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Photoshop was released by Adobe Systems in 1994. In 1998, Adobe simplified and modernized Photoshop with an updated user interface.


Using the Help menu, you can access the Adobe Photoshop Help Center, which covers everything you need to know to work with your image.

The File menu is used to open documents that are stored on your hard drive, connect to a printer, and exit Photoshop. The Image menu can be used to read, write, and save image files.

The Open dialog box enables you to open files in Photoshop or specify a path, folder, or drive from which you want to load files. The Picture Menu lets you work with the pixels of an image in various ways.

The Layers menu lets you select, create, and manipulate pixels in an image. The Channels menu lets you work with color and tonal values in an image. The Edit menu gives you control over the appearance of images. You can work with the Layer Styles and Direct Selection tool to change the appearance of the pixels in an image. The Filter menu can be used to create and modify filters, and the Develop menu gives you control over the camera raw workflow.

Using the Clipboard, you can store pixels from the image you’re working with into a temporary buffer that can be pasted on a new layer, saved, or loaded into another image. The History menu lets you track where and when you’ve pasted pixels into the image you’re working on.

The Basic Navigation tools enable you to move, rotate, crop, and set the size of an image. The Select menu lets you select pixels from an image or create a selection box.

Using the Level Control and Curves dialog box, you can manipulate pixels and tonal values in an image.

The Paths menu allows you to control and create a path, which you can further edit using the Polygonal Lasso and Stroke tools.

The History menu lets you save and view old versions of your image.

The Perspective menu lets you align the edges of an image to determine the distance of an object.

The Quick Selection tool lets you quickly select pixels in an image. The Pen tool is used to draw an exact outline of an object or perform nondestructive selection.

The Zoom tool lets you magnify or

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Editor’s note: Learn the basics of Photoshop Elements here.

This article explores many of the little-known features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, such as filters, layers, color adjustment, filters and channels, HDR (high dynamic range), panorama stitching and more.

If you need professional-level images for your creative projects, and you want to do it yourself in Photoshop, you’ll learn:

How to apply and correct advanced corrections for your images with the Clarity, Local Adjustments, Eraser, and Liquify tools.

How to accurately control the exposure, contrast, saturation, colors and grayscale of images using Adjustment Layers, adjustment sliders and the Layer Adjustment functions.

How to adjust colors and contrast with the Curves and Color Curves tools.

How to filter your images using the various filter tools.

How to use the Brush tool to adjust colors, paint strokes or patterns.

How to save and optimize your images with a variety of advanced tool.

How to add complex or composite layers.

How to apply a number of different effects to images and videos.

How to group, organize and rename your image layers and files with the Layers Panel.

How to change the background color, text and other options on your images.

How to view, manage and adjust your image with the File Browser, Info panel and Layer Panel.

How to work with the clipboard and reuse tools to take your images to another application.

Here’s a brief overview of the main features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements that will help you more efficiently work with your files.

Use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the different tools, and take a look at the list of keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements here.

Adobe Photoshop overview

If you want to spend more time editing your images and working with your images, and you want to use Photoshop as your full-fledged graphic editing and image-editing tool, check out the tutorials or watch the training videos.

Adobe Photoshop Elements overview

If you want to start with a basic graphic editing and image-editing tool to quickly edit your images or create new images for social media or other sites, check out this Adobe Photoshop tutorial video.

Find a shortcut to remember:

The shortcut to access the Layers Panel in Photoshop is Alt + Ctrl + Y. To access

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I am currently setting up my C# program to open a file and print the contents into the console. What I want to do is to make it run in the system context.
I have tried to set the permission to Everyone group, but in Windows 7, it will always prompt an administrative permission to allow the program to open the file if there’s a security dialog.
I tried to allow UAC to run a program in the system context in the windows firewall but it seems that this will only allow a process to be run in the system context when a security dialog comes up and get closed. (Windows 7, C# and.NET 4)
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You can run your application elevated (as an administrator) through the Security tab of the application manifest.
Add a line like this to your application’s manifest:

System Requirements:

Windows XP 64bit
Windows Vista 64bit
Windows 7 64bit
Minimum of 4GB of system RAM (8GB recommended)
DVD drive is required for installation and setup.
DirectX 9.0c
AMD ATI Radeon 3200 Series or newer
NVidia nForce4 Ultra-160 (not required for non-display board versions)
Sound Card: DirectX9 compatible sound card (DirectSound or OpenAL)
Minimum of 3 GB of free disk space (5GB recommended)
Minimum of 2