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GINternet Explorer lets you navigate the WorldWideWeb with simple to use GUI. With an easy to use and fast browser you can easily navigate the Internet. You can simply start a search or search engines for your preferred keywords. GINternet Explorer has a tabbed interface, and you can switch between tabs to access different sites. The tab interface also allows you to have multiple tabs open simultaneously. It comes with a tab history and comes with standard shortcuts to quickly access your favorite websites, search engines, bookmark favorites, different storage places, quick links, online radios and more.

WinX Internet Security

WINX Internet Security is a program that is designed to help you secure your computer from being attacked by malicious code and from prying eyes. It’s a free product that is both easy to use and highly effective.

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Gmail VIP Free Email

Gmail VIP Free Email is a free POP3 email account, and it also integrates with your Gmail account. As soon as you subscribe, you’ll be able to read, write, forward and reply to all your Gmail emails without a web browser. You can also download or print your Gmail emails as attachments.

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Home Free VPN

Home Free VPN allows you to browse the Internet safely from work and from school. It’s like a virtual private network, but without having to pay a dime. The software is always working in the background of your system, which means you’ll have 100% internet security and privacy. All you need is a Home Free VPN-enabled device, such as a wireless router or modem.

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Skype is the only real-time video calling and IM solution. It can be used from any computer, at any time, to talk to friends and family, no matter where they are. It’s free software with a good reputation.

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Over the years Kuczka has been creating third party utilities for the top Windows programs. Every utility works seamlessly with that program to optimize them and make them work even faster.
For example Kuczka’s products offer small improvements to the performance of Word, Excel and PowerPoint without changing the way those applications work. This process is called Speed Up Software.
Kuczka uses “middleware”, the method of combining a program with a separate app that provides an additional feature. This separates the program’s core and improves the operation speed of the program.
What are the benefits of using this program?
Better and faster software performance.
Lower CPU usage and RAM usage.
Optimizes software functions.
Increases the speed of the file open/save functions.
Improves the operation speed of Microsoft Office.
Reduces the size of Office files.
Improves the operation speed of Windows programs.
Allows you to use the program faster and easier.
Why do I need it?
Do you have a slow computer? Are you tired of waiting when using Microsoft Office? Then you need the program.
Office acceleration helps to reduce memory and CPU usage.
It optimizes the functions of Microsoft Office.
It significantly increases the speed of the file save and open functions.
It allows you to work faster with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
It’s a shortcut for using Microsoft Office.
How do I install it?
A free demo version of the product is available for download.
How do I use it?
The Kuczka Office Acceleration Tool has an easy to use and intuitive interface.
The Kuczka Software Products function smoothly.
The program allows you to customize the speed settings of the software.
The file open/save functions work faster.
It can optimize the performance of Microsoft Office.
It significantly increases the speed of Microsoft Office and Windows programs.
It optimizes the performance of Windows programs.
It helps to speed up Microsoft Office.
It improves the performance of Windows software.
It allows you to work faster with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
There are no cons.

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