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KeyMacro provides a desktop tool for programmable keyboard macros. Macros are used to automate actions, which can be scheduled for later execution or performed upon key press. One-key operation is sufficient for simple macros. However, more complex functions require repetition.
The program is compatible with all modern PCs and works on all Windows versions, including Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It can even run on Linux and Mac OS X.
Basic features of KeyMacro:
KeyMacro can create macros of various kinds, including “one-shot” actions that are to be performed only once, for instance, a “Ctrl+L” will clear the screen. In addition, KeyMacro allows users to define “timer” macros, which are to be performed automatically after a certain amount of time has elapsed. “Repeat” macros provide a way to automatically repeat the executed macro a certain number of times, and “repeat forever” macros can be set to repeat the macro infinitely.
It is possible to set the interval of the timer, and the number of repeats can be configured at run time, thus providing for more complex macros. Some of these macros can be scheduled to run automatically at any time, on schedule, or in response to a specific event.
Once macros are created, they can be executed at any time or in response to a specific event by pressing a hotkey combination, be it a single keystroke or a combination of multiple keys. If a keystroke is involved, KeyMacro stores in the registry a list of the keystrokes that were pressed. In this way, the same keystroke can be executed many times. However, if multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, the list of keystrokes will be unique and only one of them will be stored.
KeyMacro can be used as a real time clock. By setting a specific timer, keystrokes can be performed a certain number of times. For example, if “Ctrl+Z” were pressed every minute and a macro was created with the same keystrokes, they would be executed once per minute.
KeyMacro’s registry entries are password-protected and can be deleted or modified without administrator privileges. Thus, they cannot be tampered with maliciously. Macro names can be displayed to users in a suitable format, providing them with immediate access to the registered macros.
KeyMacro is a free application, so it does not require a registration. However, the user manual offers more detailed information about the application, and it 384a16bd22

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* You can record your own voice and save the file on the internal file system.
* The user can select the audio recording from a list of predefined files and record with the microphone.
* You can import recorded audio files with this option.
* The user can select the audio output format from a list of predefined files and save the output as an mp3, ogg, m4p or wav file.
* The user can select the audio output format and output the same file as mp3, ogg, m4p or wav file.
* The user can select the audio output format and output the same file as mp3, ogg, m4p or wav file.
* Select input and output audio files from a list of predefined files.
* Record your own voice with the microphone.
* Import recorded audio files.
* Select audio output format for the imported files.
* Select audio output format for the imported files.
* Output audio file with the selected audio format.

Sublime Text 2 – PHP Refactoring is an extension and built in search plugin that enables you to do rapid development for PHP code. It supports code refactoring (renaming variables, classes and functions, method renaming, and much more), code generation (to “stub” for missing PHP extensions, methods, constants, etc.), code completion, and code hints.
The built-in search functionality enables you to search for code snippets, keywords, or files within a project.
You can also use the PHP Refactoring as an extension. The extension works like the built-in search functionality plus you can apply custom refactorings.
Install instructions:
Add the package from the Package Control repository by selecting Install Package > Select ‘Sublime Text 2 – PHP Refactoring’ > Install package. You can install the extension from the command line by typing the following:
$ composer require rasvh/sublime-text-refactor
Note: PHP Refactoring does not work with Sublime Text 3.

The Kupo bookmark extension for Opera uses the X-Kupo HTTP header to identify Kupo files, and Kupo-specific markup to generate a tab or panel for each item, as well as the ability to link to external URLs.

Tautzilla detects, displays and extracts automation rules from executable programs.
With T