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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 3533 votes )
Update (13 days ago)




Taken from the official website.

■ Features

1. The most comprehensive MMORPG

With a total of 10,000,000 square meters to the Lands Between, it is the largest world in an MMORPG.

■ Over 30,000 NPC Characters

You can now play in the world of a fantasy with over 30,000 NPC characters!

■ Customized Balancing

Customized balancing for each class is performed upon the release of the game.

■ 100+ Units

A total of 100 units, including different jobs, are ready to use!

■ Over 100,000 Roles

Over 100,000 roles are ready to use, including a variety of weapons, armor, and magic!

■ Over 10,000 Skills

Over 10,000 skills, including all class skills, are ready to use!

■ Six Unique Classes

You can enjoy the classless play of a fantasy action RPG while taking on the role of a class to challenge the game!

■ Hundreds of Dungeons

Customized dungeons are opened in the Lands Between, and our team develops and revamps dungeons according to your play style.

■ Guaranteed Allure

The game guarantees an alluring story that will leave you satisfied.

■ MMO Elements with Fantasy Stepping

It is an MMO fantasy with a high fantasy atmosphere and RPG elements.

■ Unique Player Occupation and Full of Joy

Combine the gameplay and battle system that are filled with a high fantasy atmosphere and an MMO element to create a player occupation that is truly different!

■ Release with the 2D Graphics

Now you can enjoy an MMORPG that you have always wanted in the 2D graphics that are connected with a high fantasy atmosphere.

■ Evolving Class System

The class system evolves to a classless system that allows you to enjoy the fantasy without an obstruction.

■ Expandable Map World

The map world expands in the progression of the game. It is full of dynamic and diverse maps and awaits your curiosity.

■ All-new dungeon

We guarantee that you will be able to see the latest dungeons that our team is developing.

■ Online Play That Loosely Connects You to Others

Online play is more enjoyable as you can feel the excitement of others while at the same time maintaining a distance.

2. Featuring the same “W


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 3533 votes )
Update (13 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Full 24 Player online Multiplayer!
    Play together with other players in real-time or asynchronously in the same world.
    You can configure the number of opposing players, and your computer can automatically accept the game if it is out of the way.
  • World of Imagination
    Forge your own adventures and scenes with the graphics engine of the Wild West. Hundreds of legendary weapons and magical spells can be placed in the valleys, deserts, mountains, coves, and swamps.
  • Theatrical Challenges
    You can solve challenges and defeat foes by your own means. Defeat the enemy leader, and you can even set your own stage!
  • Epic Battles and Hand-to-Hand Combat
    In the world of Elden Ring, you will face dramatic battles, epic wars, and harsh realities in the heart of the desert, in the misty valleys, or in the lakes of the Plains.
  • And finally…
    You can change the fate of the Lands Between by changing the philosophy of the Lords. Rise as the savior of the Elden Ring, or…

    Q: What games are the game-in-developmented based on?

    I had worked on mobile game Seker En Pusu with the help of various game studios. I gathered together the members of the four studios and it took us 3 years to develop it.
    I worked with the Auras engine from Square Enix which most people know. I redesigned the factory menu and added the “Elden Ring” regional domain system.
    I got a call from Nintendo’s senior director of life-simulation development \"Hi Miyamoto-san, as a life simulation game for 11-year-olds, can I develop it??". I was heavily influenced by it. I really wanted to play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It was fun creating the girl character and the fight scenes were great. The work environment in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands was in a huge forest, and it is very easy to get lost.
    I am


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    “High-quality graphics and awesome aesthetic.”
    “An in-depth scenario and a rich story.”
    “I also wish the game had RPG elements like Player Leveling.”
    “And this is a great game!”
    “A well-developed story with beautiful graphics.”
    “Decent difficulty curve”
    “Highly recommended to play.”
    “A very recommended game.”
    Please subscribe to our channel because we will share all kinds of great games to you and keep you updated on the latest happenings.
    Please subscribe to our channel because we will share all kinds of great games to you and keep you updated on the latest happenings.

    Roel Ganle
    Twitter: @RoelGanle

    In this video, I teach the game Imitation Island, a retro-style action-adventure platformer from 2016. The goal is to explore an island while unspoiled environments and a narrative focus add to the appeal of the game. The core mechanics are not that special, as most of the game involves platforming through forests, caves and underground passageways, being careful to avoid traps and obstacles. However, the setting is strikingly gorgeous and the way it conveys a story and atmosphere is very successful. Our hero, Jack, is a curious but lonely boy, who reaches the island on a boat in a storm and slowly sinks into the depths. He is able to swim and reach an island, but he is unable to leave the island. The environment is so lonely and eerie that it strikes a perfect musical chord, calming Jack down. We get to know him and why he is there. The setting feels incredibly true, and the story is very touching, even though the game is not that emotional.
    Gameplay wise, the game is similar to Zelda. There are various items and items that must be found and collected in order to progress in the game. While the gameplay formula is obvious, it does not get boring as the game offers a fairly engaging and engaging set of puzzles. Some parts


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    Map screen:


    Map screen:


    Map screen:


    The Darkness is Eternal.

    A new threat from the darkness of the darklands has been detected. Prepare for “The Darkness is Eternal”.





    Create a Tarnished Soul!

    In “Tarnished Soul”, you will collect the souls of the Darklands and complete the ritual of creating a Tarnished Soul.

    A Tarnished Soul is a magical power that can be found in the Lands Between. It has the power to tap into the magic of all known fields. It was used to summon the awakening of the Darkland, and is the source of all the destruction and eternal suffering that comes from it.

    The power of the Tarnished Soul is only possible by summoning up to three other Souls, and is activated by tapping the Soul of Light, which you receive by completing “Life and Death” as an immortal Soul.

    In “Tarnished Soul”, you will collect the Souls of the Darklands and complete the ritual of creating a Tarnished Soul.


    Perform the ritual, no matter the cost.

    ※ To obtain the ritual items, you will need to complete the quests through buying the ritual items at the “Ritual Shop” NPC.

    Ritual item price:

    1-5 Ritual items: 2,500 silver

    6-12 Ritual items: 4,000 silver

    13-15 Ritual items: 5,000 silver

    ※ You can share the Ritual items with other players if you choose. However, sharing a Ritual item does not increase your shareable potential.


    Soul of Light

    Soul of Darkness

    Soul of Moonlight

    Soul of Sun

    Soul of Forest

    Soul of Mountains

    Soul of Seas

    Soul of Ruins

    Soul of Ruins

    Soul of Ruins

    Soul of Dawn

    Soul of Night

    Soul of Moon

    Soul of Dusk

    Soul of Dawn

    Soul of Night

    Soul of Dusk

    Soul of Dawn

    Soul of Night


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    1320Omar Chaparro – 61, Costa Rica


    On January 23, 2013, at 3:53 a.m.,
    Omar Chaparro, 61, of Costa Rica, died of renal failure. He was surrounded
    by his family and a long line of loved ones.

    Born in San José, Costa Rica, Omar
    had a career as a manicurist. He had five children, three from a previous
    marriage and two with his current wife. He worked at the Convención
    Mercado until he retired. His one passion was his children and grandchildren.Value


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    Kajal Nigam and Charmian Carr have released ‘Biography’ of their earlier film Nila Nimantran

    The producer duo of ‘Nila Nimantran’ released a short statement: “We just released the biography of our 2011 debut film ‘Nila Nimantran’ to present the small world of a newcomer Kajal Nigam. Even in the initial stages of Nila, while we were just thinking and conceptualising, we already knew that a long film about a girl on her journey to self-discovery was what it needed to be. We are glad to share this with the people and hope it will give you a better insight into the film.”

    Nila Nimantran was released in 2011 and faced mixed reviews at the box-office. Reviewing the film, Ashok Shyam has said that, “You have only one heroine and two actors who definitely belong to a different generation of cinema. Both actors try their best but director duo has a tough battle ahead. Nila Nimantran is definitely incomplete and could have been a really great film if they had polished the rough edges.”,1999:blog-2656672113668410303.post3148481217956143938..comments2015-03-03T07:14:45.324-05:00Comments on Welcome To My Mommy Blog: Downsize : Mini Laptop Bag on the Cheapkentinklute


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    No, this is not supported in general, and the struts2-mono project specifically says that it is not supported:

    This project is dedicated to the Mono (Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows) platform. It includes a struts2-mono that was derived from struts2 from version 1.3.1

    As for the benefits of this:

    Make my trunk/production application available to Mac users

    There is not one. This is a noble cause, but I would suggest that Mac users don’t use mono on principle. A more appropriate solution for that would be to create a native Mac version of your app.


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