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History Photoshop was designed by John Knoll in the 1990s. The initial version was developed for the Macintosh platform. The Macintosh version was released in 1991, with its first version being based on an Inter Plus workstation from Xerox. In 1992, Adobe released Version 1.0 of Photoshop on Macintosh computers and by 1994, the first Windows version was released. By 1996, Photoshop was sold for Macintosh, Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, and Mac OS 9. Early versions of Photoshop ran only on Macintosh computers and didn’t work on Windows computers at all. Photoshop can be licensed as a stand-alone system or purchased as part of a Photoshop Creative Suite package. The Creative Suite includes Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Touch. In 2007, Adobe introduced Photoshop CS6. The program was an overhaul of the previous version of Photoshop and made some significant upgrades. Photoshop was designed to work on 64-bit Windows 7 and it offers better performance and features than previous versions. Photoshop CS6, while designed to work on 64-bit Windows, still required a 32-bit compatible operating system, such as Windows XP or Vista. Photoshop CS6 also works on Apple Mac OS X, but only with a 32-bit compatible system. This makes it incompatible with Mac computers that are set up with a 64-bit processor. Photoshop CS6 also does not support Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Photoshop is a layer based editing system. It allows for non-destructive editing. It has a well-developed set of tools that allows users to quickly and easily manipulate photos or artwork. In particular, Photoshop has tools for pixel and color manipulation, image retouching, color correction, special effects creation, image creation, image masks, photo editing, converting from one format to another, image sizing and many more. In 2007, Adobe added a new feature that allowed users to create canvas art prints of their digital photographs. Digital Canvas is a print-on-demand service similar to a photo lab. The service also allows users to order photo books or postcards. Adobe provides Photoshop as a part of Photoshop Creative Suite, which has many advantages for professionals. These software programs are designed to work together and enable users to work efficiently and more quickly. Installation Adobe Photoshop CS6 includes about one-fifth of the Adobe Creative Suite tools which include Adobe Fireworks

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1. To apply the Clone Stamp, select the Stamp tool (it’s the Clone Stamp on the bottom toolbar). 2. You may need to click on the image before it is selected. 3. Click on a part of the image where you want to copy pixels. The Clone Stamp tool will appear above the image area. 4. To load a brush, click on Brush Icon. 5. Click on the Brush Icon again to use a brush. 6. Start painting by dragging the brush or pen tool across the image. 7. To change the color, click on the Colors tab. 8. To change the brush’s size, drag the bar on the bottom of the Brushes window. 9. To change the brush’s opacity, drag the Opacity bar on the top of the Brushes window. 10. To change the amount of blur applied to the brush, drag the Size slider on the bottom right of the Brushes window. 2. Save your work as *Files\2015\05\Pan\5-6\CG\MOBILE2.psd. Figure 5.21: Tweaking the Opacity in the brush You’ve seen that you can use the Brush or Pen tool to apply various effects to images. You can also use tools such as the Warp tool to change the look of images. In the following exercise, you will take an image, and you will use the Pen tool to apply a textured effect to the image. Figure 5.22: A textured effect using the Pen tool

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