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A computer is not just your friendly getaway solution for the end of a long day, but is also used as a primary tool for work in an abundance of domains of activity. Depending on the circumstances, you need to install applications to help you carry on your tasks and Makagiga is just the right office assistant.
Intuitive and visually appealing design
It comes in a pretty light package, with the setup process taking only a little while. One of the first things you need to check is whether or not the target PC is equipped with Java Runtime Environment. You can also grab the portable edition to use on the go.
We can't say that visual design is eye candy, but it is polished from all points of view, with highly-detailed icons, tabs, edges and panels. Navigation is easily done through a browser window placed on the side, leaving the rest of the space to handle as you see fit. Each project opens up in a new tab so that your work is not discarded while switching through pages.
Create groups and add RSS feeds
Flexibility is amongst the application's strongest points. With an active Internet connection, office work benefits from a great deal of variety, because you can set up custom RSS feeds to stay up to date with latest events around the world. There is a decent amount of content put at your disposal by default just to get an idea of what can be accomplished.
Offline work consists of taking notes and time management. All projects can be cleverly arranged in custom folders you easily create in the browser panel, which is also the case with RSS feeds. Just so you don't feel overwhelmed, each different category enables its own set of options only when active.
Fit a dashboard with notes and tasks
The text editor put at your disposal is pretty basic, but provides enough flexibility. Characters can be formatted by specifying type, size, color and alignment. In addition, a built-in syntax highlighter helps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming.
Don't bother using notes as reminders for events. In this regard, you have full access to a scheduler which gives you the possibility to create tasks in order to manage your time a little better. The creation screen is intuitive, with a calendar taking up half the view, while the rest of the space lets you add description, importance, as well as time related settings. Progress is kept track of and the rich context menu lets you easily set its percentage and priority through colors.
All elements mentioned above can also be used in an alternative method all together. Multiple workspaces can be created, which resemble your desktop and can be fitted with widgets you arrange using your mouse. These can be notes, tasks, calendars and even a search field that retrieves results from the Internet.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that Makagiga is a powerful office assistant, regardless of the domain of activity. It targets general purpose through the features it comes equipped with. As such, you'll be able to stay updated with the latest news headlines, take notes, manage your time and even a few more goodies. It has little impact on system resources and welcomes individuals of all levels of experience to try out its features.


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Compelling user interface
Flexible Project management
Built-in RSS feeds
Offline note taking
Import notes
Tasks manager
Schedule tracker
Search history
Color coding
Powerful Browser tabs
iPad/iPhone support
Social media integration
Makagiga 2022 Crack Customer Support
Makagiga Crack For Windows is an easy-to-use and straightforward to use project management system. It is a great tool for any work product including tasks, projects, calendar, notes and much more. It has a robust and straightforward UI and simple features to provide you with a streamlined workflow in no time. It is optimized to run smoothly on all types of personal computers using any graphics card, as well as OS and device types. Take control of your schedule with a robust scheduler, collaborate on projects with others using comments and notes, and plan presentations and even work remotely with clients through various device platforms.
Version 0.6.0: Features: – Fixed an issue with some date sorting
Version 0.5.0: What’s new? – Full Product Optimization + fixed an issue with some date sorting – Minor bug fixes
Version 0.4.0: What’s new? – Added a new project – Added a new Facebook widget – Added the ability to have different projects in the same workspace – Added the ability to lock the project (Note: The lock does not actually do anything, it just gives the user the option to) – Added the ability to move open project between workspaces.
Version 0.3.0: – Added the ability to open a project from a tab in the browser – Added more widgets – Minor bug fixes
Version 0.2.0: – Reworked the Calendar widget – Added a search button – Improved the Calendar widget (add-ons) – Added a note bubble icon – Added a widget you can add to your favorite bar – Improved the search feature – Added the ability to sort the data in the list – Added the ability to add photos to the image display widget – Added the ability to filter projects – Added the ability to pin a project to your favorite bar
Version 0.1.0: – Added the ability to have multiple projects – Added the ability to pin a project to your favorite bar – Added the ability to export projects to PDF – Added the ability to import projects – Added the ability to share projects


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To the point of being ajaxified, the user interface of Makagiga is still pretty functional and effective. There are noticeable Makagiga Description:

It becomes compatible with some of the applications such as Chrome and Firefox that contain Java Runtime Environment. While other programs, however, might require you to install Java Runtime Environment first before they work. You also have the ability to save all information that is created in the program to a suitable location on the hard drive.

No more worrying about which extension you will need because this program is compatible with almost all, including Firefox and Chrome, now. You can even create, import and export files; what more, you can print the options you wish to create.

The application helps you in these ways using Makagiga Description:

Develop Makagiga Description:

The accessibility of the whole program is ensured because the basic features are created using an active Internet connection. This includes file sharing through the use of an active Internet connection and the importing of.documents.

Once installed, you can start creating notes and other files without needing to worry about the absence of an active Internet connection. In addition to that, it also includes plenty of other default features.

Everything you need to carry out your work is easily available and not easily forgotten. Not only that, but this program is also completely visual, which gives Makagiga Description:

A program like this really encourages you to carry out your work with greater concentration. Plus, this also allows you to save your work to cloud platforms so that you can easily save it. If there is no cloud platforms, this makes it easy for you to download any files you created to your desktop or even your mobile device.

The variety of work with this program is great because you are offered plenty of options in the menu. You also get the opportunity to write a note by simply clicking on the button. Depending Makagiga Description:

Plus, you can even add labels to the file and even manage dates and time. In addition, you will be able to share your notes through the use of RSS feeds so that people can easily know about your updates. This program only aims at making your life a little bit more convenient, what else is there?

You also have the ability to export your notes to a highly compatible format such as HTML, PDF and RTF. This makes it easy for you to keep your work when not

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“Makagiga” is a simple, convenient, and fast way to work on the web and digital space on your Windows PC. With a user-friendly and quick interface, you can add and remove various add-ons at any moment and switch between them with ease.
Makagiga Key features:
Overview of features:
– Fast and easy to access internet websites
– Open URL in a new tab
– Bookmarks and favorites
– RSS Reader
– Web Search
– Remote Control
– In-built FTP Client
– Calendar
– Task Manager
– Tabs and Drag and Drop
– Bulk Rename
– Built in Thesaurus

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Makagiga is a registered trademark of Makagiga.

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I am still getting the following error, which I cant seem to fix.
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Type: Error

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Filename: models/Reports_model.php

Line Number: 11


File: F:\wamp\www\thesource

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I have the following in my model:
class Reports_model extends CI_Model

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My controller:

What’s New In?

Makagiga is an office assistant designed to offer a wide spectrum of features to create new workspaces, organize multiple tabs, monitor statistics and carry out effective time management. The application is created to help everyone organize their work and life better, whether it be on the web or on your PC.

User-friendly interface
The intuitive design of Makagiga looks great on all modern computing devices. The list of tabs in the browser is maintained in their own sidebar which can be closed if it becomes distracting.

To-do lists and other useful features
Organize your work by creating lists, tasks or catch-up time. With the different workspaces you can create, you can keep a track of everything related to the Internet, writing or emails. A scheduler lets you create tasks and register dates in a calendar that you can view from the sidebar.

Makagiga can run from your browser but we strongly advise you to download the Windows application for the best performance.

Makagiga offers you a wide selection of features to help you in your web browsing, writing and day-to-day tasks. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems, and is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Mac OS X 10.10 or higher. Do you need more free disk space?

Makagiga is absolutely FREE. Installation is the fastest and most convenient way to download and get started with the application.

Makagiga is the quick and easy way to organize and manage your digital life.

What’s New
In addition to the many capabilities Makagiga offers, we have just released Makagiga for Mac! Try Makagiga Free.

makagiga review

makagiga features

Time Management

The first thing you should try is Makagiga’s time management feature. Time management is offered to you in many ways:


When creating a new task, you can set a due date. With the scheduler you can also set a recurrence, which is one task per day, every week, or once a month.


You can create as many tasks as you need. When creating tasks you can add multiple tags, or even recurring tasks. Tasks can be organized in categories as well as by date.


Two different calendars are offered: the current date, and a calendar that can be moved to any

System Requirements:

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If you are having issues downloading Battleborn, it may be because your internet connection is unable to download large files. If you have a mobile broadband connection, consider signing up for a high speed internet connection. If you are using a DSL/Cable internet connection, consider purchasing a router that supports modem sharing, or purchasing a service like Vonage that provides internet service to your home.
Install Instructions: