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# **Photoshop Layer Management** Photoshop gives you a number of tools to manage layers. This is the same as with other image editing programs. To display the Layers panel (Layers panel) and access the Layers panel’s tools, go to Window→Layers; see Figure 4-1. **Figure 4-1** Layers panel and tools **Figure 4-2** Options bar Some people have trouble distinguishing between the Layers and the Channels panel (introduced in Chapter 5); in fact, the layers and channels are very closely related. Therefore, when you select a layer in the Layers panel, you have access to the same options as the Channels panel. The main tools that are associated with the Layers panel are shown in Figure 4-2, as well as the Contexture (introduced in Chapter 5) and View options shown in Figure 4-3. As shown in Figure 4-2, a lot of the panel’s tools correspond to the image and mask adjustments in the Tool Options area of the Expert section. **Figure

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Although the document is about Photoshop Elements 2020, most of the information can be used by the beginner. You can use this guide to get up to speed on the basics of using Photoshop Elements, which are similar in some ways to using Photoshop. If you have not used Photoshop, it is a good idea to use the online tutorial from Adobe for beginners. Using the Adobe Photoshop Elements App There are two main ways to use Photoshop Elements 2020. To edit images (such as pictures) when you are not logged in to the internet. Connect to the internet if you want to access online help and tutorials, help files and to download software updates. To edit images (such as pictures) when you are not logged in to the internet. If you are working offline, you can use Photoshop Elements 2020 by opening the app from your computer. You can use the app whenever you have a network connection. You can also connect to the internet to get software updates and connect to the software help files. Connecting to the internet is easier if you sign in to your Adobe ID using a web browser on your computer or mobile device. If you do not have an Adobe ID you can still sign in using a new account or your Facebook account. The Adobe Photoshop Elements app is available for iOS devices, Android and Windows. If you have downloaded the Photoshop Elements app from the App Store or Google Play store, you can open it and connect to your Adobe ID, or you can log in as you did when you first installed the app. Photoshop Elements 2020 has an auto-detect network connection option. If the app detects that you are connected to the internet, it connects to Adobe servers. Photoshop Elements 2020 does not have a password for your Adobe ID. You can add a password to make it easier to access the app. You will be prompted to add a password when you first use the app. Using an Adobe ID You can also log in to Photoshop Elements 2020 using your existing Adobe ID. You can use the Adobe ID you used when you first registered for the software. If you are having problems using your existing Adobe ID, you can use the new ID you created when you installed Photoshop Elements. You can use the same Adobe ID for programs available in the Adobe Creative Cloud. How to Use Photoshop Elements 2020 General Open the app To open Photoshop Elements a681f4349e

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* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 * Mac OS X 10.9 or newer * Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10* Mac OS X 10.9 or newer * Linux. Warning: Do not play on an unstable connection. The current build is basically a WIP, please send bug reports to [email protected] Keybindings Map : Download Gamepad: Download Skip Intro: