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A Command Line Audio Recorder and Macro Generator for Windows. You can record and play back any audio stream on your PC. It works with both streaming and recording with error correction. MACRO RECORDER is a full-featured command line audio recorder that allows you to record any type of audio data you like including WAV files. With the help of macros, you can edit and play your recorded audio files.
MACRO RECORDER is designed as a special tool to capture audio and edit it. You can use it for capturing audio files from any type of streaming audio and record it to the disk for later play back. For example, you can record audio files from YouTube, and, etc. By using this command line audio recorder you can record audio files with different recorder methods. With this recorder, you can edit audio files using the built-in text editor in most cases, so you can edit recorded audio files without using a third-party software.
1.Macro recorder is a high quality recording and playback application. It can automatically adjust the recording quality and compression algorithm to get higher recording quality. It will save you a lot of time.
2.It has powerful functions of recording, playback, batch processing, and changing the compression algorithm. It can record audio automatically and even not only record audio but also record video with the same batch command.
3.The program offers the best compression ratio and a lossless PCM 8kHz audio format.
4.It supports a fast speed of recording (MP3 and MP4 format).
5.The program supports a large capacity of input audio files, and even allows users to edit the audio file before recording.
6.Users can edit the audio file directly with the built-in text editor.
7.With a bunch of new features, it has a simple interface and a powerful functions.
8.It supports to record to network, and can connect to any audio sources and play the sources on the command line.
9.With a built-in XMBC skin and the built-in 3rd-party skins, it’s easy to edit the program’s appearance and make it match the overall theme of your computer.
10.It has the ability to set the default file format and save the settings in the program preferences.
To run the program:
1.Click Start/Run and type in %appdata% 384a16bd22

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– Last modification date for all selected icons
– Display the date on-screen
– Hide all selected icons from the desktop
– A simple application to select and hide your personal icons from your desktop
Installation of your icons:
– Install the trial
– Install the full version
– Rename the extension to.ICO
– Delete the old extension from your desktop
– Can show a list of the selected icons
– Can hide all the icons from the desktop and from the applications list
– Can switch icons between foreground/background
– Can choose icons from a folder and an image
– Can open or save your icons
– Can scale your icon to any size
– Can select an icon from a folder by double-clicking it
– Can rename your icons
– Can lock your icons to prevent editing
– Can display the Icon date
– Can display Icon name
– Can hide Icon type
– Can lock/unlock icons
– Can prevent changing icons’ location
– Can prevent icons from moving
– Can prevent icons from removing
– Can prevent icons from being removed
Known issues:
– In the full version of Family Movies, some icons may not be displayed properly
– In the full version, some icons that you have hidden may still be in the system tray area
– In the full version, you cannot edit the icons of other users
– In the full version, there is no support for folder icons
The trial can be downloaded from the website below.
This trial version cannot uninstall and cannot move icons around.
You will be able to select, hide and move all the icons.
You can add icons to the applications list, but you cannot edit the ones that you have hidden.
To uninstall the trial version:
1. Rename the extension
2. Open the package
3. Uninstall the application.
To install the full version:
1. Rename the extension
2. Open the package
3. Start the full version
4. Confirm the license agreement
5. Done.
1. Support for this program can be accessed at:
2. Free support:
3. Family Movies is a Trademark of Family Icon


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