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Syncs your database between computer and mobile devices
Simple to Use and Install
Intuitive User Interface
Standard Functions
Efficient Data Synchronization
It’s wrapped in a modern and approachable interface divided into a category and entry lists, and a more detailed view of a single item.
It doesn’t provide custom settings
Key Features
Sync your records using a straightforward layout
Easily import and export details
Provide a choice of color schemes to match your needs
Additional Details:
Program Size: 12.18 MB
Free Version: Yes, it’s free
License: Freeware
Purchase Link: PassDirector

Absolute! Password Manager is a software solution designed to help you create, maintain, and protect passwords. You may use this application to gain access to accounts, to store and secure additional information, and create new passwords. It is a highly functional solution designed to meet all your password needs.
Why Absolute! Password Manager?
Absolute Password Manager is a utility designed to make you more secure. The software has been developed to help you maintain all your important passwords in one place. You may use this application to simplify the creation, management, and storage of passwords and other necessary information. The software makes it possible to make quick passwords, and thus, save precious time.
An absolute password is a password that people choose from the defined list. You may establish your personal password that can help you define and change your credentials that are needed for different systems.
Absolute! Password Manager Security Features
You will be able to protect your data, and keep your accounts safe using the software. It’s possible to set random passwords, and use the Change Password feature that ensures that your password is kept in a safe and encrypted format.
Absolute! Password Manager Interface
The software comes with a modern, attractive, and an intuitive user interface that makes it easier to use, and thus, make it easier for you to interact with the program. You may use the application to create, manage, and protect passwords in only a few clicks. The application helps you to set random passwords and use the available search functions to quickly locate the information that you need.
Absolute! Password Manager User Interface:
The software comes with a modern and friendly user interface that makes the application easy and intuitive to use. It is possible to create passwords, and manage them with ease.
A Demo Version is Available
Absolute! Password Manager is packed with

PassDirector Download

Add online banking.
Split or combine records.
Add, edit, manage contacts from your phone.
Sync with your computer and iphone.
Manage expenses.
Administrative and legal information.
Browser requirements for PassDirector:
HTML5 capable browser
Requires iOS 9 or higher
Run macOS 10.10 Yosemite or higher
New iOS 9 or higher can run PassDirector.
iOS 9 or higher is required for PassDirector.Q:

Why is all my content on my page then half of it off to the left?

Why is my page not centered?
I have tried so many things, I do not know what I am doing wrong.


This might be better suited as an issue with browsers: If you can see this in Safari, you have a bug there with z-index. You’ll want to find the problem in this example: (this version is centered, so it should be a problem with viewing your page in Safari)
If you can reproduce the issue in Firefox (and you’ve already tried all the other browsers I’d double-check it there too), you have a problem with your margin.
If you can find it in IE (haven’t tested there), you can probably find it with Firebug as well.


try add position: relative to the first div or the #menu, as the second div absolute use a higher z-index for its top and left values, this will center your divs when your page is in the css position:relative.
try this if it works.


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PassDirector With Registration Code

Import from mobile devices, or your own documents, and effortlessly sync to all your devices. Experience the web in a new way through PassDirector, a simple and easy-to-use tool, for generating your own private password-protected folders on the internet, and protect them.
Add Passwords and other properties to your folders with ease. In just a couple of minutes, you can start protecting files on your computer with a unique password, thus ensuring they remain private, no matter what device you use.
Control your life more efficiently
Sync and share information with your friends, family, associates, and colleagues through PassDirector, a simple and easy-to-use tool, that helps you manage all your private and public information.
Add your personal contacts and notes to the group, to keep them up to date. Add an unlimited number of folders to the group, and easily access them, by tapping on the newly added notes.
Backup and restore your public and private folder on your devices, using the “sync” option. By syncing the folder, private information is instantly stored on your computer, and will be available when you log in again.
And much more…
With PassDirector, share, share and share, you can:
* Keep your photos, videos and music private, and access them from all your devices
* Share or synchronize your information through Wi-Fi, or a built-in FTP server
* Back up your information from all your devices, including your iPhone, iPad and Android devices
* Create passwords and other properties for your folders
* Choose from a wide range of predefined font styles
* Import lists from your files
* Automatically backup files and folders
Frequently Asked Questions:
PassDirector – for banking, bank, and credit card
[q] What’s PassDirector for? [/q] With PassDirector, you can protect and control your private bank account information. Keep your private account details private and well-hidden, using a unique password. Access your bank account from all your devices, easily and safely. Back up your account information, using a Wi-Fi connection.
[q] How can I protect my bank information? [/q] Just login to your public or private account, and start entering your account information into PassDirector.
When you enter your account data, a password will be generated automatically, and you are advised to write it down and keep it safe. It is the only password you need to access your bank account

What’s New In PassDirector?

Create secure groupings of private data and quickly access your records with PassDirector. Read and write passwords, serial numbers, sensitive information and Internet access in a highly secure environment. Send password-protected files and access data across any Mac, Windows or iPhone from your web browser. Manage all your items in one place so you always have access to all the information you need, without forgetting where it is or what you need it for. PassDirector lets you quickly access all your private information in a secure manner.
Password/URL-based Encryption of File Data Type:
Passwords: Store passwords of file formats that contain sensitive information.
URLs: Remotely encrypt website passwords from an existing database.

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System Requirements:

Basic System Requirements:
– OS : Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1
– Processor : Intel Pentium III 450MHz or faster
– Memory : 1GB RAM
– DirectX : DirectX 9.0c
– Graphics : 128MB or higher
Advanced System Requirements:
– Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or faster
– Graphics : 128MB or