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* To open a file in Photoshop, double-click on the image to open it from the desktop. Alternatively, you can select the image file and press the Ctrl key on your keyboard to open the image file. (Alternate computer keyboard layouts may have a Ctrl key that is labeled something different, such as Caps Lock or Control.)
* The File > Open dialog box is the main method for opening a file in Photoshop. The File > Open dialog box enables you to select a specific folder to look in, or you can browse your hard drive and select any file you want to open. You can easily save a version of your images to Photoshop’s desktop.

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Since Photoshop is Mac only, I had to move my favorite image editor, Snapseed, to iOS. After finding that you can download a copy of Snapseed on your iPhone, you may wonder why you’d even want to use Photoshop. The answer is simple: if you have an iPhone that is powerful enough to run Photoshop, then you should have the best image editor available to you, and that’s no one else but Photoshop. Furthermore, if you are like me and you love color, your iPhone isn’t the best tool for editing photos.

When you create images on iPhone or iPad, you’re limited to the Apple Camera or Photos app. There’s no way to manipulate your images in any way, so you’ll need to use Photoshop to edit images on your iPad or iPhone. You’ll notice I’ve written Photoshop instead of just Photoshop on your iPad. You’ll see why in a minute.

How to edit images on iPhone or iPad

If you want to use Photoshop for editing images on your iPhone, then you’ll need to download and install Photoshop in addition to Snapseed. To download Photoshop, visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Search for Photoshop Elements and install it.

Once you’ve installed the software, you’ll be guided through the setup wizard. On the next page, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Adobe ID and accept the terms and conditions.

You can also open Photoshop on the iPad by signing in to the Adobe ID on your phone and tapping the Photoshop icon under your name. You’ll then be able to start editing pictures.

When you open Photoshop on your iPhone, you’ll see a large workspace that resembles Photoshop on your PC. At the top left, you’ll see your smartphone’s screen. As you move your mouse around the screen, the iPhone will zoom into that position. When you’re finished, hit the Back button on the phone and you’ll be returned to your previous app.

Now you have Photoshop Elements on your iPhone. Let’s take a look at the basics of the software.

How to use Photoshop Elements on iPhone

Photoshop Elements 10, like Photoshop on PC, offers touch, gesture-based interactions. Photoshop on your PC also has touch controls, but they’re not as easy to

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3, and 4, respectively) increase in the $\eta$ coefficient with the increment of the crystallite volume fraction, with the latter reaching the maximum values around the phase transition point. Since both volume fraction and grain size increase with pressure in the transition pressure range, the calculated values for $\eta$ are the maximum values of the $\eta$ values in the two structural phases. $\eta$ increases more at the transition from the amorphous phase to the polycrystalline phase, then again from the polycrystalline phase to the monocrystalline phase. In other words, the transition from the amorphous phase to the polycrystalline phase is less directional than the reverse transition. This result is consistent with the finite-size effect on the density of states (DOS) obtained from the neutron scattering experiment. [@Kimura1]

The estimate of the pressure dependence of the N-VOST order parameter $\eta$ shown in Fig. \[eta\] is based on the observation of the amorphous-polycrystalline transition from the Raman scattering data on the in-situ pressure (dis)appearance of the structural orders in this study. In fact, the estimation of $\eta$ can be performed in any pressure range by Raman scattering or neutron scattering measurements in the amorphous and polycrystalline phases. As for the change in the ordering structure in the amorphous phase, it is expected that the amorphous-to-polycrystalline transition is less directional than the reverse transition. Figure \[cpmg\] shows the sound velocity c$_{pm}$ along both the \[10$\bar{1}$\] and \[110\] directions of the polycrystalline phase at $T$ = 140 K. According to the calculated values of c$_{pm}$(10$\bar{1}$) and c$_{pm}$(110), the polycrystalline structure changes from the c$_{pm}$(110) orientation to the c$_{pm}$(10$\bar{1}$) orientation at 6.2 GPa. Similar changes were also reported in the shock-compression experiments on V$_3$Al$_5$, [@Metoki; @V3Al5-2] but not observed in the shock-compression experiments on S$_3$Ni$_5$Al$_

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How to copy/move an MFC dialog?

I’d like to copy a dialog (specifically, a CEdit) from one dialog to another in the same project.
I know I can manually copy the contents of a dialog to another dialog. But I am working on a project with multiple dialogs and would prefer to have a single copy/move function. Unfortunately, I can’t find any documented way to do it.
When doing it manually, I am following these instructions.
Are there any other better ways? Examples of how to do it?


The xcopywindow and xmovewindow functions are what I think you are looking for.
For example, if you want to copy a CEdit into a CButton, you could use:
CEdit *copy = m_list_box.GetEditControl(0);
CButton *button = new CButton(btn_class_id);
// Copy the content of the edit control into the button control

// Now we need to set the text of the button control


// Now we need to restore the original control

// Release the button control
delete button;

Warning: This article contains explicit language and may not be suitable for all audiences.

The health care plan released by the Liberals last week had a “gender tax,” according to one physician who is studying the proposal.

In a piece published Tuesday, Dr. Mark Porter, the head of the maternity unit at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, suggested the proposed tax is one of many areas of the Liberal health plan that could disadvantage women.

“A mother will pay more, a father will pay less,” Porter writes.

But Porter said the proposal to tax “imputed household income” for children under six, is “extremely discriminatory” and would penalize “those who choose to parent.”

More from CBC’s Marketplace:

When the Liberals kicked off their campaign, they announced that they would tax the full cost of child care as a “tax on dads,” which would amount to $2,700 per child.

The plan, which was met with broad disapproval,

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: Windows 7 (64-bit)