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Description of the program was taken from the GNU program site.
Audiobook packer can be used to merge a set of MP3 audiobooks to a single file in different bitrates, as well as to create concatenated
audio files from a set of audio streams. A typical usage would be to convert all the MP3 files found on a web page into a single audio file
which you can then play on your CD player.

It allows also you to merge multiple mp3 files into single. You can use it by supplying it with a directory of mp3 files and an output
directory. It also supports input streams.

Audiobook packer supports LAME MP3 Encoder and will use it by default.
You can replace the default encoder with any other by specifying the encoder in the command line.
If the encoder supplied does not support mp3 metadata (in LAME, at least), the program will not use the LAME encoder.

The results are sorted by the encoder’s quality in decreasing order. The files are split in subfolders according to their encoder
quality. The low quality files are kept in subfolder name “low_” and so on. If the encoder uses this as a key, the
generated output is sorted according to it.

The metadata of the input files is stripped and rewritten in the output file. For quality analysis, the LAME encoder uses
a special info output (, which was added to LAME in version 3.89beta1.

This metadata output has a column for each input file, containing an identifier for the input file, the bitrate of the
original file and the encoded file, the encoder’s quality indicator, the duration of the input file (in seconds) and
the filename of the input file.

The resulting file will have the same metadata as the input files.

You can use this program to convert MP3 files to WAV.

It supports multithreading and multiple cores.

Here is a sample run using the command line:

–input-dir=/home/philip/Desktop/junk/http/ /home/philip/Desktop/junk/http/list.txt /home/philip/Desktop/junk/http/final.wav
The set of input files on the URL 0cd6e936a3

# By clypewarrior
# Pleased to have support from Paul Brink.
# If you have not received M3 from a friend, send an email to me, and I will send you a free M3.
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