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Keymacro lets you access almost every functionality of the keyboard with a single hotkey. Not only does it let you switch to different applications like Google Chrome or Firefox, but you can also control the mouse pointer, open the system tray, switch virtual desktops, send a Windows message, open a specific program or directory, etc.
Keymacro also supports nearly all Windows hotkeys. For example, you can use Win + C or Ctrl + C to copy a document, while Ctrl + V opens it in your default text editor. Additionally, Win + Tab cycles through open applications and Win + Shift + Tab cycles between virtual desktops.
You can control the mouse pointer, navigate the desktop, open documents, open programs, etc. using a single hotkey. KEYMACRO is also compatible with many additional applications such as Spotify, QuickBooks, and so on. KEYMACRO lets you open the program of your choice by pressing a single hotkey. Also, the application is added to the start menu automatically.
The free version of the software is limited to 5 hotkeys and 5 hotkey combinations. The same is true for the Pro version of the software. You can’t use more than one application at a time using the free version, and the maximum number of hotkeys in the pro version is also limited to 20.
You can download Keymacro through its official website. The software is free, but in order to use any of its features, you need to pay $8.
Basic Usage:
Just press the hotkey of your choice to open the program of your choice. On my computer, it opens Google Chrome when I press Ctrl + C. You can use this hotkey to access almost every functionality of the keyboard. For example, Ctrl + D or Alt + F4 will close the application.
Keymacro also lets you move the mouse pointer, open the system tray, and so on. The software supports almost all Windows hotkeys, and even some third-party hotkeys. The same hotkeys can also be used to switch between virtual desktops and even open the start menu.
Keymacro comes with many other features such as the ability to switch between open programs by using Win + Tab and Win + Shift + Tab. You can also use Win + X or Ctrl + X to open the start menu. Moreover, the software allows you to add application shortcuts to the start menu, and you can open any program by pressing its 70238732e0

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Select, close, hide, show, toggle the topmost status, center the window, minimize or maximize the window, export the details to file or clipboard or search hidden windows.
1) List of running windows
2) One click to move to any of the active windows
3) One click to close, hide, show or toggle the topmost status
4) One click to move to the center of the window
5) Move to top or bottom of the screen to resize window
6) View properties of window
7) Save selected windows to file or export details
8) Check if window is visible or not, hide window, move the window to center of the screen, etc.
9) Close the window
10) Display window as popup, tool or app
11) Select top 10 windows
12) Zoom in and out the window
13) Save the window to file or clipboard
14) Right click and select clipboard option to create shortcut.
15) Change window size.
16) Sort windows in list
17) Search for hidden windows
18) Search for windows with name in list
19) Select selected windows or all active windows.
20) Select the window with specified program name or the first window that was launched with the specified program
21) Clear the list of active windows.
22) Sort active windows by location on disk, windows title, class name, top-most status, visibility, etc.
23) Open a window (or a program) with specified title or process name
24) Show details about the selected window (or window process) in the list
25) Replace the selected window with specified window
26) Minimize the window
27) Toggle the topmost status of the window
28) Toggle the topmost status of all running windows
29) Print selected windows to file
30) Print all active windows to file
31) Duplicate selected window
32) Move window
33) Sort windows in list
34) Move to top or bottom of the screen to resize window
35) Open windows with specified file
36) Restore window from the file.
37) Show icons of the windows in the list
38) Show windows with file extension of the selected file in list
39) Delete selected window
40) Delete selected window or all of them
41) Copy selected window
42) Copy all running windows (even the hidden ones) to clipboard.
43) Create short-cut