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Thank you very much for your materials!
Almost everything that is said in the articles, I have not accepted for a long time, or rather I am afraid to accept, I have no idea how to do it. Thank you very much for your work!
Not everything we don’t like needs to be tolerated. Psychology is such a thing that it does not explain why this is so, but it shows how it should be. Very valuable information.
I love your videos, very instructive stories. Always very pleasant, life! Thanks!!!
Thank you for the article! Very useful information!
I still can’t understand why people behave like cattle when they don’t like something? I mean, not that I found some subconscious reasons, but just for the sake of interest, or even just like that …
The more I live, the more I am convinced that irritation develops in a person through humiliation and insults, later, when he becomes hurt from such treatment, a protest begins.
Why violence is exalted above all manifestations of love, creativity, intelligence and respect, it’s just irresponsible love, not even remotely related to love. And violence is just hatred towards another person.
Each of us has our own field, which we sometimes call the “Comfort Zone”. This is an area where we try not to go when there are other proposals. And when we need to do something, we just look for an excuse.
Tatyana, thanks for the video! You, as always, find the simplest solutions to problems)) I look forward to new videos!
Thanks, very useful information. I realized that both in an aggressive snob and in aggression there is a lot of beauty, beauty and full of love. Thanks to!
Lyudmila, I’m not the only one who noticed this. Recently, this question has become especially common to ask yourself.
I think anything is possible if you really want and believe.
This is the whole trick – if you want, then everything will definitely work out.
Dima, thanks! Please expand the roles if you can