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A program for automated generation of phase sets, diffraction diagrams and powder diagrams, analysis of lattices, molecular dynamics, interactive optimisation of protein crystal structures, online control of selected files for batch crystallography and molecular modeller servers.
The package is divided into the following main sections:
– Crystal structure optimization of macromolecules:
– Data collection (Rigaku – H724)
– Data reduction with Bruker program XDS:
– Crystal structure refinement and model building with program Moilin:
– Cns refinement (RELAXES)
– Crystallography of small molecules:
– Photon-counting – experimental
– Photon-counting – simulated
– Phase extension and merging:
– Find best planes:
– Peak Fitting:
– Indexing:
– Orthorhombic window in XDS:
– Crystal lattice analysis with ORTEX:
– Brownian-motion analysis:
– Structure solution and model building:
– Automatic calculation of atomic coordinates and restraint parameters:
– Optimization of protein crystal structures:
– Molecular dynamic simulation:
– Photorealism:
– User-friendly interfaces:
– Support for portable computers:
– Size is small (20 Mb) and does not need installation on your computer:
– CrystalData.zip : data used to generate the program crystal structure and directories of all files used to generate the program. Available for downloading at  

Beijing cryophoenix bio-information scientific research center


If you’re talking about just getting the raw intensity data in a “simple” format (e.g. the way that XDS is a lot simpler than XDS3 and requires only the raw FITS header/footer) then a free program is DataMill. It’s the protocol which allows data to be transferred from a dedicated data collector (when you use a conventional Laue diffractometer, for example) to the computer which will do the structure solution / refinement.
Note that most diffractometers have a “transfer” program which deals with the raw data. This will however be very complicated, and can’t be used without substantial experience.


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Oscail lets you study molecules on an oscilloscope, light-induced circular dichroism, the structure of crystal lattices and molecular dynamics. Oscail provides the vibrational spectrum through a batch mode, including all parts of the spectra (see Oscail manual for more information).
With its visualization software, Oscail provides a powerful way of studying molecules and crystal lattices. Oscail provides a range of crystallographic and molecular visualization features, such as ORTEP (interactive Ortep) and RASMOV. Furthermore, Oscail integrates the tools for molecular dynamics and molecular graphics, including Moilin, RASMOV and RENDER.
This is Oscail’s manual. It is written to be a concise introduction to the operation of Oscail. It should be used as a reference guide.
Oscail is Free Academic, commercial users must obtain permission for its use.
Git repository:


Oscail is the acronym for an original application which would demonstrate some of the key features of the software which was then developed into a full featured repository for all of the crystallographic, molecular modelling and visualization software available.
Oscail is written in the code-base of the much-used crystallographic software package MoIL ( However, Oscail includes a number of features which were not implemented in MoIL and for which no developers exist. (i) Oscail features an algorithmic MD package, which supports some of the algorithms implemented in the dynamics package Moilin ( (ii) The crystallographic suite ORTEX (interactive Ortep) is used to directly view crystal packing and molecular structures and to edit protein and ligand structures. (iii) Oscail includes RASMOV, which is a program for rendering movies of molecules rotating about their axis of least rigidity. This package allows you to show a series of images of a rotating molecule in which each image is obtained by rotating the molecule through a fixed angle. (iv) The RASMOV package also allows you to generate movies showing the periodic build up of crystals with each frame showing the rotation of a crystal lattice about a fixed axis. (v) The RASMOV package can be used to produce movies

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Oscail is a project developed to provide an easy to use software package for the crystallographic user. It is maintained by the School of Chemistry, University College Dublin, and is now a collaboration between the School of Chemistry and Department of Structural Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin. Oscail is a suite of control programs which provide automatic access to all of the software required for the three main phases of the crystallography process. ORTEX is the main crystallographic structure generator which can be used interactively to generate the diffraction pattern files, diffraction data are then automatically collected from the diffraction data collection facility and these can then be stored in the computer’s standard image file formats or transferred to a remote facility for data exchange with the structure solution facility.
ORTEX can be used to manipulate standard crystallographic data and its output files in a number of ways. The main crystal data can be inspected for errors, particular crystal orientations can be viewed and interactions can be highlighted. When a model is loaded into the structure solution facility, it can be interactively manipulated in order to create the experimental phasing conditions used in the crystallographic data collection process.
Moilin can perform crystal lattice work from a number of options which include mesh generation and refinement. One of the key features of Moilin is that it also allows the user to manipulate the crystal lattice. Molecular graphics software can be linked to the lattice work unit to illustrate the environment of the molecule as a three dimensional depiction. This is crucial for development of the molecule. Rendering options are also provided which can give the user options to generate the crystal in different colours and the ability to convert between different crystal system display options.
Pogl is a simple opengl based graphics display program that can be used interactively to create movies of the molecular or lattice system in rotation.
A long term goal is to provide users with the ability to extract useful information from the crystallographic data through the use of scripting and 3D visualization techniques.
The Oscail project is a collaboration between the School of Chemistry, University College Dublin and the Department of Structural Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin.
ORTEX was originally written by Tom Bennett at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Queen’s University Belfast. Operetta was developed as a control package for use with ORTEX by Stefan Martell, Bruce Taylor and Richard Cardew. The control package Operetta development was funded by the Science Foundation

What’s New in the?

The Oscail (Open Source Crystallography Suite) application provides assistance to structure determination and analysis of macromolecular crystal systems, and interactive visualisation. This tool also interfaces with several software programs developed in-house.
Main features are:
– Quickly display proteins, DNA, RNA and complex macromolecules in 2D and 3D space
– Assign sequence to structure
– Create and manage crystallisation information
– Perform molecular dynamics simulations and prepare movie output
– Display and manage crystal packing and interactions
– Reduce some of the interface clutter for ease of use
– Interact with the 3D modelling program IRFANVIEW
– Export as various file formats
– Link with the visualization program RASMOV (Raster3d)
– Use of the standard crystallographic tools
– Support for Berkeley Lab (www.bioinf.org) standard formats
– Supporting GRAD (Geometry-Relation Alignment Dictionary)
– Use of the ORTEP software for structure analysis
– User interacts with the 3D program MOILIN (MOlecular ILayout) for further crystallo-graphical analysis
– Use of the molecular modeling program RASMOV to perform molecular dynamics simulations
– The protype OSCAL is linked to the latest iteration of the software called OSCAL2 which now has more than 95% of the content being derived from its predecessor.
This software is Free Academic, commercial users must obtain permission for its use.
Oscail Development Team:
– Steven J. Cromer, University of Wisconsin
– Elin Kallen
– Victor Kasper (last update 15/12/06)
– R.Alexander Tilley
– Andrea Vanini (last update 24/06/08)
This document is copyright 2009, Oscail Development TeamCornelis Hynning-Olesen

Cornelis Hynning-Olesen (18 February 1915 – 15 March 1979) was a Norwegian novelist and playwright. He was awarded the Dobloug Prize in 1970.

He was born in Årstad as a son of Bredo Hynning-Olesen (1871–1957) and Aud Mathiesen (1880–1963). He was a brother of Finn Hynning-Olesen, lawyer and politician.

He was married to actor Sallianne Bjørklund. He was

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