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MP3Recorderer is a small application designed to help you take voice notes of everything that crosses your mind while working or relaxing at your computer.
Outdated, yet user-friendly interface
The setup is simple and straightforward, especially since it consists of decompressing the archive. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a rugged and unpolished interface that displays the available features and functions. As you probably already hinted, you require having a microphone connected to your computer in order to make an audio note.
As far as the functionality is concerned, the program is as simple as it looks. To put it simply, you can start recording a memo as soon as you hit the corresponding button. The UI also comes with a panel where you can preview the recordings listed in a reverse chronological order.
Unfortunately, while you can preview the date and time of the recording, the utility does not allow you to save the files under the name you choose. Therefore, it can cause confusion and could make you waste a lot of time if you need to take dozens of notes at relatively short intervals of time.
Comes with an embedded player
You should know that the application allows you to play the recordings via the built-in MP3 player it incorporates. Therefore, you do not need to employ other third-party solutions to listen to your notes, unless you transfer them to another device, such as your mobile phone for instance.
As it is indicated by its name, the application can save and play only MP3 file formats. While it can be argued that the app should support more file formats, let us not forget that the format is more widely supported and it can guarantee faithful clarity levels. Speaking of audio clarity, you will be happy to learn that the tool allows you to select the bitrate compression rate for the files you are saving.
A handy utility for taking voice notes
All in all, if you fancy the idea of taking voice notes and it would be more convenient for your working style, then perhaps MP3Recorderer could be worth a try.


What’s New

MP3Recorderer 1.5 has been released and updated with some small but very useful enhancements.

– Fixed a bug related to the display of the new play list.

And, there is more. Please check the changelog below for a complete list.

New Features in this release:

– a complete rewrite of the library that powers MP3Recorderer with lots of changes. Among

MP3Recorderer With Serial Key

Photofly 3D is an amazing photo editing and slideshow application for mobile phones and tablets. It provides you with an innovative and fun photo editing tool and allows you to create and edit awesome photo collages and photo stories!
The tool is designed to enable you to create photo collages and photo stories. You can select your favorite images and place them on a 3D background, and edit them with a variety of special effects. Your masterpiece will be saved in an original format, and can be uploaded to your phone or tablet.
Unlike other similar programs, Photofly 3D has been carefully developed to provide high quality output. The software is easy to use and requires no technical skills. It is designed for everyone to enjoy! And it is truly worth the trial.
Main Features:
– Excellent quality output
– Hand drawing, painting and special effects
– View animations and scroll images
– Trim/Crop/Rotate/Split/Merge/Add/Remove
– Freehand masking tool
– Photo gallery
– Filters to remove elements in photos
– Backlight effects
– Self-timer
– Quickly save photo albums in a format suitable for both phone and tablet
– Easily and intuitively share photo stories with friends via e-mail and SMS
– Optimize photos with powerful editing tools
– Favorite and custom album templates
– Slow Motion effects
– Brightness adjustment
– Hair and Face Fix
– Filmstrip and Slide show
– 9 pre-designed pictures
– Support for 8 x 8 dpis
– Touch to rotate
– Zoom and rotate with a single touch
– View movies as preview
– Show the media gallery in landscape mode
– Change Photo Size
– Invert Colors
– Automatic Generate Portrait Mode
– Camera Roll and Favorite Albums
– Auto Enhance to make the photos brighter and clearer
– Picture Style effect to make the photo look more professional
– Panorama
– Rotate, flip, add special effects, and more
– Share photos via e-mail, photo sharing sites, or Wi-Fi
– Draw and draw on photos
– Enjoy designing customized banners and ads
– Insert text
– Make custom stickers and text boxes
– Convert to Photo Book
– Convert to photo collage
– Convert to photo story
– Customize images with UI and filters
– Adjust brightness
– Crop images
– Trim photos
– Flip photos horizontally and vertically
– Magnify

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What’s New In MP3Recorderer?

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Kulkurian Travels!

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System Requirements For MP3Recorderer:

Windows Vista SP2 or later
1024 x 768, 800 x 600, or 1024 x 768 (Widescreen) resolutions
Recommended: 1024 MB of RAM
1 GHz processor or faster
At least a broadband Internet connection
DVD-ROM drive or Blu-ray drive
USB port for keyboard and mouse
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