OCR Professional Free (April-2022)

Many users rely on scanners to send documents to their business partners located in other cities or even countries, since this method is much faster than sending the files in the mail.
However, the recipients needs to turn to dedicated software solutions to extract the information they require from the scanned images, and such an app is OCR Professional.
Intuitive OCR tool for Bangla, English, Vietnamese or Tamil documents
The graphic interface is meant to be not only simplistic, but also user-friendly, so that even people with little PC skills can benefit from its functions.
You basically need to browse to the scanned file you want to process, or you can just drag and drop it onto the main window if you want to save time. Next, you can start the optical character recognition and preview the detected text.
If you are not entirely pleased with the extracted text or if some words were not correctly recognized, you can further modify it to your liking.
Deskew or rotate scanned images, then export extracted text
In order to make sure the extraction process goes smoothly, you should first prepare the source images by deskewing or rotating it to the proper angle, so that the text can be detected by OCR Professional.
You can also choose the page segmentation mode you like best, zoom in or out on the currently open image, be it PNG, TIFF, GIF, JPEG or BMP.
Another handy feature of the app is its Bulk OCR mode, that enables you to simply select the source folder and the output one, then initiate the process to have all your scanned documents turned into text files.
Optical character recognition with customizable functions
All in all, OCR Professional can come in handy to all those who want to quickly extract text from their scanned files, even if they are skewed or mistakenly rotated.


Download →→→ https://blltly.com/2n0kry

Download →→→ https://blltly.com/2n0kry






OCR Professional Crack +

Intuitive interface and detailed information

Page segmentation, deskewing, or rotation for proper text recognition

Extract and fix errors

Extract, correct, and export text

Bulk OCR mode to extract scanned documents

OCR Professional Download Link:

Download Link

** We strongly recommend that you download the software directly from developer’s website if you decide to purchase. You will be able to get updates, support, etc.

Vinz GV Pro – Software for rich versatile business applications.

Vinzgvpro is a full featured all-in-one business solution for Windows.It consists of a wide range of business application and entertainment content. It provides a rich user experience because of the flexible design. The easy to use interface, small learning curve, and just the right amount of automation add up to a perfectly smooth user experience.

Scan to e-mail

Scan documents to e-mail

OCR and index

OCR documents


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Vinzgvpro comes as a single installer and can be installed on up to three computers. It is also easy to download and install. Because Vinzgvpro can be used on all Windows operating systems, you can easily move the software from computer to computer as needed. Vinzgvpro provides a simple and compact interface to manage all functions and applications. The software comes with numerous predefined applications and has high-quality support by our customer service department.

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Vinz GV Pro – Software for rich versatile business applications.

Vinzgvpro is a full featured all-in-one business solution for Windows.It consists of a wide range of business application and entertainment content. It provides a rich user experience because of the flexible design. The easy to use interface, small learning curve, and just the right amount of automation add up to a perfectly smooth user experience.

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OCR Professional Crack+

Device: Android

Device: iOS

Language: Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

Name: OCR Professional Full Crack

Latest version: 3.4.0

Price: Free

OSTest Reports of the best OCR Mobile Apps

If you haven’t yet found one for your device, we provide a selection of OCR applications for different types of devices and languages.

Although OCR Smartphones have been around for some time, OCR Tablets are still in an early stage.

However, some OCR applications are not meant for smartphones but rather for tablets and other mobile devices.

Even though most apps are optimized to function on smartphones or tablets, we still recommend you to download the official apps that have been optimized for desktop computers with a mouse and keyboard.

You might be even able to use an app like OCR Pro for your tablet device, although it might not be exactly the same as the official application.

Here, we want to share with you our OCR tests in the tablet category.

We have selected a selection of OCR apps that we believe to be the best.

ODF to PDF Converter OCR Mobile Apps

There are plenty of document converter apps for Android, iPhones and iPads in the iTunes or Google Play Store.

However, to complete the full circle, the ODF to PDF converter is still an official app for smartphones.

Since most document convertors can only convert text to a PDF file, they can work pretty well for smartphones or tablets, but they can’t deal with the conversion of complex formats such as XPS, DOCX or ODS.

To make sure our readers are not stuck with bad or inefficient apps, we reviewed this app’s latest version and we’re quite impressed by its features.

You can convert all type of documents for both Android and iOS devices. Also, the app has been optimized to take full advantage of your device’s hardware and speed.

Available for Free:



Price: $2.99

Price: Free

Microsoft Word Smartphone Apps

There are plenty of document converter apps for Android, iPhones and iPads in the iTunes or Google Play Store. However, to complete the full circle, the Microsoft Word app is still a desktop application.


OCR Professional

Read details from any type of scanned image and convert it to text format.
Use the built-in tools to deskew (rotate the image for optimal OCR), edit, modify and segment the text, export to TXT, HTML, Excel or CSV formats.
Optical Character Recognition:
Process hundreds of pages per hour with the fastest OCR engine available.
Deskew and rotate images manually to make sure the text is always recognized correctly.
Get the best out of every scanned document (TIFF, JPEG, GIF or BMP).
Export text to TXT, HTML, Excel or CSV.
Bulk Export:
Fast, powerful and safe – export the text from any number of images at once.
Fully customizable and fully supported.

OCR Professional App Features:

Scanning any type of scanned image including documents, receipts, barcodes, certificates, etc.
Run the app as a background process or on a dedicated screen.
Fast, optimized OCR engine for any type of scanned document and Batch Processing for hundreds of documents in a few seconds
Precise and accurate results – OCR Professional has the fastest OCR engine available
Deskew and rotate scanned images to achieve optimal results
Detect and extract text from any type of scanned image including all its modifications
Support all the formats used by emails (PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP)
Save the text in TXT, HTML, Excel or CSV formats
Export automatically to TXT, HTML, CSV or Excel
Export to the batch mode automatically (start the process and pick the folder containing the scanned images)

OCR Professional Best Practices:

Import a large number of documents at once (All documents will be processed in parallel)
Scan images in batch mode to have them processed faster
You can also use OCR Professional as a text annotation app – the extracted text will be added to the document automatically

OCR Professional License:

OCR Professional performs the best on the machines with the most powerful CPUs.
For the best results, please update your computer system to the newest version.

OCR Professional is a free trial version. There are no restrictions.

OCR Professional also displays the software’s full version, which is free for the duration of the trial.

These apps can be used as freeware as well.

OCR Professional Pro Features:

OCR Professional Pro Description:
There is a full

What’s New In OCR Professional?

* Bring High Quality Optical Character Recognition to your Browser
* Improve SEO and Speed of your Pages, E-books and Presentations
* Generate Beautiful Stamps from OCR Text
* Extract Text from PDF Documents
* Enhance PDF Document with Text, OCR and OCR info
* Scan and Extract text from small, medium or large documents (up to 10Mb)
* Supports text files (txt), doc, docx, xls, ppt, rtf, odt, csv and pdf files
* Choose a Language (For example English, Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, German,…)
* Split files (PDF, TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG)
* Integrated tools to: crop and align texts, rotate images, flip vertical texts, deskew scanned pictures.
* Extract Word, Text, TextPro, TextDot and TextDotPro from PDF files.
* Scan documents without OCR: TextIdentify, TextBlow, TextIdentifyPro, TextBlowPro, TextIdentifyPaper, TextBlowPaper,…
* Recognition of numbers
* Recognition of Punctuation marks (,!.?. : 😉
* Recognition of Symbols (, $ %)
* Recognition of Map Markers ( ), # etc.
* Recognition of All Characters
* Recognition of Diacritic marks
* Recognition of Symbols with Unicode
* Recognition of Hebrew letters and numbers
* Hebrew recognition in some texts
* Can be used like a web-service: the pictures are shown in the user interface.
* Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian,…
* Support for Unicode: TextIdentifyPro, TextIdentify, TextBlowPro, TextBlowPaper,…
* Support for Symbols: TextIdentifyPro, TextIdentify, TextBlowPro, TextBlowPaper,…
* Support for Number: TextIdentifyPro, TextIdentify, TextBlowPro, TextBlowPaper,…
* Support for Map Markers: TextIdentify, TextBlow, TextIdentifyPro, TextBlowPro, TextIdentifyPaper, TextBlowPaper,…
* Support for Diacritic marks: TextIdentify, TextBlow, TextIdentifyPro, TextBlow

System Requirements:

• Minimum of 5.0.0 (Windows or Linux)
• 8 GB
• System RAM 1 GB minimum
• 1 GHz Processor
• DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with 1 GB memory
• 1024 x 768 Display
• 1 GB sound card
• 2 GB free space
How to Install the Download Link :
1. Unzip the archive
2. Run the downloaded “installer.exe” file
3. Follow the instructions, such as install the mod or please accept the Terms of