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Quickly rate, label and organize photos

Supports various formats, including raw images

Transfer images to external editors

Provides shortcuts to online photo storage

Quickly rename and organize photos

Conveniently rate and label images

Built-in file browser and ‘Favorites’ section

Powerful metadata editor for images

On1 Browse Key Features:

Rate photos using a star scale

Label photos in various formats (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPG and BMP)

Export images in various formats, including raw images

Organize photos by rating, label and subject (by most popular)

Transfer photos to external editors

Change the author, description and keywords for all photos

Edit and add metadata to images

Transfer photos to online photo storage

Preview and sort images online (cloud storage)

Find images using a custom icon








On1 Browse Preview:

The photo management program helps you view, rate and sort your photos. You can rename and organize your pictures. The program supports various graphic formats, including raw images, TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF and IPTC. ON1 Browse works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT.
Rating, labeling and sorting photos is easy: simply drag photos from your hard drive, your online photo storage, or your e-mail account into the program. Each photo in the folder can be assigned a number, a name, a tag, a color code, a subject, a rating (from 1 to 5) and a category. After that, you can sort by number, name, subject, rating or color code.
What’s more, the program includes an image editor. You can rename, add or change the metadata of your pictures. You can even rearrange the photos in your folders.
You can even transfer photos to online photo storage. The software includes shortcuts to services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud.
Also, ON1 Browse is a highly customizable tool: the program allows you to sort your images in various ways: by most popular, newest, oldest, duration, date and time. You can also use the program’s built-in search tool, using various metadata filters.
On1 Browse Key

ON1 Browse Crack+ Free

ON1 Photo Sorter – Professional photo organizing and rating application for Windows Photo Viewer
Whether you are a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or simply interested in organizing your digital photos, ON1 Photo Sorter is an easy to use application that will help you sort, label, and rate your photos in no time!
This photo organizer software comes with over 30 different features designed to help you manage your photos! Sort and organize your digital photos in a variety of different ways using numerous sorting options and rating features.
• Show your photos in two different ways – your albums are designed to give you all the options and ease of use you want, while your ‘Favorites’ section allows you to set an area of your computer screen to view your new albums (albums you have imported or added on the fly).
• Assign a descriptive keyword to each of your photos, making it much easier to sort through them in the future.
• Create a catalog of your photos by giving each one an individual category, from ‘Products’ to ‘Family Portraits’.
• Display your images as either a simple photo viewer or as a slideshow.
• Keep an eye on your images by setting a defined area of your computer screen to always keep an eye on your images.
• Easily rate your photos, so you can quickly sort and find the best ones.
• Manage your different photo storage sites and folders, so you can keep all your albums in one place.
• Import photos from any number of different storage sites, including Flickr, Picasa and Facebook.
• Export your photos to a number of different photo editing programs, including Adobe Photoshop.
• Print or email your images.

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Saturday, 24 April 2014

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ON1 Browse Crack Full Product Key [Win/Mac]

Organize your photos easily with this ON1 Browse application.

We strongly recommend that you connect ON1 Browse to any online cloud storage account you use. This will allow you to securely and rapidly browse photos and manage them with a simple online interface. You can install ON1 Browse in just a few minutes.

Download ON1 Browse 2.9.1 from Softonic:

You can find more information about ON1 Browse on its web site.

Commercial version:

By installing, copying, downloading or using this product you agree to be bound by the license agreement in the on1.com/terms_of_service.html./*
* This file is part of the UCB release of Plan 9. It is subject to the license
* terms in the LICENSE file found in the top-level directory of this
* distribution and at No
* part of the UCB release of Plan 9, including this file, may be copied,
* modified, propagated, or distributed except according to the terms contained
* in the LICENSE file.

* Direct browser interface
* The architecture is a little different from the other browsers.
* Instead of connecting to a server, we keep a client connection open
* with a remote server. On a local machine, the server is the host
* for all clients.
* The server has two interfaces:
* – fetch: a ‘fetch’ action gets a document from the remote server
* – respond: a’respond’ action puts a document from the local
* client into the remote server.
* Client-side operations are handled by remote ‘nodes’ and data is
* serialized as network buffers.
* The local server keeps track of connections, nodes,

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ON1 Browse fully supports the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sharing functions. It can resize photos and videos and provide a preview in full screen mode. There is an ability to automatically add the latest photo dates to the picture EXIF data. ON1 Browse is one of the best photo organizing tools available for photo management.

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ON1 Browse is a free to use tool, but is not a trial version. The price of the full version is $39.99. It is available on the official ON1 Browse website for $39.99.


ON1 Browse is a versatile photo management tool. The software comes with a powerful editor, which allows you to manage and sort photos on a Mac. ON1 Browse allows you to view your photo collection and categorize, rate, label, and delete your photos.

Furthermore, ON1 Browse comes with a lot of powerful editing features. It also allows you to share your favorite pictures on social networks, export to popular photo editors, print, email, and lots of other features. With its organizer, you can organize your photos in a tree hierarchy and can export them in various formats. ON1 Browse allows you to rate and label photos. You can also use auto-tags and categories to easily categorize your photos. ON1 Browse allows you to add photos into folders and sort them by color, type, date, and more.

Video Player

ON1 Browse allows you to play videos in the popular formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and VOB. ON1 Browse supports the DRM protection for movies and allows you to download them to your computer. The software supports XMB Jump for Mac, which is a powerful feature for video browsing and can be used to view files. With the tools present in ON1 Browse, you can edit videos, too. You can trim the videos, split the videos, and copy clips from the videos.

Moreover, ON1 Browse allows you to assign key frames, which are in the beginning, middle or end of the video. You can also trim or crop the videos and change the resolution of the videos.

System Requirements For ON1 Browse:

You can run the game on 2 monitors (up to 4).
you can run the game on 2 monitors (up to 4). The game can be played on laptops, but performance will vary.
you can play the game on laptops, but performance will vary. Game will run smoothly on most standard laptops (I tested a Toshiba with an i3 and Intel HD graphics and had no problems).
the game will run smoothly on most standard laptops (I tested a Toshiba with an i3 and Intel HD graphics and had no problems). A computer with a NVIDIA