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Download USB XTAF GUI V3.2 BETA.exe
Created: 05 July 2010
. USB XTAF GUI v3.2 beta – WpsXtaf GUI tool created by wpsx64.
USB XTAF GUI V3.2 BETA.exe for Windows 8 for x64
— MULTIBETA-Build: 12/30/2010
USB XTAF GUI V3.2 – Beta – Update
created by WpsXtaf Dev Team
——————— What is new in v3.2 beta:
– Create and use up to 10 different Flash Partitions
– Create flash partition in Windows 7 64-bit
– Create flash partitions for Windows 8 64-bit
– Create flash partitions for Windows 8 32-bit
– New USB Driver mode selected by default for USB 2.0. Supported.
– Functionality of USB 3.0 enabled for USB 2.0 if supported by device.
– Prevent USB Bug using Windows F8 option.
– New Startup option in USB XTAF GUI.
– Active USB LED working in new startup mode.
– New option in Save Mode To use “all” or “selected” partitions.
– Several bugfixes/features added.
——————— Thanks for all the comments and feedback:
We are very grateful for your feedback, comments and support
new version usb xtaf gui v3.2. beta

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