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The report examines whether the U.S. Power Grids have met all obligations under the 2002 FERC Reliability Rules, including authority and use of Independent System Operators (ISO) to maintain reliability.

“Although the grid market was created pursuant to a 2003 FERC order, the market developed and matured, and ISO responsibility was assumed, over a span of more than 10 years prior to the effective date of the final [2002] rules. In order to promote market discipline and competition, FERC issued those rules,” the report says.

The rules say that while FERC will not overturn the results of competitive proceedings, FERC must ensure that certain requirements and policies are met before proceeding with other investigations or requiring compliance.

The report also discusses a “blackout in the Midwest” between December 6 and December 9, 2003. The scope of the outage was much narrower than the majority of the blackout states in the report.

“The purpose of the outage was to more clearly define and refine the primary frequency response capacity of the system, in order to ensure that the system is reliable. The most probable cause of the outage was the failure of a generator at the Bonneville Power Administration’s Truman Hydroelectric Project. This failure led to the loss of 1.8 gigawatts of non-emergency, load-following capacity, which normally serves the region by absorbing a three-fold increase in emergency load,” the report says.

The report notes that the Midwest blackout was a rare event and that the grid, as a whole, is “reliable and resilient.”

“On the basis of market and system designs, and the fact that FERC’s 2002 rules required compliance with the 2002 FERC Rules to be in place by February 17, 2003, the Commission has limited its review to investigate transactions executed on and after February 17, 2003,” the report says.

The report also suggests that FERC could also consider the effect of the Midwest blackout on grid resilience and costs.Attitude scales and the assessment of subjective symptoms in patients with bronchial asthma.
The results of a study on the reliability of a number of self-assessment instruments used in the clinical

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Enterprise file sharing platform from ProVide Serial Key
Web-based instant file sharing between team members
Secure FTP, FTPS, TFTP, SFTP and HTTPS secure connections with a reliable managed file transfer server
MFT, MFT extension, and other extensions with full support
Infinite file size limit per transfer, per session, and per user
MFT creation using standard FTP, FTPS, and SFTP protocols
Access to all data via a web-based secure interface
Option to manage and monitor shared data via a web interface
Web-based dashboard with easy-to-use controls
Block-by-block and file-level access controls
Can send email alerts to team members when files are transferred
Automatically send files via secure channels in the background

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Category:File transfer softwareImpaired renal dopamine but not angiotensin II receptors in rats with renal hypertension.
The present study was designed to test the possibility that angiotensin II or dopamine could increase the formation of inositol phosphates in the inner medulla and cortex of the rat kidney. Angiotensin II (1.8 mumol/l) increased [3H]inositol monophosphate (IP1) formation (29%) in medullary slices of normotensive rats in a dose-dependent manner. The stimulatory effect was potentiated by angiotensin II receptor antagonist DuP 753. In contrast, dopamine (1 mumol/l) did not significantly stimulate [3H]IP1 formation. The findings indicate that angiotensin II, acting through the AT1 receptors, can stimulate inositol phosphate formation in the renal medulla of normotensive rats and that dopamine, acting mainly through DA-1 receptors, does not. The results therefore suggest that the actions of angiotensin II or dopamine in the renal cortex differ from those in the medulla.Q:

Check battery level on Android

I’m writing a small app that should check the battery level on the phone.
At the moment I’m doing this:
final PowerManager pm = (PowerManager) getSystemService(Context.POWER_SERVICE);
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED, null);
Uri event = Uri.parse(”

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ProVide is a full featured multi-platform collaboration solution, especially designed to work both for teams and individuals. It’s a powerful tool for online teamwork, whether you share files or edit them collaboratively, it’s all possible with ProVide’s comprehensive solution.
ProVide Versions:

Go here for a demo


Google drive. I would suggest you use this.


Recursive Definition of a Representable Functor

I’m sure this is a simple question, but I’m working through some of the chapters of Representable Functors by H. Cartan and I don’t understand how or why a recursive definition is used in the proof of Theorem 5.5.2.
Let $T$ be a regular category. Suppose $F: T \to A$ is a representable functor, that is there exists an object $B$ in $T$ and a natural transformation $\eta: 1_B \Rightarrow F$ such that for all objects $a$ in $A$ the induced mapping $hom(a,F): hom(B,a) \to \textbf{Set}$ is naturally isomorphic to $hom(a,1)$. Then $F$ is isomorphic to $T(B,-)$.
$\textbf{Proof: }$
Let $F: T \to A$ be a representable functor. Let $p: B \to 1$ be the natural transformation defining $F$. Then $f: 1 \to F$ can be constructed as follows:
$f_X: 1 \to F(X), \text{ } x \mapsto F(1_x) = hom(X,X) \stackrel{F(\eta_X)^{ -1}}{\longrightarrow} hom(X,1_X) = hom(X,x)$
Thus there exists a functor $F: T \to A$ such that $p$ is natural.
Since $F$ is representable and $F(1_B) \simeq 1$, the natural transformation $\eta: 1_B \Rightarrow F$ can be constructed in a unique way.
Now if $a \in A$, $F(1_B) \simeq 1$, $

What’s New in the ProVide?

Note: This is very similar to SVN Repository in Windows.


Use VisualSVN Server and VS2010 Ultimate.


We use TortoiseSVN and Google Docs (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms). I am reluctant to give Google Drive permission for this feature as a safety precaution. We have rarely needed to share documents with the full public. What we have shared is usually shown to the members of the team using our own internal systems. It has worked well so far.

Spirited Is an Altered Reality 2014

Spirited Is an Altered Reality 2014

Spirited is an altered reality, a world I created for the design of a top-secret weapon.

My book was published in 2013. At that time, I had just released the final version of my Distant Worlds set. I was adjusting to life with a new son and a new job. I was caught up with the demands of a huge and growing project, learning to be a stay-at-home dad and trying to figure out a life for myself in my mid-thirties. In short, I was stressed.

One day I made some quick drawings for any and everything. I was just playing around with my mind for the sake of fun. One of the finished characters was this girl named Sylwia. I had her character representing the stressful world I was living in. I decided to adapt my new book to the state of mind I had been in, and in a moment, I created a story called “Spirited”.

The word “Spirited” has many meanings and interpretations. I was inspired to write this story about a girl, Sylwia, and her relationship with her father, Jakub. We have all been in stressful times of our lives, or of our parents’ lives. We all have lost someone to death. Most of us have encountered some sort of tragic event, something that has changed our world for a long time. We all have experienced stressful times.

I wrote “Spirited” as a story about a girl who decides to leave her parents’ home, “to go for a journey” on her own. She leaves her hometown and meets four strangers. The story begins as she experiences a violent storm that ends her relationship with her father. Her world is turned upside down.

She has many adventures, one of them takes

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10/Vista
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics card with 512 MB DirectX 11 hardware acceleration and support for Pixel Shader 4.0
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card with 24-bit sound output
Additional: Mouse, Keyboard, USB port