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LP-Screenshot Free Download

Screenshot tool for Linux.
– view Screenshots of entire screen, a selected region, and the window;
– save Screenshots to a specified file.
– supports up to 4 Screenshots in a single window.
– provides a shortcut for saving to ‘Pictures’ folder.
– lets you combine several Screenshots into one picture file;
– supports inclusion of the mouse pointer and optional screen positioning.
– presets for PrtScn and ALT keys.
– supports the capture of the target region.
– various size of the window.
– Multiple Screenshots support.
– Set as wallpaper.
– Supports manual mouse pointer selection.
– Allows to assign key to hotkey.
– Can be launched at Windows startup.
– Pictures directory is opened automatically.
– Can save to a variety of image formats.

“Lucky-Screenshot for Linux 5.0.0” is a lightweight graphic capture utility able to take screenshots and automatically save the captured images to a file on your computer.
Minimalist GUI
You are welcomed by a small panel that includes all dedicated parameters in the main window. Although you cannot appeal to a help manual, you can easily get an idea about how the program works because the setup options look easy to decode.
Configuration settings
LP-Screenshot gives you the possibility to make use of preset hotkeys in order to trigger the screen capture mode. You are allowed to press the ‘PrtScn’ button in order to capture a screenshot of the entire screen, and employ the ‘PrtScn’ and ‘Alt’ key combination for taking a screenshot of the active window.
What’s more, you can launch the application at Windows startup, select the folder where the screenshots are stored, open the saving directory directly from the main window, set the output file format (JPEG or BMP), and automatically open the screenshots after saving them to the disk.
Tests have pointed out that LP-Screenshot carries out a task quickly and without errors. It delivers very good output results. It is friendly with system resources so you can keep it running in the background without worrying that it burdens the overall performance of the computer.
Bottom line
To sum things up, LP-Screenshot has to offer nothing more than a simplistic software solution for helping you take screenshots, and is suitable especially for less experienced users. Professionals may be disappointed by the program’s lack of advanced functions.

LP-Screenshot With Serial Key For Windows

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Program Key Maker 1.7 is a PC software that enables you to modify the list of all the programs’ buttons in the keyboard and decide the way you wish the program buttons to be organized. For example, you can arrange the program buttons so that they fit well the program display (on the left, on the right or on both sides) or even change the program buttons layout in order to suit your needs. You can define the displayed program’s program name on each button. Program Key Maker 1.7 works with any Windows version and all the program buttons can be assigned to any keys you choose.

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LP-Screenshot Registration Code Free [32|64bit]

Take snapshots of the entire screen and active window.

Support custom keyboard hotkeys, screenshot file name, and file location.

Save in JPEG or BMP format.

Save to a folder or open the saved snapshots directly.

Support the mouse cursor in snapshots.

Support printing and screen capture.

Supports multiple monitors and snapshots taken from multiple monitors.

Supports snapshots taken from NVIDIA Quadro K series/K2000, NVIDIA GeForce 8 series/8200/8250/8260, and NVIDIA GeForce 9 series/9200 and newer.

Orientation support for screen capture.

Supporting English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages.

Older versions:
Version 2.8.0 is a completely rewritten and completely new version, making many enhancements. It provides new features, such as:

Support printing of the snapshots

Support multi-monitor capture

Support for keyboard hotkeys

Support watermarks

Support shadow text/image

Support for the mouse cursor

Support for capturing a selected region

Support for custom color input

Support for setting custom file name and location

Support for saving snapshots in PNG format

Support for selecting and cropping the captured area

Support for selecting windows with hotkey

Support for language-specific preference and settings (under settings tab)

Support for saving multiple snapshots

LP-Screenshot 100% FREE
Freeware download of LP-Screenshot 1.8, size 1.69 Mb.

Screenshot Master 1.0.4
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Picture Books 1.1
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Cobbler 2.3.1
A small program for creating an installation CD or USB drive image from Windows using Windows DVD Maker. A

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