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Images can be obtained with great ease nowadays, especially since you can find a powerful camera in nearly all mobile devices, and even notebooks and laptops. Depending on the device used, you might not be able to make much of the output format, unless you rely on specialized applications like RawViewer for viewing and converting between various RAW and regular formats.
Comfortable view space and zoom controls
On a first note, the application saves you a great deal of time and effort required to go through a setup process, which means you have the liberty of directly deploying it on a thumb drive in case you want to use it as a picture viewer regardless of the computer you’re working on. However, you need to be sure that the target PC is fitted with .NET Framework.
In terms of style, the application doesn’t really come to impress, but the simplicity in the design makes accommodation a walk in the park. Most of the space is where you view the selected picture, while the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out for a better view. Unfortunately, you can only have one picture active at a time, but it is possible to open up multiple program instances.
File support and conversion options
As the name suggests, the application’s specialty is to allow comfortable viewing of RAW image formats, and support ranges from NV21, NV12, I420, YV12, and more, to YUYV, and YVYU. On the bright side of things, regular formats like BMP and JPG are also supported.
Several changes can be made to the style of the viewer, in terms of choosing a different background color. Moreover, it’s possible to decide whether the alpha layer is used at all, and if so, how it acts. Additionally, you can convert color values between YCbCr and RGB.
Last but not least, the application comes with a built-in converter to make RAW files a bit more accessible. Unlike viewing, however, the converter targets the content of an entire folder, so you might want to be careful on the source.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that RawViewer does manage to provide a comfortable set of features and decent support for RAW pictures. Conversion here is a plus, and even though viewing is done one picture at a time and there’s no real editing involved, it can be just what you need to make fresh captures easier to process.







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Viewing RAW images in a comfortable way that does not interrupt your workflow. Quick and easy converter. Simple, yet powerful.
As the name suggests, this piece of software is all about making it simple to view and edit RAW images in a way that does not disturb your workflow. Once installed and running, however, the application does offer you more than that. In fact, it is possible to view a single image, or a series of them, in a variety of ways, all without the need to edit anything.
If you have the whole folder open in the application, the user interface is minimalistic and simple, where the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out. On the bright side, you can disable all the background objects, making it a simple black field, one that will not make a mess of your desktop.
The built-in support is obviously pretty good, and offers you RAW formats like RAW, DNG, CR2, NEF, and more. Naturally, you will need a RAW converter to convert them to another format, so you will have to go for advanced applications like RawProSoft, which is a recommended download if you do not already have one.
Apart from that, you have the possibility to set up a different color to use as a background. What you do is either color the entire white section or just the corresponding area. It is all up to you.
The most important part of this application is that it can convert RAW files to various formats, so you can do one of the following operations: compress a file, have one of the tools open it, or export it to a web page or even a PDF. Simply choose from Compress, Open, and Export options.
To make things easier for you, the application does come with a converter itself. As a matter of fact, you can convert an entire folder of RAW files to a more sensible format. Nevertheless, be careful with the folders you use because it will only deal with the contents.
RawViewer Pros:
– Quick and easy conversion
– Simple and customizable user interface
– Optional conversion
– Simple and powerful tools
– Several supported formats
– High compatibility
– Editing is allowed
– Rich support
RawViewer Cons:
– Basic tools
– Basic conversion
RawViewer with comparison:
How the applications differ:
In short, the use of a list is what makes the difference here. To begin with, you can use this application to view images, or you

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RawViewer Download With Full Crack is a powerful tool designed to assist you in viewing, converting, and editing your RAW image. It supports all the popular RAW formats. Load RAW file easily. You may choose to view RAW image directly or convert RAW file to any other format.You may also trim the frame to the exact area, resize the image size, rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise, adjust the color, and much more.
This application works only on Windows system. Once you open the application, you will see the RAW Viewer main window.
Popular RAW image format supported:

RawViewer Free Registration Code

A website search for “raw image viewer” brings up many promising results, but it’s hard to find something like RawViewer in the list. The problem is that the application offers a host of useful features, not that it’s not useful by itself.
Basically, RawViewer is a free application that allows you to easily inspect images in the RAW format, in order to find the type of lens and camera you’re using, as well as the processing applied. Additionally, as a converter, it’s capable of converting images from the RAW format to JPG and other common files, as well as converting the YCbCr color format to RGB. A good point, and one that makes the software as useful as the operation it performs.
The application is fully free and can be found here:
Why we love it:
Among the many tools that exist for previewing images in the RAW format, RawViewer stands out as the one that offers the most flexible operation. Viewing an image is easy and, most of all, it’s quick, since the conversion engine is extremely efficient.
The interface also comes with a neat and intuitive design, something that is rarely seen in other products of this category. The top screen displays the picture itself, while the bottom offers a menu with all the basic features. These include the choice of converting the image, and choosing between viewing and printing options. To end with
We should point out that RawViewer also supports pictures in other formats, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, and PNG. It is also possible to create thumbnails of the files, and to process multiple images at the same time.

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TravelMate Installer

Making use of a Safari extension is a fairly straightforward process, although if you’re completely new to these applications, you might have some concerns that this is a barrier that might be inhibiting you from browsing the Internet freely. Thankfully, this is not the case, as the extension comes with a fairly straightforward installer, and even though it might look rather un-Safari-like, it actually contains a couple of options that are very practical in real life situations.

Although the installation of the TravelMate extension is fairly smooth, you should make sure that the Safari that you’re using has

System Requirements For RawViewer:

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual-Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3470 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 260
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 500 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Keyboard and mouse controls are required
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