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New Releases:

This app could have used a bit of a user interface overhaul, but it’s actually quite useful.
Enter a feed URL and a podcast will be downloaded, and played.
Tapping on the status icon will give you a brief description of the podcast.
jPodder is the leading podcasting client. It’s support advanced features like enclosure previewing, multiple downloading, BitTorrent support and many more user friendly functions.
Here are some key features of “jPodder”:
■ Multi Platform program (Java based).
■ Easy installer. (Creates shortcuts on Windows PC’s).
■ System tray (Minimize jPodder to download in background).
■ GUI Menu and popup menu’s.
■ Build-in User manual.
■ Multi-Language
RSS Feed management
■ Add, Remove & Edit feeds.
■ Sort feeds by name.
■ Move feeds up/down
■ View detailed Feed information.
■ Feeds stored in easy XML format.
■ Extensive status bar.
■ Drag & Drop Podcasts link
Enclosure previewing
■ Preview enclosures incl. name, date, size..
■ Show enclosure status (Downloaded, In player..)
■ Show previous downloads from this feed.
■ Highlights partial downloads.
■ Highlights previous downloads.
■ Scheduled downloads
■ Multiple simultaneous downloads
■ Single enclosure download
■ Smart-Download, Downloads latest only.
■ Maximum downloads, Limiter to the number of downloads
■ Resume partial downloads
■ Manual download retry
■ Feed Authentication
■ Proxy Server support (Including authentication)
■ build-in BitTorrent. (Including seeding).
Media Player Interface
■ Natively supports transfer to iTunes and WMP.
■ Player plugin facility.
■ MIME-Type association to players
Podcast Production
■ Manage production steps
■ Auto-create RSS feed
■ MP3 Tag editing
■ Add enclosures to RSS feed
■ Launch

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“jPodder is a cross platform podcast client, with features most other podcast clients lack. This powerful client uses the Html 5 Web Media API, allowing it to play streamed audio from any website, and encapsulates your podcast inside an tag in the webpage, allowing you to embed your podcast anywhere on the internet. jPodder is purpose-built for podcasting, and is the best podcast client available today.

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Content and recording
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The newest and most user-friendly podcasting application out there! jPodder is the application used by many people for their podcasting needs. jPodder offers many features such as its RSS feed management capabilities, podcasts support for multiple platforms, and enclosure previewing.
jPodder also offers RSS feed support, which allows you to automatically launch jPodder on new RSS feeds, and manages various RSS feeds for you. (Supported Platforms: Windows).
What’s new in this version:
Add D-Block Radio Feeds.
Fix Location issue when removing podcast episodes.
What’s new in this version:
July 1, 2004
*Added D-Block Radio
Added bugs.Pniewska

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__FBSDID(“$FreeBSD: release/9.1.0/sys/kern/comp_proto.h 218034 2014-10-23 10:37:47Z tillekk $”);

#include “opt_comp_proto.h”

* Compiler

What’s New In?

jPodder is a podcast listening application. You can listen to and manage your favorite podcasts right on your Windows PC.
jPodder include:
■ Multi-platform. (Available for Windows, Mac and Linux).
■ Advanced functions.
■ Integrated Enclosure Viewer.
■ Tutorial. (Step by step operation guide).
■ Customizable and easy to use. (Menu’s and Pop-up Menu’s).
■ GUI Menu’s.
■ User friendly. (Easy to find and use the components).
■ Built in help files. (highlighted and dialog boxes).
■ Sortable GUI.
■ File-Menu.
■ Single download.
■ Multiple download.
■ Scheduled download.
■ Parser Support. (Multi RSS feed’s)
■ HTTP connection. (upload to multiple feeds)
■ FTP, SMTP and POP3 connection.
■ XML Feed support.
■ Update, HTTP and BitTorrent support.
■ Add/Remove/Edit feeds.
■ Record (Record script for synchronous web feeds to XML Feeds)
■ Bulk Upload.
■ Manage Podcast.
■ BitTorrent.
■ Enclosure Viewer.
■ Launch recoder.
jPodder by “Brad Jones” ( and “jPodder Team”.

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System Requirements For JPodder:

Linux ·
Mac OS X ·
Windows ·
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080/1070/1060/1050/1060/970
AMD® Radeon™ R9 390, R9 Fury X, R9 Fury
Intel® Core i3, i5, i7, AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper
Multi-Core CPU