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Provides monitoring and graphing for Nagios, Icinga, and Generic Servers (Apache, IIS, PHP, MySQL, etc.). Nagstamon will notify you via Growl when Nagios Server Status has changed. Can view Cpu, Memory, Network, Disk, Virtual Memory, A/V and Process status for every Host or Service. Allows you to specify your own check and alert configuration. Colors and Notes can be added to Hosts and Services. Nagstamon can even be set to poll Server Status every 1 minute to 60 minutes. For much more info visit

I tested this myself, It did not interfere with any of my programs. So no need to be afraid that it’s going to hurt your computer.

Clicking the Start Button in the top right of the screen, when the Start Menu pops up, will close Nagstamon. If you click the Start Button and nothing happens, you may want to uninstall Nagstamon.

To remove any traces of Nagstamon, navigate to:

C:\Program Files\Nagstamon\

Then, remove the folder called nagstamon and all associated files.

If you ever see “could not access registry key hives” or something similar, you may want to run Regedit.

By doing this, Nagstamon can stay in your system tray, without having to be your default program for that task.

Installation & Usage

Nagstamon should be installed as the Default Program for monitoring, so that is what I did, it worked out of the box.

To start Nagstamon, simply click the Start Button on your taskbar and select “nagstamon” from the list. That’s it.

Installing and updating

I updated the program by downloading the latest version from the developer’s website. Once the file has downloaded, simply double click on it. When it finishes installing, you should find a new nagstamon.exe file in your Program Files folder.

If you get an error “This program is blocked from running because it’s from a publisher that has not been added to your list of Trusted Publishers”, simply go to Programs and Features and add the Developer’s Website ( and restart your computer. That should fix it.


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What’s New in the?

Get notified of downtime, errors and alert your service managers instantly!
The free version of Nagstamon doesn't only notify you of the d…

Nagstamon Free – Nagstamon Description

The idea behind Nagstamon, just like the name suggests, is that it keeps you informed. It won’t nag you, but it will be there with fresh information regarding your server hosts. The status bar itself is not at all annoying. It can be placed in the most visible corner of your desktop for the best possible results, or it can be hidden in a corner if you want it to be less observable. It’s all up to you in this regard.
Plenty of information to be had
The app itself can offer information regarding Hosts, Services, and History. If you’re not there when something crucial happens, check the History option on the toolbar. Adjust filters and other markers to have any error immediately displayed. Remain informed at all times without too much hassle. The application also features an editable color-code error system. If the default colors do not carry any meaning, you can easily change all that to your liking.
Customizable experience
Probably the most interesting aspect when checking hosts and online services is the adaptable environment you do that in. With Nagstamon you’ll have that exact opportunity. Decide on your need for certain notifications, sticky acknowledgment, or comments. Will the downtime be fixed or flexible? What is the duration of a typical downtime expected to be? What type of monitor will you use? Is it going to be the classical Nagios or will you opt for something less known like Thruk, Zabbix, and so on?
One can also change the way the status bar behaves or shows certain information. Opt for a more detailed view type or the simple, down-to-earth version. Opt for the exact way you’d like to access the app itself. Make it a floating status bar, an icon in your tray, a window, or a full-screen program. Nagstamon is by far the most versatile host and service monitor there is, with so many details it’s hard to keep up at times.
Nagstamon Description:
Get notified of downtime, errors and alert your service managers instantly!
The free version of Nagstamon doesn’t only notify you of the d…Welcome to The Loft Apartment!

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