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Dear Visitor,

PLEASE NOTE: On July 23rd, 2015, at approximately 9:30am EDT, we will be performing a scheduled game update that will increase the honor level requirements for the following three titles:

The Elden Ring

Titan Souls

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

You will notice that you will be required to pass a set number of honor checks after the update to access this title. The number of honor checks vary depending on your honor level and your active account country. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to monitor any unread notification message or email regarding your account.

The following countries will have honor checks available: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Finland.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Huge Swamp / Ivory Tower Co., Ltd.

Show HN: I built a random playlist generator. Try it out: – davidw

Hi, the service I’ve built is It takes a list of YouTube thumbnails and generates a random playlist of 10 videos, 1 from each thumbnail, for you to listen to. I just finished it last week, so it’s pretty rough.

(I couldn’t find a way to link to it from a thumbnail, so I’ve added it here.)

Thanks for reading. David
I’d be interested in something like this, but for iTunes. I could imagine
someone wanting to make a random set of playlists they could listen to at a
party, but I don’t know if the quality would be good enough to trust on
someone else’s system to make playlists.

It would probably be easier to make playlists yourself with iTunes or Spotify
or whatever you want, and then use this for an index into those playlists that
you could give to people.



Features Key:

  • Large Character Creation – Create a new, unique character with over 100 pieces of equipment and the equippable 14 armor pieces that can be equipped. Among these items, powerful items, such as swords, that can achieve great offensive power, and armor that confers high defense and strategic strength, are also available.
  • Large World with a Variety of Dungeons – With the game world that includes a variety of open fields as well as numerous dungeons, there is a ton of things to discover. Even if you spend your time on a single character, the variety of Dungeons will have you playing numerous times, and you can enjoy the unforgettable encounters that you won’t forget.
  • Wide Range of Skills and Abilities – Stand to the side of the story of the Lands Between with various skills and magical ability that are supported by an incredibly detailed system of Evo arts. The number of abilities greatly expands the breadth of possibilities so that no matter what kind of strategy you want to use, you can do so.
  • Pulsating Adventure – Overcome a variety of battles with 4 types of techniques to finish off your foes in combat. You can also perform Evos alongside them to break through their defense. Your choice becomes endless, so choose your move, and bring forth your play style.Q:

    VHDL dropping rows from table

    I’m trying to store data in a table in VHDL but am getting a bunch of errors. I’m using Synopsys Design Compiler 12.1.
    Submitted with -mcode -o tbtest.hs.txt. Incorrectly designed stm32f500mcube.c

    I have tried stripping the redundant line
    for i in student_id to start;

    for i in 1 to student_id-1;

    for i in 1 to -1;

    but it is still error. If any other suggestions, let me know.


    TITLE test design for iterative collection variables
    — Synopsys VCS Log File for project tbtest
    — FileName: stm32f500mcube.c
    — CreatedBy: zulvee
    — Date: 2017
    — Copyright: Copyright (c) 2017, Zulvee
    — Project:


    Elden Ring Crack + For Windows


    Description on IDOG Cafe about ELDEN RING game:

    The tale of a man who is forsaken by the world, but destined for greatness. The unsung hero will face his fate.

    Traitor, the name of this man is.

    To his friends and family, he is known as the brother who is turned away by the world.

    A loyal savior to his fallen comrades, he has taken up their lost cause and left them behind.

    What’s his story?

    Over the course of his countless, lonely days, he has caught the eerie feeling that he was being watched.

    Fearing that it may be only a delusion, he begins to tell himself a story.

    To the hero who found his path.

    “The man has not forgotten his friends. He has not forgotten us. The friend is the hero, and the hero shall save the friend!”

    An ancient legend has returned, and the man has been called.

    “Take up the fallen sword, and be a light for the world. Awaken the fallen hero.”

    * Available in Japan


    What would you like to see in an ELDEN RING game?

    Fans of the world where humanity is struggling against supernatural forces, and the elements of adventure, fantasy, and RPG are known for its great value.

    Don’t you wish you could immerse yourself in that world of RPGs?

    How about it?

    Give your thoughts to IDOG Cafe’s community, and we will do our best to create an ELDEN RING game worthy of your expectations.

    We truly hope that you enjoy it!

    How to obtain the game:

    You will receive the game in English (JP) with the title “ELDEN RING,” as well as “The Legend of the Ages” for “ANCIENT LEGEND – ELDEN RING” (Single Fire Unit) in the fifth Light Platinum Campaign.

    *Delivery includes the following:

    – Light Platinum Campaign “ELDEN RING”

    – Light Platinum Campaign “ANCIENT LEGEND – ELDEN RING” (Single Fire Unit)

    – The legend of the ages

    – Add-On “The Legend of the Ages”

    * The title “ELDEN RING” is only available for the Japanese


    Elden Ring Crack License Keygen For Windows

    Epic story of an epic adventure.

    Your play style determines how you will advance. Set upon an epic journey in a vast world.

    A world so vast that it is beyond measure.

    Explore and adventure with a variety of compelling and fascinating characters.

    An epic tale and drama where multiple stories intersect in the Lands Between.

    Faced with choices that can lead to different paths, determine your fate and choose wisely.

    An epic adventure in an incredible world.

    A world that is beyond our understanding…


    The Lands Between

    What is your destiny?

    Being equipped with the wisdom of a divine title, how will you choose the path of destiny before you?

    A world that is beyond our understanding…

    Adventure, Excitement, and Dazzling World

    Explore the vast world of the Lands Between.

    A world beyond understanding.

    A vast world that invites exploration.

    A world that beckons the adventurer.

    A vast world that is beyond measure.

    A world that is unique and constantly changing with every revelation of its mysteries.

    A large continent with a variety of environments, from the bustling city, to the great forest, to the desolate wasteland…

    The Land of Aard

    Sparked by an unknown force, the Land of Aard was born from the great continent, creating a completely unique environment.

    A land where the ancient evils remain.

    A land where the great evils remain.

    A land surrounded by great dangers.

    A land that is filled with monsters and mysteries.

    A land that is filled with mysteries.

    A land of great history.

    A land where a great legend still lingers.

    A land of great history.

    A land where a great legend still lingers.

    A land where a great legend still lingers.

    A land filled with ancient dungeons.

    A land filled with ancient dungeons.

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    A land full of awesome monsters.

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    A land full of awesome monsters.

    A land full of awesome monsters.

    A land full of awesome monsters.

    A land full of awesome monsters.


    What’s new:

    When The Elden Ring Reaches Kickstarter Page screenshot

    Read more…tag: Williams on Beyond: Two Souls and failure of The Last Guardian
    Ashton Williams on Beyond: Two Souls and failure of The Last Guardian

    It’s no easy thing to make a deal with the devil, but it’s still “quite normal” to fail at Beyond.

    The lost robot boy required “quite a bit of thinking” while playing The Last Guardian. But did they ”


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    Guardians’ Day: Decades from now, humanity has been forced underground by a millennia-long ice age. An army known as the Forgotten is in control of the surface world, but threats lurking in their shadows are beginning to emerge. As the populace grows ever more concerned, citizens are mobilizing to seek the truth behind the Great Forgetting. In this game of survival, choose your hero wisely… and grow exponentially in power as you evolve your skills and take control of the world.

    Aquatic life soars as the Tide of War descends on the Town of Orto in Bretonnia! By the Light of the Falling Sun, all hope seems lost. Only a chosen few are brave enough to plumb the depths of the sea, forging dark and deadly creatures that will do all they can to reclaim their ancestral home. Fisherman, crafter, or craven… the choice is yours as you become a Dark Hero… fighting to preserve the world as it is!

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    Using multiple grep on single line and an unknown number of files

    I have some code like below:
    grep -E \
    “.*\([OBJECT ID=]{6}\)\[(.*)\]{32}\[(.*)\]{32}\[(.*)\].*” \
    log \
    log.txt \

    The purpose is to search for a given log line and return the log file and the partially matching log line – whatever is inside.


    System Requirements:

    PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Mac: macOS 10.7 or higher
    iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: iOS 9 or higher
    Android: 4.4 or higher
    Samsung and LG Smart TVs: High-definition built-in; resolution: at least 720p
    LG, Sony, and Panasonic Blu-ray players: High-definition built-in; resolution: at least 1080p
    Apple TV: High-definition built-in; resolution: at least 720p


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