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PDF, which stands for the Portable Document Format, is one of the most used formats for documents. It is an excellent asset for including text formatting, along with images and other elements in such a way that it does not depend on the different operating systems that exist out there. However, to be able to view a PDF file, we sometimes need special programs that support the format. PDF X is a Windows 10 application that not only reads PDFs but also permits users to edit them.
View documents of various formats with this PDF reader
This program supports several other extensions besides the PDF. It can also open PS, Tiff, DjVu, XPS, ODT, EPub, Fax, and others. It also opens PNG, JPG, and other image files.
The program works flawlessly with each of the beforementioned types of extensions and more. Also, PDF X can export documents in plain text in the DOC format so that users can access them with Microsoft Word or other similar programs.
Add annotations, edit, digitally sign PDF, and more
This application is also useful for editing documents. Do not expect it to edit PDFs as reliably as a premium software, but it can be helpful to highlight text, remove, add or change annotations, and much more.
In addition, it permits users to digitally sign PDF files and add stamps according to their preferences. It also features some basic functions for a PDF reader, such as bookmarks, zoom, and various text selection methods, among others.
The ups and downs of PDF X
Overall, the application does what it promises to do — it reads PDF files while it also features some basic editing tools. It functions easily and doesn't seem to come with any significant bugs.
On the downside, the Help section in PDF X doesn't work, at least at the time of this review, so it might be challenging for some users to know how to use all the functions that the program offers.









PDF X Product Key Full Download (Latest)

Read PDF documents
Zoom in and out
Add annotations
Add stamps
Export texts in the DOC format
Various text selections methods

It also features functions like bookmarks, fonts, highlights, and more. It can open images and other documents as well.
Support of multiple platforms
This application is available in the Mac version as well as a Windows version. It can even be installed in the Raspberry Pi version for those users.
It can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for the Android platform. This only means that a user can download it for free from the online store in which it was obtained. In order to do this, he has to visit either Google Play or the App Store and download the application from there.
The downside
There is no help section on the webpage.
Users might need to provide some personal information before using it.
The program is only compatible with versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

The Good

Very well organized
The extensions worked well
It worked very smoothly
It is intuitive and easy to use
It can open various types of documents

The Bad

No help guide
High cost

PDF X Rating

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PDF X [Latest]

This Windows application allows users to read, edit, digitally sign, and annotate PDF files. When reading a PDF, you can easily highlight text, change text color, text size, and more. You can delete, add, and change annotations in the documents. It can also convert a file from PDF to Word and vice versa. It also features text selection, optical character recognition, and more.
The program can be downloaded from this link, which is the product’s official website.

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PDF X With Registration Code [Latest]

PDF X is designed to make you print and copy PDF files to the Windows clipboard, without needing any other applications to handle these actions. PDF X can save the files to your OneDrive cloud storage account, or store them on your desktop where you can view them with any PDF viewing tool. PDF X makes text searchable, with text search queries and other search options available directly from within the PDF viewer. You can also annotate PDF files using OCR-enabled document scanners, and PDF X supports annotations created in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Read PDF files
PDF X can open files in all popular PDF formats, from the PDF E-Book format to the high-resolution PDF format required by the aerospace industry. It displays page thumbnails and bookmarks, and lets you highlight text, write notes, add a signature or stamps, and rotate and crop pages.
Print PDF files
PDF X lets you print the entire file to the Windows clipboard, or any other application you designate. The content is embedded in the file’s actual bytes, so you don’t need any third-party software to print it. You can also designate the page range to print, saving paper and ink. PDF X also creates a preview window for you to check the print quality before you print.
View PDF files
PDF X is a standalone PDF application that can be installed without the need for an Adobe Reader, Acrobat, or any other third-party software. You can print PDF files and search the content of PDFs on the Windows clipboard or your OneDrive cloud storage account. PDF X also supports OCR scans of the text and coordinates of the content in Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Pro documents. The OCR text can be searched through an integrated text finder.
How can I update to the latest version of this software?
PDF X is updated regularly to ensure that you always have the latest features and fixes. It can be installed directly by downloading the latest version from the Microsoft Store. When you update, you’ll receive notifications that are sent to your e-mail address that are associated with your Microsoft account.
How can I get help?
PDF X provides a Help section and access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), to help you work through any problems.
How do I create a PDF?
PDF X is designed to turn almost any file into a PDF by reading it and then writing it to the Windows clipboard. You can customize the

What’s New In PDF X?

PDF X is an application created by Squeak Software that permits users to open and edit documents of the Portable Document Format (PDF) without compromising your documents. The application also permits users to digitally sign PDF files and add stamps to them.
Another way to think about it: You can open documents from a website or another application, but that doesn’t mean that your changes will be saved after closing and reopening. With PDF X, all your changes will be saved so you can use them or share the file in any way you desire.
The user interface is clean, well designed, and simple to use. You can make all the basic changes that you need with the program. If you want to add annotations or make changes to the document, you can do it easily.
You can also add a signature to any document that you have a signature in Microsoft Word or a similar document editing tool.
PDF X Review:
Even though the application is a freeware application, it offers a lot of potential for those who are willing to use it. It is one of the few programs that supports a variety of formats, not only PDF. What you can do with the program is almost limitless.
The interface is clean and simple to use. You can open documents very easily, and the instructions are clear.
View documents of various formats with this PDF reader
The application supports a lot of other file formats, such as JPG, PNG, and TIFF.
That’s not the only thing that makes this application stand out above the crowd. It also supports annotations. What that means is that you can highlight various parts of a document, or add notes in a few different places. You can also add stamps to any document.
You don’t have to add documents to that feature in order to use it. You can just add annotations to documents.
On the downside, the Help section in the application has a lot of trouble, and it doesn’t seem to contain any specific instructions. So, you might not be able to figure out how to use a lot of the features of the application.

Easily open various documents including PDFs.
Easily edit and even sign documents.
Use stamps on documents.
The user interface is very clean and easy to use.
It is a freeware program.


The Help section in the application has a lot of trouble and doesn’t seem to contain any specific instructions.

PDF X Rating:

System Requirements For PDF X:

How to Install:
1. Run the attached ‘Installing.exe’ file;
2. Follow the instructions, accepting all the default options;
3. You must run the file ‘Setup.exe’
4. Run the ‘Fix.bat’ file if a popup appears saying that the application requires additional.NET Framework components or that the application failed to initialize;
5. The installation process should be finished. To check that everything went OK, open the program with your ‘Start Menu’.