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One of the best features of Photoshop CS6 is its _Photomerge_ feature. It creates a time-lapse photo that combines images based on their light and shadow values. You can use it to “lapse” images or create simple images from multiple photos.

After creating images using the basic tools (see Figure 7-7), you can copy and paste them into a Photoshop document (File Place), where they appear as layers on top of the image. This enables you to create and manipulate the layers or delete them. You can also apply effects to a single layer.

Figure 7-7. To create layers, make one image the active image, create a second image, and make it the active image. Copy and paste the images into a new Photoshop document, where they appear as layers on top of the image. From there, you can work with the layers, adjust any layers, or delete them.

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# Use Aperture for

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How to open an image file in Photoshop Elements (left) and Photoshop (right)

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.3 has a new camera RAW editor called Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) that lets you process photos while still retaining the professional look. Adobe describes ACR as “a smarter RAW editor.” In fact, it’s an excellent RAW editor that can edit RAW images from cameras including Canon, Nikon and Sony (but not the generic Canon/Nikon/Sony format).

You can import over 400 RAW image formats and export more than 100 image formats. RAW image file can be edited as usual, and non-RAW files will display the changes in ACR.

Here’s how to use ACR.

Step 1: Open an image

Open an image by clicking File > Open or from the taskbar or menu bar. If you are using Elements 2018 or later, go to Edit > Open to open the image in the new editor interface.

Adobe Camera Raw settings

Step 2: Use the standard Photoshop photo editor

If you have downloaded the standard Photoshop photo editor, you have everything you need to edit an image.

Standard Photoshop Photo Editor (Adobe Photoshop Elements)

The Adobe Camera Raw settings appear in the top left corner.

The menu bar has a new Shooting Settings menu where you can check the option to use the ACR settings.

The top toolbar has the tools that are useful to most photo editing.

To adjust an image, hold the Ctrl key, click the left or right arrow key to select an adjustment tool, or click and drag over the image and release.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform a standard Photoshop photo edit:

C key to crop an image

F key to fill an image

G key to brighten an image

I key to adjust image levels

K key to desaturate an image

M key to adjust the highlights

N key to adjust the shadows

O key to rotate an image

S key to sharpen an image

V key to change the white balance

/ key to increase the size of the image

% key to decrease the size of the image

Shift key to scale the image up or down

Ctrl+click to select an object

Ctrl+drag to select an area

Tutorial: Editing a RAW photo in Adobe Elements

Step 3: Apply

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How do I create a filterable list with ListView in Flutter

I want to create list that can filter records. Like this:
children: [
title: Text(‘Item1’),
onTap: () {},
title: Text(‘Item2’),
onTap: () {},
title: Text(‘Item3’),
onTap: () {},

Right now I just created ListTile that just shows the text. It is non-filterable.
How do I create a filterable list with ListView?


Add a Column widget in between your ListTile and ListView and add the FilterableList widget in between the column and the ListView, like this:
children: [
title: Text(‘Item1’),
onTap: () {},

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.1.0):

CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 3.2 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 950
Windows: 10 64-bit, 8GB+ RAM
Space for possible installation: 30 GB
How to install:
After downloading the installer, you need to run it and select the amount of RAM you have. The program will analyze your computer and after it will show you whether it is ready or not. If you see the green “Ready” button, you can install the program. If the button is