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Ethics Beyond High School offers an introduction to academic integrity and Internet use. Students and faculty are encouraged to use this section to get help from peers, the department, and the University community in the areas of academic integrity and online use.
Brick Major: The University of Cincinnati – Major Designation and Title of Major Description:
This course explores major designations at the college and university levels in the United States and in Canada. This is an introductory course for students interested in career opportunities at these institutions.
The Black Book: A Search for the Truth About the End of the Industrial Revolution Description:
Fascinating account of the origins of the Black Death, the Industrial Revolution, and its lasting consequences.
Basic Software Analysis Description:
This course will help students determine the level of software analysis required by a particular project or problem.
Basic Theory of Operations Research Description:
Course will provide students an overview of the fundamental theories and methods of operations research including mathematical analysis of optimization problems and mathematical programming, computer-based computational methods, decision analysis, and managerial issues.
Bayesian Methods and Applications Description:
This course focuses on the applications of Bayesian analysis in the sciences. We will introduce Bayesian methods, Bayesian analysis of experimental data, Bayesian model selection, and non-parametric Bayesian methods.
Biology for Technology and Society Description:
This course will emphasize the social, ethical, legal, and political implications of biology for society and the environment. The topics include biotechnology, evolutionary and behavioral biology, genetic engineering, environmental ethics, and risk management.
Big Data Analytics and Algorithms Description:
This course will cover the methods, tools, and techniques used to analyze big data analytics. We will work with problems in computational biology, astronomy, and physics.
Business Case Studies Description:
Business case studies provide the opportunity to practice essential business communication and writing skills. Students learn how to prepare their case studies for oral presentation, including identifying, researching, and writing a case study.
Business Ethics Overview Description:
This course will introduce students to the field of business ethics. The course will cover moral values, business ethics, and business cultures. Students will learn how to apply moral values in the workplace through case studies.
Business Plans for Management Description:
This course prepares students to develop, enhance, and evaluate a business plan. Students will learn how to think logically and critically about the components of a business plan.
Business Statistics Description:
This course covers the fundamental statistical methods used in business 384a16bd22

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Experiment with the seamless setting of the desktop. This macro lets you make images appear where you don’t want them. Only reveal them in time to when they’re right on top of you. A fun little tool to use every now and then. It creates looping animations that are best for wild desktop screens. Set the loop count and the position you want to start and stop the animation. You can set the animation to repeat, start at a specific position, end at a specific position, or in loops.

Designed with Macro Recorder 3, Keymacro is a powerful tool for making incredible animations on your desktop. Create self-contained desktop animations with easy to use controls that let you control the speed and direction of the animations, the color and size of the animation, and much more.
Keymacro is designed to work with a Mac application called Macro Recorder 3 which is located in the Applications folder on your hard drive. Macro Recorder 3 can be purchased from the official Macro Recorder 3 website at

The app is designed to make you look different in different people.
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Welcome to the world of the Other Planes.
A planet where nothing is what it seems, a world where everything is visible to the eye.
A world where anyone can make up any kind of adventure, and find endless places to explore.

Deuterium is a cube map generator that produces next to no textures. It takes a huge number of cubes and computes a 6D mipmap with a pre-selected mipmap filter that gives something that looks like a real cube map. It can also be used as a bump map or displacement map.

Objection engine is a game engine based on the fictional objection engine of the planet Perl. This engine is not very efficient, but it has the awesome feature that it converts any source code into ActionScript with