Portable UC Password Recovery Download For Windows

With growing numbers of online accounts, it becomes difficult to memorize the credentials for all of them, particularly if you try to act responsible towards your own security and use different strings for each one.
As such, it is more than likely to forget them and find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to go through the tedious process of resetting your account. However, that is not the only solution, as you can also use Portable UC Password Recovery, a simple tool that can retrieve information stored by UC Browser.
No need to wait around for installation to finalize
An important advantage of this utility is the fact that you do not need to install in on your system in order to benefit from its functions, as you can just download and decompress the archive, then launch the executable.
At the same time, this means you can easily keep it with you at all times, on a USB stick or other such storage devices, running it on compatible PCs with no traces left on the host system when complete.
Regain access to your online accounts by viewing credentials stored in UC Browser
The process of retrieving your access credentials is quite simple and straightforward, with little left to the imagination, thanks to the rather basic user interface and the use of tooltips to guide you along, should you face any problem.
You need only launch the executable, and Portable UC Password Recovery should detect the corresponding data directory on your PC. If this does not happen, which it very well might, you can load it manually, as it is located in the Local folder, in AppData.
Clicking on the ‘Show Passwords’ button reveals the results and you can save them for future references in a TXT, HTML, CSV or XML format file, thanks to the ‘Report’ generating button. It should, however, be noted that only the items you permitted to be memorized by the browser will be displayed.
A standalone solution for credentials retrieval tasks
All things considered, Portable UC Password Recovery is a useful piece of software that you can resort to whenever you are unable to remember your username and password for a certain website, previously accessed from UC Browser, as it can reveal the information in just a few mouse clicks.







Portable UC Password Recovery With Registration Code (Latest)

Access passwords from UC Browser on a PC

All you need is the file, that is in this case the Portable UC Password Recovery, it will recognize the profile directory of your UC Browser account, if any, and extract from it a list of credentials of all sites you have had access to, if any.

The program’s utilities can be accessed by clicking the ‘Show Passwords’ button, which will open a list of all the stored credentials, just what you need.
It will display both text and HTML formats, as can be seen, along with the option of having it saved in a TXT, CSV, XML or HTML file, so you can transfer it to a friend or colleague, for example.
The program is very easy to use and you can run it by double clicking on the executable, which may be found in the download package’s subfolder, without having to follow any lengthy setup procedures.
Once it is running, you should be presented with a list of sites, with the username and password displayed in handy boxes, the last one of which will be highlighted.
You should not have any problem generating a report, although it will be limited to those accounts you have made use of in the past.
Portable UC Password Recovery is a great utility for just such problems. For better security, the program is very easy to use and the password database is so small that it can be stored on a flash drive or a USB stick, no matter how large it may be, so you can take it with you whenever you need it, and it won’t leave behind any traces on the host PC when complete.

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Portable UC Password Recovery Activation Code With Keygen Download

My CEO, well-known tech journalist, author and entrepreneur, worked hard to create this software. He was also been interested in data recovery for a while, therefore, he designed this software to get the cached password from UC Browser. You can use this software by just downloading and decompressing the archive, then launching the executable.
Portable UC Password Recovery is an application which allows you to retrieve the username and password that you have stored in the UC Browser. So it is very convenient to access the website where you are logged in using the UC Browser.

If the Password is not stored in the database, it will be stored in the cache. This is the case even if you force UC Browser to remember your password, which is not the case with HotSpot.
· Import passwords from the cache.
· Import of Microsoft Office Document.
· Download the text file (.txt)
· Download the HTML File
· Export to TXT
· Export to HTML
· Export to CSV
· Export to XML
· Export to PDF
· Import from Txt file
· Import from HTML file
· Import from DOCX
· Import from EML
· Import from DOC
· Import from PPT
· Import from PPTX
· Import from EPUB
· Import from ZIP
· Import from LST
· Import from PDB
· Import from XLS
· Import from XLSX
· Import from SST
· Import from SSTX
· Import from PDF
· Import from HTML
· Export to CSV
· Export to HTML
· Export to XML
· Export to PDF
· Export to TXT
· Import from CSV
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT
· Import from HTML
· Import from XML
· Import from TXT

Portable UC Password Recovery [April-2022]

With an ultra-lightweight architecture, Portable UC Password Recovery guarantees high performance, robustness and ease of use, thanks to the fact it does not make use of any additional components or external libraries.

UC Browser is a free mobile browser developed by UCWeb and distributed by China UnionPay, which offers some of the fastest mobile browsing speeds in the world. The browser is currently available on Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 and above, but is also compatible with other devices that support the UC Web platform.
UC Browser became one of the most popular mobile browsers in China in 2013, reaching a market share of 60 percent, according to ComScore. The standard feature set of the browser includes:

· Provides the ability to surf the Internet without a Wi-Fi connection, thanks to the UC Web SDK.
· Discover new content and social networks thanks to the Web RSS option.
· Optimizes the user’s browsing speed thanks to the PageSpeed module.
· Conveniently access your contacts and bookmarks thanks to the Favorite and Bookmarks modules.
· Seamlessly switch between websites thanks to SpeedTouch.
· With a total of 21 languages to choose from, you can easily access your favorite websites and content in a variety of different languages.
· Access your favorite websites without the need for a VPN thanks to the UCWeb Proxy on Demand module.
· Has both an official and an unofficial Android app, which lets you download mobile-optimized versions of websites and games without any mobile Internet restrictions, the most of the time.
· Has the native-like Stickers and GIFs modules.
· Supports more than 2,200 popular websites, including Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media platforms.
· Provides users with an ad-free experience and clean interface.

UC Web and UC Browser are trademarks of the China UnionPay.

A Web-based UC Browser cache file recovery solution

With a wide variety of features to choose from, it is highly recommended that you read this piece of writing first and then move to the Download link at the bottom of this page.

UC Browser creates cache files in order to save online data temporarily, but it can become a difficult habit to manage, if you find you are unable to access certain websites due to a broken or incomplete cache file. The good news is that you can use a tool to aid in the recovery of this file and restore the desired data, such as links to profiles, friends

What’s New In?

Portable UC Password Recovery

Portable UC Password Recovery

User Interface





Once you have set up your local installation of this tool, you can retrieve your online account information by using the simple and intuitive interface.


Once you have set up your local installation of this tool, you can retrieve your online account information by using the simple and intuitive interface.

No more waiting on time for seconds or minutes to be saved!

The process of browsing through passwords of important online accounts is always quite dull and tiresome, as you need to wait around for them to be saved, with the possibility of accidentally deleting them.
So, what if you can get that information in just a few clicks with just one program?
And what if you can put it on a USB stick so that you can access it at any other computer?
Well, if that is the case, then Portable UC Password Recovery should be the best of its kind.
As you can see from the interface, it will take you to the Login screen, which you will need to input your login details before proceeding to retrieve your saved passwords.
It should be noted that the process is quite straightforward and can be completed in no time, at least in the version that is compatible with Windows 7 and higher.
With that said, after you log in, you will need to select the account that you wish to retrieve information about, the place where you saved it, and the data format.
This will show you the details of the saved account, and you can also preview those passwords.
To save the information, simply click on the ‘Save Passwords’ button.
A general summary of the credentials will also be generated along with a file name and a clickable link to it.
And with that in mind, you can even create a folder where you can store all the information.
Since you can use this software on any other PC of the same family, you can store the location in a separate external storage device such as a USB memory stick.
In this way, you won’t be bothered by being unable to remember the correct setup for the account.
Make sure to extract all of the files into a folder of your choice, as Portable UC Password Recovery will not work properly if not.

Installing Portable UC Password Recovery is simple and straightforward

You will only need to download the


System Requirements For Portable UC Password Recovery:

* PC: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
* D-Pad is both used for movement and for the actions
* Gamepad is not required for movement, but it is required for the actions (which are typically not linked to the D-Pad)
* The game will not work with gamepads that are larger than 128×100. However, a gamepad will not be available in such cases.
* Gamepad support may be added if there is interest from the community (see “Up