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The MONOGRAM Pump was designed to be a simple filter that can read data from upstream filter via IAsyncReader (pull-mode) and deliver the whole content in push-mode downstream.
It can autodetect the media type by providing the same type as the upstream filter or it can be configured to provide specific type such as MPEG-TS or MPEG-PS.
■ You are free to use this filter for non-commercial projects.









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■ 2 types of notifications (pull & push)
■ It supports both push-mode and pull-mode
■ Uses one RX and one TX resource which is user selectable
■ One can use filter selector to switch between the pull and push modes (often media type is known but downstream/upstream direction is not)
■ Upstream filter can use asynchronous reader to get data and send it to downstream (pull-mode), or it can use push-mode to send upstream data to downstream (push-mode)
■ Can detect and deliver various types of media including H.264 bitstream, h.264 transport stream, h.264/aac and mp4a-10/20 (PS)
■ It can support both DTS and PCM streams and of course MPEG-TS/PS (either in 8-bit or 10/20 bit).
■ User selectable stream type is application specific
■ All of its supported protocols are MPEG-TS/PS with the MPEG-TS/PS bitstream format(e.g. h.264 stream).
■ It can handle DTS stream as well if necessary, but it is not user selectable
■ Several states can be shared between the upstream filter and downstream filter
■ Pull-mode has better performance and better reliability
■ There is no impact on the downstream filter (except that the upstream filter can cause a filter stall)
■ G.711 Audio support (audio part for pull-mode is always enabled)
■ G.722 Audio support (audio part for pull-mode is always enabled)
■ The filter can read the start/end of the incoming data (like a SPDIF source
■ 2 filters (pull/push) are supported with different settings
■ Resizable (snap) range if too large for 32 bits @FSK/16kHz (for definition, see FSK)
■ FSK is 16, 32, 50, 62, 125, 156, 250, 312, 312.5, 625, 742.5, or 1,000 Hz

DAWUGraph-based Filter with G.711/G.722 Audio Support

Audio/MIDI Filter 1

This is a simplified G.

MONOGRAM Pump (April-2022)

1.Initialized the filter with pre-defined configs
2.Provides up-stream protocol support to upstream reader
3.Pushes forward the data from the upstream reader
4.Pushes forward the data to downstream writer

Please read it to get the io-tcpip specification at user space level.
MONOGRAM Pump Filter Table:
PID Type Interface Protocol
Iniilized with below settings:
1.FilterHeaderTable / Filters = “IO_MONOGRAM_STD_P00_UPSTREAM_P00”
2.FilterElementTable / Elements = “IO_MONOGRAM_STD_P00_UPSTREAM_P00”
3.Init Element / Interface =

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– Filter is designed to be used with another filter in pull-mode (upstream) and can easily work in push mode (downstream) when there is no direct connection between filters.
– It combines and merges all packets received from the upstream filter into one full-featured PUTUP Packet (Monogram Full-Packet) to be delivered to the downstream filter.
– Monogram Full-Packet contains all the information received from the upstream filter including the Timestamp, Rate Control Information and Subpictures in order to be used by downstream filter as a whole.
– There is no need for sequence numbers.
– Monogram Full-Packet is highly resistant to delays caused by speed changes or loss of packets.
– Monogram Full-Packet allows for frame or time resynchronization between the upstream and downstream filters.
– Monogram Full-Packet supports many additional configuration options to ease implementation and allow for special encodings such as QT-Time-varying bitrate or any other customized QT-Packet.
– The full-featured Monogram Full-Packet is also the best solution for IP Security Video Networks. This solution allows one to add IP Security Generic Framing Procedure (Generic-GFP) to the Monogram Full-Packet.
– Monogram Full-Packet is backwards compatible with any codecs and can be used with modern video standard such as MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS, DV/DVCPro, DVCPro-HD, DVCPRO/DV-PRO-HD, DVD-Video, AVCHD, AVC, HDTV, HEVC and XDCAM HD (as well as any other format that does not require packet resynchronization).
– Monogram Full-Packet has been improved to fully meet RTSP and TS Standard (as defined by RFC2326) which provides for accurate Timestamp positioning.
– Monogram Full-Packet is highly resistant to lost packets and is auto-detecting the media type and maintains a positive bit rate.
– Monogram Full-Packet can be used with any other filter to deliver a filtered MPEG-TS to further processing or processing with any other filter.
Monogram Full-Packet Features:
– Allows for a fast start with common downstream filters such as VLC, Windows Media Player, Metasploitable, Squeeze or even a complete MPEG

What’s New In MONOGRAM Pump?

– Read data in pull-mode from upstream filter via IAsyncReader
– Detect the media type by providing the same type as the upstream filter
– Deliver the data in push-mode to downstream filter via IAsyncWriter
– Supports various media types by setting property in constructor
– Minimal size in monogramD.h is actually written in stream.cpp file.
(MonogramD is responsible for real-time detection)
– Do not include “root” in directory path for building
– Do not include multimedia library or jpeg library
(the library is what you need to build the sample code)
– Do not include pm.h (for debug use)

Transparency object (frame buffer) that supports direct storage of image data.
You can output only to byte image data without being dependent on Gdk or GDK-Pixmap.
It also supports setting image transparency with Gdk or GDK-Pixmap transparent color.

#define M_ATOM_RENT 0x00000080
#define M_ATOM_RELEASE 0x00000100

extern GdkColormap *GdkCurrentColormap;

typedef struct _MPG123_THREAD_INFO
GThread *thread;
MPG123_CH *pMPEG1Output;
MPG123_CH *pMPEG2Output;
char *feedback;
char *retry;
MPG123_CH *pMPEG1Input;
MPG123_CH *pMPEG2Input;
MPG123_CH *pEBUOutput;
MPG123_CH *pEBUInput;
MPG123_CH *pAACOutput;
MPG123_CH *pAACInput;
MPG123_CH *pVBIOutput;
MPG123_CH *pVBIInput;
unsigned nOutputs;
unsigned nInputs;
unsigned nChannels;
unsigned frame_size;
unsigned nRetries;
unsigned mode;
unsigned current_output;
unsigned current_input;
unsigned nThreads;
unsigned _pad[6];

System Requirements For MONOGRAM Pump:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher
Linux 2.6.24 or higher
How to install the operating system:
1. Drag file into the USB flash drive.
2. Then press the start button on your computer and connect the USB flash drive to it.
3. On the flash drive, find the “chroot” folder, drag it into the PC, open it, and then run the installer program.