Ls Land Issue 15 Little Duchess 1 10 ((NEW))

Ls Land Issue 15 Little Duchess 1 10 ((NEW))


Ls Land Issue 15 Little Duchess 1 10

more miniature cars, currency, stamps, display stands, taxidermy, statues, fine art, unique paintings, leather cases, early printing equipment, rare books and collectibles await you at our august 2019 auction.

stamps and covers of japan, australia, new zealand, italy, switzerland, monaco, france, germany, austria, belgium, liechtenstein, south africa, mexico, argentina, brazil and a full set of africa from italy, portugal, spain, saudi arabia, nigeria, uganda, ghana, zaire, ethiopia, kenya, tanzania and congo.

the august 2019 auction at humphry street will be the last in the festival of sale currently occurring at the humphry street antique shops on the fifth floor of the original bank. the timing worked for the collector who was able to come to the opening at the antique shops. he found the fourth floor location was not satisfactory, and we were able to solve the problem. we will keep the antique shops as our permanent home until the new location opens which will be either december 2019 or the year after. we hope you will visit us in our new home and we will be waiting for your bids. see you there! 

the campaign for 2016-2017 was amazing!! we raised more than $4.500.000.00 ($4,717,000) to go toward educating the next generation and providing scholarships for deserving children in ny. here is our favorite project that was done thanks to all your help: a new mural was painted by a local artist and donated by city year. it is now at the jcc in east hampton.

we owe a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the campaign, because without your support, we would be nowhere. our campaign goal for 2016-2017 was $2,450,000. (because of the interest of the readers of this magazine, we have exceeded our goal by $136,000)

for all his determination to express the idea of harmony and balance, the confidential secretaryis obviously influenced by the prophetic belief of the eastern orthodox church of greece. this work is dedicated to the archbishops of athens and all. here is what pope st. isaac i wrote to the first archbishop of athens after receiving his ordination on 1 may, 827, when his predecessor had been deposed: “having learned your active zeal, affability and well ordered mind, we approve you to be our brother and co-worker of the lord, and to be revered by all.” new york city water is a project whereby the city of new york puts together private industry, governmental entities, and foundations to raise funds for local conservation activities. the funds are distributed through an established pool of conservation projects that covers the u.s., canada, mexico and central america and the caribbean. water is not only new york city’s primary resource, it’s also a foundational cornerstone, a networked identity and urban identity, the hub of action for the big apple. its prosperity, safety, and overall health are vital to the future of the city and its residents. water and water safety are at the heart of everything we do. we call it new york city watershed lands because the city water supply lands include all other lands that the city must acquire to ensure a reliable supply of safe, clean drinking water for new yorkers. the lands stretch from harlem north to the staten island border, encompassing about 900 square miles, including all of the island of manhattan north of 116th street. the lands are owned by the city of new york and managed by new york city department of environmental protection, a local government agency of new york. 5ec8ef588b