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Version 2.1 was released on Jan 24, 2020.

While version 2.0 and above added a set of parameters to edit (it is not as easy to edit), version 2.1 is mainly added the ability to edit the orbit sizes of the main planets, and the Sun’s orbit size, and the shortcoming of the timing system which caused the planet and Sun to have an offset in their position.
This change is not enough to do a full re-calibration and re-optimization of the orbits, but it will make your solar system a lot more accurate.

Sun’s rotation speed has also been changed from 10 to 1, meaning that it will take less time to calculate the sunlight.

Ships and the TransNeptune Now Supports

The major feature of version 2.0 is the introduction of ships and the TransNeptune.
Now you can build a completely new solar system by adding, deleting and moving planets in your solar system.

You can also add a star or planetary system as a cargo.

You can also add a sun and stellar object as a cargo.

Also, you can add a star or planetary system as a cargo.

Why is the Ship Designer introduced in Solar System 2017?

After Solar System 2017, we discovered that there is a huge demand for a solar system designer in the community. Many players will feel difficulty to build a good solar system by using the pre-made models in the Solar System 2017. In addition, we also realized that designing a new solar system is not only for experienced players, even new players may need a help from time to time.

To address this issue, we have carefully designed the Solar System 2017 and the Ship Designer together.
We decided to include a sun, a moon, planets, a sun-moon binary system, and a set of stellar objects. In addition, we are introducing a set of ships and a user-friendly design interface to help you easily build a new solar system.

But, you do not need to be a dedicated player in order to build your solar system.
We also did a lot of optimization to the engine for easier operation.

More Details

Advantages of Solar System 2017:

Instant Build: The system can be built within a few seconds.

Easy to Use: The design interface is easy to understand and use.

Design Ability: You can add planets 70238732e0

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