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MobyDock Crack + Activation Free Download For PC [March-2022]

MobyDock Product Key is a Mac-like Dock application that brought over to Windows desktop to completely change the look of your computer and make the user’s desktop a more pleasing place to work and/or play. With MobyDock Crack Free Download you can control your running applications and move the Dock anywhere on the screen, customize the icons and the background appearance as well as move the Dock to the right position on the screen so it’s always visible even on dual-monitor computer systems. It also offers a handy weather forecast utility, automatically detecting the user’s location so that the weather information can be easily shown in the dock. You can, of course, easily take a screenshot at any time without the need for any other dedicated solution.
MobyDock is full of customizable features that give you complete control of the layout of the Dock, icons and the background appearance. You can also change the Dock’s position so it always fits into the screen no matter how big or small your monitor is.
Additionally, it provides seamless integration for Recycle Bin and a Print Screen feature to take a screenshot at any time without the need for any other dedicated solution. Besides, it comes with built-in tools including a weather forecast utility that shows weather information on any configured location straight in the Dock. You can manage your files and folders using Drag and Drop features that make adding or removing items on the Dock extremely simple.


– A Mac-like Dock interface but not looks like what we’ve seen in Mac OS.
– Easy to use for all kind of users.
– Very customizable, letting you change the look and position of the dock.
– Sleek interface, does not disrupt the user’s workflow.
– Stays with the monitor on dual-monitor computer systems.


– Can be a resource hog, depending on your computer system’s resources.
– It still being in the Beta stage, we suggest testing it before using it on your computer.

MobyDock Features:

Sleek Windows 7 Dock interface.
Customize the look and position of the Dock icons to fit your needs.
Manage your files and folders using Drag and Drop features.
Automatically detect the user’s location so the weather information can be shown on the Dock.
Take a screenshot at any time using Print Screen button or the application.
View weather information on any location or saved forecast easily.
Support for ICO and PNG files.
Hide or show the App Store

MobyDock Crack + Free Download

★ Wrap any window with a Mac OS X-inspired dock
★★★ Easily launch any application with a single click
★★★ Access active programs easily with the Open/Close/Minimize buttons
★ Configure any desktop setting with just a couple of clicks
★ Configure docked items with drag-and-drop
★ Fill the dock with your own icons
★ Quickly switch between multiple programs with the Mission Control
★ Super easy to drag and drop any icon to the dock
★ Weather forecast at your designated location
★ Minimize all docked programs to the dock
★ Print screen feature without having to open the Paint
★ Option to display ‘clicks’ as dots or squares
★ Option to keep the dock on-screen at all times
★ Option to display information about active processes, system, and network
★ Option to hide the dock (into a taskbar)
★ Option to display the time in the dock (day, month, and year)
★★★ If the active program closes, MobyDock For Windows 10 Crack puts it back into the dock
★★★ If the active program maximizes, MobyDock puts it back into the dock
★★★ If the active program is minimized, it is brought to full-screen
★★★ If the active program does not accept mouse clicks, it is kept in the dock
★★★ If the active program is the only process on the screen, MobyDock displays it directly in the dock
★★★ If the active program does not have a window decoration, MobyDock shows the “application name” in the dock
★★★ If the active program is minimized, it is kept in the dock
★ Supports any.ICO and.PNG file
★ Switch between Windows
★ Automatically restore dock to default settings
★ Easy to use
★★ See all items
★★ Supports multiple users
★★ Supports wireless docks
★★ Configures the Dock Bar
★★ Supports a wide range of file types
★★ Provides complete documentation

MobyDock is an application that brings a Mac OS X-like dock on your Windows desktop, allowing you to launch new programs and control the running ones with ease.
Specifically designed to serve as an eye-candy enhancement of your desktop, MobyDock offers an impressive customization level, allowing you to change not only the way the program looks, but also important program features.
You can for example configure the icons and the background appearance, but also move the

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MobyDock will replace your Windows Dock. Let the program automatically organize your most used applications and launch them when you click them, or drag them to the dock.
MobyDock now automatically organizes your applications into categories like Games, Utilities, Web Browser and much more.
MobyDock provides an easy-to-use interface with customizable themes, icon layouts, dock controls, and much more.
MobyDock Features:
Views: 3 views are available in each category. The default view is List view, which shows the icons of the applications one at a time. The second view is Full view, which shows all the available icons. You can right-click on each icon and select it to open that application or quit.
Move the Dock: You can move the Dock anywhere on the desktop, left, right or to the top or bottom.
Hide the Dock: The Dock can also be hidden by clicking on the X located on the top right corner of the icon.
Move the Dock out of Screen: You can set the Dock to be always visible on the screen or to be hidden from time to time.
Configure Weather: MobyDock can set your location for weather forecast.
Change Background Color: You can change the background color of the Dock.
Support for Night-mode: You can change the Dock icon’s color when on dark-mode.
Hide Icons: You can hide the icons on the Dock by clicking on the X located on the top right corner of the icon.
Categorize the Apps: You can set the applications that will be organized into certain categories. For example, you can create categories like Games, Utilities, Web browser, etc.
Add New Applications: You can use the Add button to add new icons on the Dock. To add an icon, hold down the ALT key and then hold down the mouse button on the icon, right-click and select the Add button.
Move the Dock: You can move the Dock from one screen to another.
Move the Dock to the Top: You can move the Dock to the top of the screen, above all the windows.
Move the Dock to the Bottom: You can move the Dock to the bottom of the screen, below all the windows.
Combine Two Categories: You can use the Combine button to merge two categories together. For example, you can combine Games and Utilities into a single category.
Split One Category: You can use the Split button

What’s New In MobyDock?

Create and enhance your Windows desktop with the Mac OS X Dock style with MobyDock, a dock with a simplistic yet attractive interface.
View weather forecast and other quick stats on any configured screen location right in the dock. Drag and drop icons and rearrange them on the dock and on the screen to better fit your desktop.
Snap Screenshot without the need for any external software. Disable your primary taskbar and simply drag-and-drop icons to your dock. Dock can also be resized, moved and configured to even show the taskbar.
Unify Recycle Bin and Print Screen features for quick screenshots. The dock provides status of a selected item (free disk space, total size) and can be toggled from the desktop.

EveryMac Optimized – Non Serialized. Requires 10.5.8 or higher.

We’ve tested that the installer file works and we’re sure it will work fine for you too.

SpaceSaver optimizes your Mac and makes your life easier!

When you launch SpaceSaver, SpaceSaver displays a list of all running applications and desktop windows on your Mac. This list shows your open windows and applications. SpaceSaver lets you click on any application or window to see its current status.

SpaceSaver also lets you hide unwanted windows and place them on a separate screen. You can drag and drop windows to different screens and resize them. To search for applications, use the Search window.

SpaceSaver also comes with feature for the Dock, the desktop, that lets you resize application icons on the desktop and on the Dock. Any modification that you make to the Dock will be reflected on the desktop.

And even more for you, we’ve optimized SpaceSaver for OS X 10.5 Leopard.

SpaceSaver Features:

Hide all applications and windows except the ones you need.

Show desktop windows and all application windows.

Hides application windows that do not have focus.

Shows desktop windows and all application windows.

Shows all application windows with focus.

Highlights window and application icons on the desktop.

Shows a sidebar that lists applications by categories.

Shows a column for displaying the status of applications.

Shows a sidebar for keeping track of the contents on your desktop.

Highlights the file names of your open files and folders.

Quickly finds an application by its name or

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual-core Intel i3 / Quad-core AMD
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 2 GB free space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650/Radeon HD 4850 (512 MB) / ATI Radeon HD 4750 (256 MB) / Intel HD Graphics 4000/AMD HD 3650 (64 MB)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Monitor: 1024 x 768
Input Device: Keyboard