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PhotoKit Color is an Adobe Photoshop Plug-in that applies precise color corrections, automatic color balancing and creative coloring effects. PhotoKit Color offers a comprehensive set of coloring tools for Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop CS and Photoshop CS2.
Color plays a huge role in how we perceive and describe the world we see, so it’s hardly surprising that one of the first things we want to do to a photograph when we bring it into Photoshop is to adjust accurately or play creatively with the color in the image. Photographers in particular have long desired to reproduce traditional photographic processes digitally using Photoshop.
PhotoKit Color provides a comprehensive suite of effects that let you recreate creative effects like black and white split toning and cross processing. All these effects are applied as separate layers so the user can make further variations, adapting each effect to suit their own tastes. But that’s not all! With PhotoKit Color, you can enhance specific colors in your photographs. You have the possibility to make skin tones lighter or less red. With the Blue Enhance effect you can darken a blue sky and enhance the cloud contrast. And with the RSA Gray Balance set, you can automatically remove colorcasts from almost any type of image.
PhotoKit Color’s image enhancements and adjustments are easy to use. Choose PhotoKit Color from the File menu’s Automate Tools sub-menu, then a simple dialog lets you see the PhotoKit Color tool sets from which you can easily select the desired image effect and let PhotoKit Color do the work.
All PhotoKit Color Effects create a new layer or layers in layer sets labeled with the name of the effect, leaving the original underlying image untouched, so it’s always safe to experiment. PhotoKit Color never, ever, changes the underlying image data. By far the easiest way to learn what PhotoKit Color Effects do is to try them – they can’t do any harm.







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* 16 New Image Enhancements:
– Blue Enhance
– Cross Process
– Gray Balance: Red and Blue
– Invert colors
– Tone Adjust
– Red-Eye Correction
– Grayscale
– Clone
– Moire
– 4 New Layer Sets:
– Dirty
– Dirty1
– Dirty2
– Dirty3
* Over 450 New Photoshop Plug-ins:
– Automatic Photo Prints
– Backgrounds, Frames, Borders and Text
– Drawing Tools
– Embroidery Tools
– Film Tools
– Masking Tools
– Patterns
– Navigation Tools
– OCR Tools
– Paint Tools
– Stickers
– Text Tools
* Over 250 Color Discs:
– Aerized Color Discs
– Black Discs
– Blue Discs
– Brown Discs
– Green Discs
– Red Discs
– Rainbow Discs
– Warming Discs
– Warm Neutral Discs
– Warm Cool Discs
– Vibrant Colored Discs
* Over 600 Presets:
– Monochrome Grays
– Monochrome Tones
– Monochrome Vibrant Color
– Natural Grays
– Natural Tones
– Natural Vibrant Color
* Anti-Aliased Dithering
* Bottom-up Look Up Table
* Dynamic Range
* Local Contrast Adjustment
* OpenFrameworks, C++ & iPhone Support
* Adjustments for most image file formats.
* Randomized Mask Generator
What’s new in version 6:
* Presets:
– Transfer B&W
– Tones:
– Solarize
– Nebula
* New Presets:
– Warm Tones
– Fantasmagr
* High Dynamic Range:
– Auto Hdr Lite
– Instant Hdr
* Extract Tones:
– Color Tones
* HDR Tones:
– Vibrant Tones
* Dynamic Range:
– Black and White Split Toning
– Cross Processing
– Photo Kit Color Recovery: Filter Fix
– Manual Low or High Color Temperature
* Tone Adjust:
– Grayscale
– Grayscale Enhance
– Invert Colors
– Color Adjustment
* Nighttoning:
– Black and White Split Toning
– Cross Processing
* White Balance:
– Light Source
– Daylight
– Tungsten
* Blue Enhance:
– Blue and Violet
* Color Enhancing

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* This is the biggest and most feature-rich plug-in from PhotoKit Graphics
* All controls can be changed from the Basic panel, where you can also preview effects
* 14 different PhotoKit Color sets – choose the one you want
* Separate effects are shown in Photoshop’s image window, and act on the photo as if they were at the corners of a Photoshop layer
* In the Basic panel, you can access the property window to see and change the settings of the effect
* Includes two Photoshop 7 plug-in compatibility improvements – new actions for Recover Color and Recover Shadows make it easy to get the effects the way you want
* Powerful True Color LUT Virtual Backdrops are one of the most impressive features in PhotoKit Image Backs
* Supports 16-bit files
* Full 32-bit support
* Includes complementary full-color printed CD-Rom for helping you use PhotoKit Image Backs
* Ensures maximum plug-in stability
* Includes a 30-day trial and 10-day money back guarantee
* From PhotoKit Graphics

Professional photographer Richard Davis is one of the leading instructors and trainers in the world of Photoshop, having been at the forefront of the visual effects industry for over 10 years.
Richard’s comprehensive Photoshop training course focuses on improving the skills of Photoshop users by way of in-depth explanations, real-world practical examples and industry-standard labs. Participants using Photoshop, or looking to upgrade from previous versions, can expect to leave this course with a solid understanding of the core features of Photoshop 7, such as Basic Image Corrections, Image Manipulation, and the tools used to create and edit images.
Photoshop is an essential tool for any professional photographer, so it’s vital that all Photoshop users are suitably prepared for the challenges of image manipulation. This course is designed to take on board the best ideas and principles that this industry has to offer, and teach you the skills required to ensure that you’re ready for the Digital Photography Era.

Absolute Print Studio – Photo Kit 7.0 Description

Creating prints from digital images has never been easier thanks to Adobe’s innovative PhotoKit Kit.
The toolbox’s set of effects and tools not only offer a huge range of options, but it also includes a ton of features to optimise your workflow.
With this powerful suite of tools, you’ll be able to print photos with different effects, such as black and white or sepia. You can

PhotoKit Color Activator

Your beautiful, striking photographs deserve the same attention to color that photographers give their subjects. Adobe Photoshop offers a broad range of photo tools to enhance and correct color problems, but most of them are far too complex for everyday use. To help photographers address these problems and achieve their creative goals, PhotoKit Color has been created.
PhotoKit Color is a comprehensive suite of Photoshop plug-ins dedicated to providing a broad range of color correction tools. With PhotoKit Color you can recreate traditional effects such as black and white split toning, cross processing or negative retouching. It also allows you to enhance specific colors in your photographs, for example lightening skin tones or adding a more striking contrast to a sky. And it enables you to apply creative effects to your photographs in a really simple way.
PhotoKit Color has been designed for easy operation so that novice users can get to grips with it quickly and easily. Once you’ve installed it, simply choose the Automate Tools sub-menu under File then choose PhotoKit Color. A simple dialog then appears to let you choose which effect you want to use.
Easily choose which effect to use.
After clicking OK, the image will be edited, as shown in the image above.
Which effect you want to use is simple and quick to choose.
You can also use the tools in PhotoKit Color in the order you like, or select a group of tools and click Auto to make PhotoKit Color process them automatically.
Interactive In-Editor Help System
Photoshop’s standard help window can be a bit too complicated for you to understand what your tool does. The more you use Photoshop, the more you’ll want to know what your tools do. So PhotoKit Color uses a new help system with high-quality graphics to explain how the tools work. For example, you can click on the Toolbox to see the tools’ full names, descriptions, tool tips, and settings.
Color Correction Effects
PhotoKit Color is a Photoshop plug-in, so it integrates perfectly with Photoshop.
The first thing you can do with PhotoKit Color is to apply the tools to your photos. This opens a new Photoshop document to show your unprocessed image. Then simply choose any tool from the toolbox (which is on the right side of the image window) and press the green Magic wand icon (the one next to the white magic wand icon) to select your photo.
As soon as you click OK, PhotoKit Color will automatically perform the corrective actions for

What’s New In PhotoKit Color?

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements® 9 Plug-in
***For Mac users only***
The Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Plug-in for Photoshop CS2 and CS3 allows you to work with powerful graphic and Web features in Photoshop Elements 9, such as saving new image files in JPEG, TIFF or PSD format, manipulating the layer content and applying new elements. You can also open and edit files in a separate, integrated Elements workspace.
***For Mac users only***

Simple and Easy to Use
Simply load the Plug-in from within Photoshop, choose which Image Functions you would like to apply or create a new Image Region for the function to apply. Simply select the function you want to use, open the Image settings dialog and select the function or functions you wish to use then click OK. The results appear within Photoshop where the selected tools can be adjusted if necessary.

Easily applied
Most functions have been provided to allow quick and easy adjustments such as the Blue Enhance and RSA gray balance tools. There are also various other tools available such as: Black and White, PhotoKit Color, Sepia, Orange and ProPhoto. Simply choose the PhotoKit Color tool, select the tools you wish to use or create a new Image region for the desired effect and click OK. The results appear within Photoshop where the selected tools can be adjusted if necessary.

Simplified and Innovative
The plug-in has been simplified and streamlined. With the Mac version, you simply load the plug-in, choose which Image Functions you would like to apply and when you click OK the results appear in Photoshop where the selected tools can be adjusted if necessary.
The plug-in is also innovative, with some of the photo tools being able to directly work in the red, green and blue channels, or in the luminance and chrominance channels.
Please note that the plug-in is only available for the Mac versions of Photoshop Elements 9.
The Photoshop Elements 9 Plug-in cannot be used in the PC versions of Photoshop Elements 9 and Photohsotoshop.
PhotoKit Color Requirements:

4.0MB or 1.5GB of available hard disk space

Must have Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Photoshop Elements 9 Plug-in

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Plug-in for Photoshop CS2 and CS3 allows you to work with powerful graphic and Web features in Photoshop Elements 9, such as saving new image

System Requirements:

Average PC with 1GB of RAM will be adequate.
Mac users should check out the Mac version here.
Arrow Keys – Move
Z – Spawn
X – Spawn – Remove
Mouse – Interact
Space Bar – Player Menu
Installation Instructions:
Use a package manager to install the mod, such as the Nexus Mod Manager or the great Chocolatey.
Unzip the NMM-only archive file into your Fallout 4 install directory.
Change the permissions to executable