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Program Toko Ipos 4.0 Full Crack


The Windows Program “” iPos4.exe doesn’t belong to any of the users on your computer.
On your own risk, you can delete ” IPOS.exe “” from the list of installed programs or try to delete it manually, that is, from the list of installed programs in the Microsoft Windows\Programs\[Personal Folders]\Toko\InterActions folder.

When the Program iPos4.exe executable file was installed:
07/09/2014, 20:00
1:01 AM

Please note that the Program iPos4.exe file appeared on the screen only once. This version of “Toko iPos” is not runnable.
This program is not related to any software that is in toko iPos 5.0.
This program was checked for viruses and malware.
The program “IPOS.exe” is not dangerous, and there are no known vulnerabilities or malware associated with this software.
The developer of this program does not officially offer support of this program.
Install and execute “IPOS.exe “” with trouble first to solve problems.
The application for Internet Explorer needs a Microsoft Internet Connector.
Internet Explorer Download Manager is an application by goToAssistance, a third party developer.
Internet Explorer Download Manager offers a free trial version, but for registration and full functional using you need to become a full member.
“Toko iPos” [Internet Explorer Download Manager] is a product of Toko Lifestyle Limited.
It was also checked for viruses and malware.
All programs installed in this folder are automatically detected and immediately removed.


2015-02-22: Version 4.0.4



2015-02-21: Version 4.0.3



2015-02-17: Version 4.0.2



2015-02-09: Version 4.0.1


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