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Learn how to manage PowerPoint documents like a pro

PowerPoint is a very useful tool for creating professional documents. However, it might take a while to learn and use Microsoft PowerPoint correctly. And the user should understand the difference between PPT and PPTX. Check out the tips to make the most out of PowerPoint.


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MS PowerPoint File Properties Changer Crack+

What’s New in This Release:
1. Dynamic file tree structure
2. Change folder path for each iteration
3. Change the date and time field value
4. Change the file property
5. Improve the UI
6. Allow changes to multiple presentations at a time
What’s New in This Release (7.7.0):
1. Dynamic file tree structure: now MS PowerPoint File Properties Changer Serial Key can get file path in a dynamic file tree structure (for each iteration).
2. Change folder path for each iteration: Now you can select path according to your requirement.
3. Change the date and time field value: Now you can change the date and time field value of each presentation in batch mode.
4. Change the file property: Now you can change the file property of each presentation in batch mode.
5. Improve the UI: Now you can select multiple presentations to change the property.
6. Allow changes to multiple presentations at a time: Now you can select multiple presentations to change the property at one time.
What’s New in This Release (7.3.0):
1. You can view the result in text/comma-delimited format.
2. You can select multiple presentations to change the property in one time.
What’s New in This Release (7.2.0):
1. Now you can select the file path and file properties of files.
2. Now you can select multiple files to change the property at once.
What’s New in This Release (7.1.0):
1. Now you can view the result in CSV format.
What’s New in This Release (7.0.0):
1. Now you can select multiple presentations to change the property at one time.
2. Now you can view the result in CSV format.

I have been using this tool for a while now, and I must say that it works very well. Although it requires the Microsoft PowerPoint editor, the tool comes with an easy interface, and it offers all the necessary tools to make PowerPoint files work in your favor. Here, you can find more information about this software.

To sum up, MS PowerPoint File Properties Changer provides a fast and simple method for modifying PowerPoint metadata, timestamps, file attributes and even user settings in batch mode. The program supports all Windows versions and offers a user-friendly interface. It can be used by beginners, as well as by regular users.

MS PowerPoint File Properties Changer Crack License Keygen

It’s a software utility that’s found in Windows 10’s gallery section that converts, modifies or copies files of different types, such as.ppt,.pptx and.pptm, for whichever use you want. It provides a simple, user-friendly interface, and you can manage multiple files with ease. You can change the file’s title, subject, author, keywords, comments, category, revision number, last saved by, manager, company, and editing time (total minutes), and change the date and time of creation, last modification and last access. Furthermore, you can apply or remove file attributes such as read-only, archive, hidden, system, and create backups or place them in the same location, export the list with full paths and file properties to comma-delimited CSV files for close examination.

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What’s New in the MS PowerPoint File Properties Changer?

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Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or ATI Radeon HD 3650
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound device
Hard Drive: 8 GB free hard drive space (10 GB required for full installation)
DirectX: Version 10.0c