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Enter Magnification (Enter Mag) is a free, high-quality software plugin for Adobe Photoshop that will automatically crop the edges of the image when printing to create an accurate representation of the image. This ensures that the maximum number of pixels will be displayed on the printed page. Enter Mag will also create a calibration bar that measures the length of the printed output. This bar is measured in micrometers and can be used to calculate the actual printed size of the image.


Enter Mag has no options for changing the settings, although it is possible to make adjustments to the settings before printing.


Enter Mag has 3 features that it will automatically apply to your images:
Crop edges to eliminate the border that remains from the original photo.
Create a calibration bar that is directly under the cropped image.
Label the cropped image with the calibration bar.

When these features are selected, the ‘Crop edges’ box will be filled in with solid black and the ‘Label the cropped image’ box will be filled in with the current foreground and background color.

Input Settings

Enter Mag can be used in conjunction with other Photoshop plugins.

Enter Mag will accept image magnification settings from the input dialog box as shown above.
Enter Mag can also receive calibration bar settings from the input dialog box as shown above.

Enter Mag also accepts the DPI setting of the image if the image is sent to the plugin through the Photoshop batch process.

When the image magnification is set to ‘Crop edges’, Enter Mag will also automatically crop the image. However, if the user wishes to crop manually, Enter Mag allows this with a simple hotkey. The hotkey for this function is Z (The default key for the Crop tool in Photoshop is F11). The same hotkey can be used to uncrop the image.

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Emsisoft Decryptor for Ransomwared uses a public key-based system for automatically finding the encryption key (RANSOMWARE) of specific files. Keymacro analyzes the encrypted files and tries to determine the encryption key based on some specific parameters. It also has the capability to provide the public key.
The Emsisoft Decryptor for Ransomwared decrypts data encoded with the proprietary algorithm AES in ECB mode (also known as electronic code book). RANSOMWARE can encrypt files using several different encryption algorithms, which is why it is important that the decryptor can deal with any one of them. 
KEYMACRO Features:
• Support for the Emsisoft RANSOMWARE Encryption Algorithms
• Support for various lengths of files
• Support for various file extensions
• Generate public and private keys
• Supported Input
• Supported Output
• Cryptanalysis analysis of target files
• Open source


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I had to run the tool again and it successfully unlocked all the files.