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Tired of pressing the same button on the keyboard all the time? With KEYMACRO you can have those “awake” and “sleep” times to automatically change the screensaver, wlan or any other program. Its a must for office workers or anybody that is tired of constantly hitting the same button on the keyboard.
KEYMACRO allows you to turn on and off the computer, switch the screensaver image, turn on and off the wlan, play a pre-defined audio, display one or multiple notifications, toggle display properties and various other features.
KeyMacro is working under the control of keyboard shortcuts. The configuration file is split into sections, each of them controlling a different feature. To begin, you just have to make sure that KeyMacro is installed in the correct directory (e.g. c:\Program Files\KeyMacro). After that you can choose your default settings or use the Edit/Settings menu to change them.
Powerful Features:
– Fully configurable. Everything can be defined to your own liking
– Double key shortcut support. Double key shortcuts can be defined for all the options as well as for screen management.
– Automatic sleep times (Set the time in minutes for the computer to sleep). You can choose the time between 00:00 and 23:59.
– Automatic wake times (Set the time in minutes for the computer to wake). You can choose the time between 00:00 and 23:59.
– Automatically change the screensaver (To change the screensaver on every lock, you have to go to the windows control panel and change the settings there).
– Automatically turn on the wlan (Set the time in minutes).
– Automatically turn on the wlan using the event log (If the event log is empty, KeyMacro will use the second method).
– Automatically show the notification.
– Automatically hide the notification.
– Automatically display the display properties.
– Automatically show the video playback options.
– Automatically play the movie until the end.
– Automatically pause the movie.
– Automatically stop the movie.
– Automatically turn off the music player when the music ends.
– Automatically stop the music player.
– Automatically mute the music player.
– Automatically unlock the session.
– Automatically log off.
– Automatically lock the session.
– Automatically lock the screen.
– Automatically log in. 4f8c9c8613

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iWall is a self-contained video and text to screen application that enables the audience to send texts, voice and emoticons to the DJ/VJ. In addition, it enables DJs/VJ to broadcast their performance to the audience in real-time.
In addition, iWall can be used for Multimedia applications such as Video Blogs, Live performance enhancement and interactive entertainment. The iWall can be used on a wide range of devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, SonyEricsson, Blackberry, Nokia).
iWall is developed by the software company “KeyMacro”, based in Amsterdam. KeyMacro is a team of former Digidesign engineers, experienced audio professionals and designers.
KEYMACRO can also provide your organization with a full service development solution to custom design and develop multimedia content for your business.
For more information about KeyMacro visit analysis of asexual spore production in anastomosis reaction-negative mutants in rice.
In this study, a rice anastomosis reaction-negative mutant with impaired asexual sporogenesis was analysed genetically. Sporogenesis in the mutant was restored when the plants were cultured on the microtome surface without leaf sheaths. RAPD analysis revealed that this anastomosis reaction-negative mutant has a single locus on chromosome 9, with its locus genetically linked to the mea locus, where the asexual sporogenesis-related genes are located. In addition, the mea gene of this mutant was mapped to the short arm of chromosome 9. These results suggest that the anastomosis reaction-negative phenotype of this mutant is controlled by a mea locus on the short arm of chromosome 9.3,251)
return false

// isZero returns true if the value is the zero value.
func isZero(t TestingT, v interface{}) bool {
switch v := v.(type) {
case *bool:
return v == nil || *v
case *int:
return v == nil || *v == 0
case *int8:
return v == nil || *v == 0
case *int16:
return v == nil || *v == 0
case *int32:
return v == nil || *v == 0