, not just Firefox.

All you need is Firefox, no browser plugins or other software required.

Save your content for offline viewing and printing.

Move forward and backward through your pages.

View the previous and next page in the current conversation.

Save the current page.

Quickly add new messages and reply to existing ones.

Email the contents of the conversation to yourself.

Works with the Thunderbird/SeaMonkey email client, and other XUL-based email clients.

With more than 100 built-in templates for HTML, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Can be used as a fully featured client-side web page editor that can contain all of the features of an HTML editor.

Adds a “Sent Items” folder to the Thunderbird message folder.

Can be extended with scripts written in Javascript.


Most of the work for Mozile was done by Alex Clark who also released something similar a few years ago. While the extension is still available for Firefox, it hasn’t been updated in years.

One thing I found annoying with Mozile was that the extension would only let me create and save pages that were smaller than a few hundred bytes. This may not have been a big deal if I had a fast connection, but I don’t. If you do, you’ll likely have no problems.

While Mozilla should make some effort to bring this back as a standalone plugin, it’s almost certainly going to remain a plugin to Thunderbird as well.

[Update: Mozile has been deprecated. You can now install the (very similar) “mozile” XUL extension directly in your browser. The original Mozile download page still exists, but there is no longer a way to download it.]

So I just figured out how to do this and I’m using it now. To get the list of available templates, go to Edit – preferences – Content Editor – Page Templates eea19f52d2


– Load the maps manually;
– Calibrate maps by following the instructions;
– Display latitude/longitude;
– You can store the GPS device identifier;
– Display the phone standby mode.

Low battery warning in the status bar will cause you to lose your position. When the battery level of the phone is getting low, the GPSMap will display the battery level in the status bar.
If the battery level gets lower than the low battery warning level, GPSMap will display the message that “GPS device is turned off, please turn it on again”, and then force close the app.
If GPS is on, the battery level will be displayed as “(remaining)”.
If GPS is off, the battery level will be displayed as “none”
Fixed bug (some users reported):
If you are loading the GPS maps manually and are at the “loading map” step, the GPSMap will close unexpectedly.
If you are loading the GPS maps manually and are at the “converting image” step, the GPSMap will close unexpectedly.

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Give Me You!

USSD by Waze is a replacement application for the actual standard Waze application that’s been downloaded millions of times.
You can use this application to discover nearby businesses on the Waze map and find contact information for these businesses.
When you are connected to WiFi and the Google search engine is not available, it is possible to enter the address of the business and it will get found directly from your browser.
You can read more about the Waze and USSD (Universal Service Searching Device) applications at and

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Google+ Reader

The Google Reader is a web service that collects and organizes your feeds. With this application you can sync your feeds in your Google Reader account on your phone and access them from anywhere with Internet connection.
You can read more about the Google Reader application at

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Google Voice to Gtalk

With this app you can manage your Google Voice account on your phone.
In your Google Voice account you can call