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**It was a long time since it was last reported that Windows 8 Beta 1 was available. Then, the next thing we knew it went bye bye! Since its initial release, the beta has been moved to SKU 8945 and labelled as Windows 8 v2 Build 881 (Windows 8.1). The file size of the new release is almost the same as that of the last release and is a whopping 5.86GB. The main noticeable difference is that Windows 8.1 build 881 has been released and while the download link still goes to the Windows 8 SKU 8945 we also have the option of downloading the Windows 8.1 build 881. Please note that the Windows 8.1 build 881 is not yet updated. This article is simply a link to the Windows 8.1.ISO files. According to some folks, Windows 8.1 is a significant step forward for the operating system, but some still maintain Windows 8.1 does not bring any major changes. The reason for Windows 8.1 RTM is not yet known, but it has been rumored that it is to save Microsoft from criticism over slowing adoption of Windows 8. There are still no hints as to when Windows 8.1 RTM will be released. **Update 10-19-2013 As recently reported in another post – Ninite is back under new management and the new CEO, Karl Wiegers has made it clear that the new version of the great product will hit the community portal early next month! This new version will come with Windows 8.1 RTM as the “base” OS, a ton of OSs preinstalled, an unlimted number of applications and a special new feature! The fact that Ninite 2.0 will not be released on Christmas this year, but will be available early next month is good news for all those who love installing Windows 8, as all the major issues with the beta version of Windows 8 will hopefully be addressed! We all know how painful it can be to obtain the official release of Windows 8 from Microsoft. After all, it’s been almost 2 months since the official release of Windows 8 came around, and the initial beta release was released back in October. We’ve been waiting with bated breath to finally get our hands on the elusive Windows 8, but it turned out to be a lot worse than we expected. Windows 8 gave us such a hard time to install, that we’ve already

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How can you tell when a picture is made up of redundant data? It’s not always obvious. In fact, it’s extremely common for people to paste picture and adjust them, while forgetting that they changed something. This is why you should always pay close attention to the details before you send out an image to an online service, as your pictures are often considered as lossy data. That means, if a picture looks fine, it’s still not fine, and having the original resolution is a great way to recover a few megabytes of your hard disk. Find out how to reduce the size of pictures, to force them to act as if they were stored under the original resolution, and to increase the quality of an image while preserving the file size. Picture Resizer Torrent Download++ Picture Resizer For Windows 10 Crack++ is a free tool designed to open an image file and automatically find out the size of a picture while it’s being reduced in size. After that, you can save the picture with a new or existing name and with a given resolution, while preserving the original file size. It also performs various image adjustments, such as sharpening and contrast, in order to improve the appearance of the final picture. Snapshot Ninja is a handy utility designed to make a snapshot of a section of your screen in order to archive it and create a picture of the moment you took the snapshot of. Snapshot Ninja Features: The snapshot procedure is done in real time, which means that the image snaps will be saved directly into your desktop, ready to be pasted wherever you wish, without losing your place of work. The file type is.BMP, but you can also save it in any other type you wish. The actual file size is 30 KB. Snapshot Ninja is a very handy tool that helps you archive a section of the screen, so you can later use it to make a snapshot of a certain instance or moment. Quit Window Commando is a handy software program designed to provide you with the ability to terminate any open application at a specific time. Thanks to this handy software, you can organize the working day better and make sure you’re not being distracted, all while getting rid of the unwanted programs. You can also set the program to be launched automatically, whenever a particular time arrives. Quit Window Commando Features: Quit Window Commando is a handy program that can help you terminate unwanted applications on a specific time. Once the time you have chosen has reached, the program will launch automatically and terminate b7e8fdf5c8

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PhotoResizer brings the power of any image editor to a photo viewer. It allows you to have ultimate control over how images look after you convert them, including adjusting the color, sharpness, contrast and other properties. You can choose between three available cameras and two different resolutions for each, as well as between two different photos formats. You can adjust the quality of the image after conversion by applying some basic adjustments. It can help you to correct color from a photo, remove noise, run basic fixing (red eye, lens distortion, etc), reduce and even increase the size of the photo. Its toolbox features a huge selection of tools that enable you to do many different things with images. You can apply filters, change color, resize, crop, rotate, convert to various formats and much more. It enables you to remove the images background, change the size of the photo, etc. You can even apply some basic corrections to a single photo. You can even convert the photos in your computer to the desired size or format. You can even save a few photos in the desired size and format. So, PhotoResizer lets you adjust and see the appearance of the images after conversion. You can also convert the photos to various formats, such as gif, jpg, jpeg, etc. Most of the features are found in the toolbox and make PhotoResizer extremely powerful. You can check if the image will work on your device (e.g. phone) by seeing the image’s quality and format. The toolbox’s tools are also very helpful. PhotoResizer is a simple software that allows you to alter images and save them to the desired location. It features a selection of useful tools that you can use to change the appearance of the photos. It is also an easy to use application that you can use to change the appearance of photos. It has a simple to use interface. The software is compatible with multiple devices, such as Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, Mac or Android devices and more. It offers users a choice of several formats in which the photos can be saved. Flexible tool that can alter the appearance of images PhotoResizer is a pretty easy to use app that enables users to change the appearance of photos. It is a simple to use software tool with a selection of tools that you can use to edit images. The toolbox features a big selection of tools, such as filters, frames, resize, rotate,

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