Final Countdown is a small and handy Windows PC program that lets you schedule the PC to shutdown, restart, log off, sleep, hibernate, lock or work as a remote desktop system.
There is no setup required, so you can drop the executable file on any drive and simply run it. It does not have any additional installation required as well.
It offers a clean and intuitive interface, where you can define the shutdown time and custom settings.
By default, the countdown starts, however, you can turn it on or off and even pause it.
You can also create shortcuts to countdown schedules, select the countdown type you want, and choose a preset countdown.
You can set a custom volume, delay time, guest or anti-guest profiles, sound volume, theme and more.
Since there is no setup pack involved, you can move the executable file to a USB flash disk or similar device, to be able to run it on any PC with minimum effort and no prior installers.

Update Information:
Update for 2.0
New Functions
Added “Auto Shutdown” function, which runs a program or shuts down the computer when a designated time is reached.
Added option to “Pause before shutting down” and “Restart”.
Added option to change the user interface.
Added option to customize the countdown interval (Seconds, Minutes, Hours and Days).
Added option to turn “Power Settings” off.
Added option to show “Other Drives” in power options.
Added option to check or uncheck “Sound” in power options.
Added option to make the program hide itself when the system enters the sleep, hibernate, log off or lock state.
Added option to use Google Chrome or Firefox.
Added option to “Lock User” or “Guest” instead of “Lock Computer”.
Added option to make a countdown stop automatically when the system locks itself.
Added option to turn “Desktop Wallpaper” or “Picture” in power options.
Added option to make the program minimize to the system tray area.
Added option to make the program remember the last setting.
Added option to make the volume fade out when the power off countdown is stopped.
Added option to make the volume fade out when the countdown is paused.
Added option to change the shutdown type (shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, log off or lock).
Added option to not turn on the system when the power off countdown is restarted eea19f52d2

Introducing the PNG PSD Viewer is a simple program that allows you to view pictures in the PNG format with the ease of a Windows application.
The program displays images in such a way that no images can be confused for others. The program is quick and efficient and can be used in all major environments.
You can open up images with the help of the file browser and drag and drop method. The program allows you to zoom in and out, rotate images, change the duration of the slideshow and the background color. In addition, you can set the default slide interval, rotate images, set the default JPG quality and start and stop a slideshow.

PNG PSD Viewer Reviews

Daniel (posted January 09, 2019)

Works Perfectly

PNG PSD Viewer is a perfect tool, but unfortunately they seem to have very little on their site to help people out. How to’s, manuals, etc are very hard to find, which is a big let down for a free tool.
But it is a very good free image viewer which I will continue to use.

Mark (posted January 10, 2019)

Adobe Acrobat

A 10 out of 10 just for being Adobe Acrobat, without which there is no way I can open most PSD files.

Michael (posted February 09, 2019)

Great App

It’s great to have on my Mac, however, it will not open certain PSD files, which is very frustrating. Also, if I save an image without a.pdf extension, the extension is added. I’d prefer PNG.psd (but again not all PSD files will open in this way)

Reception of png psd viewer

Oct 22, 2018

Vivi B.

Developer Response

May 12, 2018

Hey Vivi,

Thanks for the review and feedback!

We would really appreciate if you could try to upload the problematic PSD files to a site, such as imageshack, where we would be able to take a look and find the problem. If the PSD files get opened in a way that the software can read, then we can analyze the issue and fix it.

This issue was resolved in the latest version of the software (2.0.0).

Thanks again for sharing the review!


Oct 22, 2018

Andrew N