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KeyMacro is a combination of macro and password generator. You can generate your own passwords, generate and record the most used combinations of characters, keys or keys/words and insert them on your documents.
To make your life easier you will be able to know which combinations you have already used, and how often you have used it, if you have not used it in the last couple of days.
Simple, intuitive and free, the macro generator is always there to help you remember new combinations for your documents.
To start, simply choose the type of password you would like to create, then select your preferences and it’s done.
The program will generate all the possible combinations for you. The next step is to save it in the encrypted text file, save the file name as a file name, and open the file in your favorite editor.
KeyMacro will insert your macro code on the document, together with the appropriate formatting that makes it look like the real thing.
Just open the file, click on Edit->Record and the new password will be automatically typed on the document.
The new password will be replaced every time you open it, but you can select to edit or ignore the content of the file and never again see the macro inside it.
One of the best parts of KeyMacro is that you can create different custom files for different lists of passwords and save them on your computer.
To do this, click on File->New Custom file, select the kind of file you want to create and then you can add as many passwords as you want.
The new passwords will be automatically typed on the document. Click on Edit->Recreate file and the file will be saved on your computer.
All the custom files created by you will be saved on the program’s default settings, and you can easily open any of them by double clicking the file.
With KeyMacro, you will be able to start your work with no worries.
KEYPCCHAIN Description:
KeyPCCHAIN is a password recovery tool that will try to remove the password you have typed on the computer.
You can choose from the file located in the program’s folder.
You can also include a text file in your last known password recovery attempt, or use your Dropbox to send the recovery file.
If you are already a member of a password recovery website, the program will connect to it to improve the process of password recovery.
KeyPCCHAIN has been made by d82f892c90

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An indian optimized keyboard Macro recorder. Keymacro can record the keys you press and then activate a macro by pressing the record button. The macros will be stored in either MS-Access or MS-Word, you can choose the format you want.
Keymacro allows you to speed up repetitive data entry by saving you lots of time typing. Keymacro makes your data entry more accurate, and saves you a lot of time.
“Full Features”
-Record single key presses (Full keyboard recording)
-Record one or more key presses repeatedly
-Record macros
-Assign macros
-Assign macros from predefined macros (Keymacro > Options > Macro From file)
-Change recorded macros (Keymacro > Options > Change and assign macros)
-Change the order of the macros (Keymacro > Options > Change and assign macros)
-Playback macros (Keymacro > Options > Playback macros)
-Save macros (Keymacro > Options > Save macros to file)
-Delete macros (Keymacro > Options > Delete macros from file)
-Change the number of key repeats (Keymacro > Options > Repeat macro)
-Press Macro button (Keymacro > Options > Press Macro button)
-Record changes (Keymacro > Options > Record changes)
-Undo/Redo macros (Keymacro > Options > Undo/redo macros)
-Print manual for options (Keymacro > Options > Print manual)
-Export macro file (Keymacro > Options > Export macro file)
-Import macro file (Keymacro > Options > Import macro file)
“Settings for Keyboard Macros”
-Record a press or hold of one or more keys
-Cancel key presses
-Mute all keys
-End key press
-Enable/Disable key repeats
-Change the delay between key presses
-Change the delay between key repeats
-Change the repeat count
-Show active macros
-Save options
-Stop recording
-Add key repeats
-Delete key repeats
-Delete macros
-Change the counter
-Change the last key pressed
-Change the delay
-Delete all macros
-Undo/redo macros
-Speed up your data entry: Enable/disable macros for common functions
-Add missing/missing function keys (F1-F24)
-Change the