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A little over a week ago, I took some time out of my day to take a closer look at a new application that had appeared in the Mac App Store called Pwnsoft Launch. The application was written by Brian Wayne, a software engineer, and had a simplistic layout that wasn’t anything too exciting. When I was looking over the features of the application, however, I saw that one feature that caught my attention were the “Mac OS X Deep Freeze” and “Pwn back!” buttons.
Pwnback! was an application that I built a few years ago that would allow you to revert back to an older version of Mac OS X without completely reinstalling the operating system. The program made it simple to be able to download a previous version of OS X and simply reload the application that it had installed.
Pwnsoft Launch Description:

I just got a tip today that Pwnsoft Launch was for sale in the Mac App Store for $19.99. This application will allow you to launch multiple software from just one application, like many of us do on a daily basis. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see an app appear in the Mac App Store that is a simple application that has a feature that I will certainly use.
Pwnsoft Launch Description:

I had no idea that a Mac App Store was going to exist a few months ago, but now that a few months has passed, I wonder what sorts of apps will end up there. I just got a tip from a reader to review PwnSoft Launch on my site, so I took a look at the product and found it to be a simple application that is fun to use.
Pwnsoft Launch Description:

Ok… So here’s what happened….
A few weeks ago, I was walking around the New York City subway on my way to my train, I was to review an application called PwnSoft Launch that was published in the Mac App Store. As I searched for the application, I came across a website that was calling the application a “Pimp your Mac” application. That was enough to get my attention and I knew it was one of those applications that I needed to look at.
Pwnsoft Launch Description:

With the introduction of the Mac App Store, a new wave of applications and hardware has made its way into the Mac, but not all Macs are created equal. Some Macs are more powerful than others, while others can hold more hardware. Today, we�

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What if you could launch the programs that you want to use in your computer every day with just one shortcut? It’s now easy to do!
Pwnsoft Launch is a free application and it’s easy to use: You can launch multiple programs at once and change the command line parameters.

Main features:

* Drag and drop your program shortcuts from the Windows Explorer to the Pwnsoft Launch to launch them
* You can change or customize them through their Dialogs (For example: run or open the program with safe mode)
* You can type the parameters directly in the dialogs without searching the registry
* You can drag the program shortcuts back to Windows Explorer
* You can delete the files within the same group as you remove the application
* You can change the parameters from any program in any state (You can press F11 after any program is launched to see the parameters)
* You can pin Pwnsoft Launch to the taskbar, it won’t close when you press Alt+Tab

You can select the size and shape of your icons, and there are a lot of themes to choose from (the default one is included, just click the Add button to add a new theme)

During the installation, you will get two icons (named pwnsoftlaunch.exe and pwnsoftlaunch.exe.2), then you can uninstall these files if you do not need them

If your computer is infected by the CD-HLE.dll, or other malicious plugins, you can get rid of it with Pwnsoft Launch.

How To Install Pwnsoft Launch – (recommended)

– Install and launch the program (for every time that you want to launch a program, you only need to launch Pwnsoft Launch, no need to launch the Pwnsoft Launch application again)
– Click Add button, or you can click the “Get the Default Theme” button, to add a new theme
– Edit the parameters if you need to, by pressing F11 on any launched program
– Click “Place on the Taskbar” button and you can pin Pwnsoft Launch to the taskbar, so you can launch it as you open your computer with just a few clicks
– Uninstall any Pwnsoft Launch files, so Pwnsoft Launch is completely free

Also get the newest version of Pwnsoft Launch (Innovative Editor v2.1)

How To Install Pwnsoft Launch – (

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— Launch programs with one mouse click
— If you don’t want a program to start minimized, simply drag and drop it onto the launcher.
— Add your own programs to the list from right-click context menu.
— Launch from the desktop and the task bar.
— You can hide and show the launcher.
— The interface makes use of the new Windows 7 style. It looks great.
— The launcher doesn’t look like a normal Windows application.
— Install the Launcher on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista (v2.0).
— Launch from the desktop or the taskbar (Windows XP users must use Pwnsoft Launch DXT, click here to download it).
What’s new in Pwnsoft Launch?
— When launching from the desktop, you can now select which desktop you want to launch from.
— From the right-click context menu you can launch from the desktop, taskbar or the program launch icon (only on Windows 7).
— You can now remove icons from the launcher right-click context menu.
— The window is much more responsive in Windows 7.
— You can now control whether the icon for the running program is shown on the taskbar (only on Windows 7).
How to Install Pwnsoft Launch v2.0
1. Unzip the file from the zip package. You now have a Launch folder with one exe file.
2. Run Pwnsoft Launch.exe.
3. After you launch Pwnsoft Launch for the first time, you will see a splash screen.
4. From the program launcher, drag and drop any.exe or.dll that you want to launch.
5. To set the order in which programs will be launched, right-click the desktop.
6. To select a desktop, right-click the task bar.
7. To hide and show the launcher, click the “Show/Hide” button.
8. To remove an icon from the launcher, right-click the icon on the launcher and select “Remove”.
9. To reset the current launch order, right-click on the desktop and select “Reset launch order”.
10. To close the program launcher, click “Exit”.
How to Launch a Program with Pwnsoft Launch
1. On the Pwnsoft Launch’s Splash Screen, launch your

What’s New In Pwnsoft Launch?

For the longest time I been using a utility called CmdLauncher.
CmdLauncher has it’s purpose, but I find it’s interface to be a bit clunky.
I decided to create my own utility while still working on the same features as CmdLauncher, but with a new interface.

SplitDir.exe will concatenate a list of files or directories together and place each on a separate line on the command prompt.
SplitDir.exe Description:
SplitDir.exe will concatenate a list of files or directories together and place each on a separate line on the command prompt.
Once installed, each of the files or directories in the list will be concatenated to form a single line.

Image Editor is a full-featured 32bit and 64bit CLI/batch image editor.
Image Editor Description:
Image Editor is a full-featured 32bit and 64bit CLI/batch image editor.
It can edit any type of image files in the directories you can specify, and supports 16 and 32bit resolution.

LSE is a Linux based operating system which supports multiple flavors of Linux.
LSE is in development since 1999 by The LSE Project.
The main target is to improve The Lattice NetBSD by using NetBSD’s project.

Microsoft Office is a software suite published by Microsoft. It was first released in 1987 for DOS and provided the core functionality of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation, as well as email and database.
Version number:
Microsoft Office 2007
Office for Mac 2007
Office for Mac 2011
Office for Windows 7
Word for Mac 2007
Word for Windows 7
Office for iPhone 2007
Office for Mac 2011
Excel for Mac 2011
Excel for Windows 7
PDF for Mac 2007
PDF for Windows 7
PowerPoint for Mac 2007
PowerPoint for Windows 7
Outlook Express 2007
Outlook 2007
Publisher for Windows 7
PowerPoint 2007
Outlook 2007
Publisher for iPhone 2007
OneNote 2007
Access 2007
Publisher for Mac 2011
Publisher for Windows 7
Publisher for iPad 2007
Publisher for iPhone 2011
Publisher for Windows 8
Intellimouse Explorer 2007
Tablet PC 2007
Tablet PC 2011
Desktop PC 2007
Desktop PC 2011
InkJet Printing 2007
Tablet PC 2011
InkJet Printing

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System Requirements:

GPU: DirectX 11 Shader Model 3.0 with Version 1.0b or better
OS: Windows 7/Vista
Windows 7/Vista Processor:
Intel Core i3
Intel Core i5
Intel Core i7
AMD Phenom X3, X4, or X6
AMD Athlon X2, X3, X4, or X5
Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD Phenom X3, X