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The storyline of the “Elden Ring” begins 250 years ago with a golden ring that, when worn by the wearer, could call upon the power of the Elden Elves. In that ring, the people of the Elden Elves had bestowed upon themselves the power of the Elden Ring. In the present, however, the ring had vanished, and with it the power to summon the Elves had vanished too.

Players who complete the story of the main game for the first time and reach the 100th chapter will become future story servants. After character creation, you will find a call from “The Elden Elves.” If you accept the call, you will be sent to an internet server to complete the story.

If you reach the 100th chapter in a “Tarnished” state, you will appear before an Elder who will offer to you the chance to start a new story. By starting the new story, the two of you will both be “Tarnished” and thus be able to take part in a new story.

It was an age of peace in the Lands Between. For the first time in 250 years, the Elves and the Dwarves lived in harmony and shared everything in common. Each day would find them in the forests, in the mountains, in the snow, or in the steaming jungles, or in the large, beautiful plains. With their hearts filled with joy, they were happy, and each day would find them awakening with excitement for the day to come.

The peace was troubled by a new evil. In the past, the Elves and the Dwarves had worked together to form a number of vast fortresses. These were now causing problems for the Elves. One that no one had expected to happen was the appearance of the Demon, a hideous beast that made the Elves tremble. They could only run and hide from its evil. They were completely unprepared for the Demon’s appearance, and it changed the history of the Lands Between forever, turning the Dwarves and the Elves into bitter enemies.

Characters or xA’s

※ Official TOS Website

[Character Creation]



[Skill List]

01. Swiftness

02. Leap

03. Dodge

04. Block

05. Cast Fireball

06. Various: Select “Level” and “


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique Battle System
  • A battle system that condenses the graphics of the original Legend of Mana and Legend of Dragoon into a simple, seamless battle.

    • Various Attacks

    A variety of combat attacks are at your command.
    • Special Attacks Available for Powerful Enemies
    Damage the enemy with a special attack and experience the heat of battle.
    • Destructive Attacks and Close Quests

    A special attack that deals great damage to heavily armored enemies.
    A special attack for purifying the altar.
    • Crafting

    Sell or sell your items and acquire equipment, weapons, and magic at shops. Equip and strengthen up for a challenge!

    • Unlocks System

    Meteor, Recall, Space, and Hard Mode are unlocked when you reach the respective level in the single-player story mode.

    Eidolon system

    A system that directly connects to other players’ gaming environments.

    • Eidolon System in Other Worlds

    A system that allows you to experience a land unique to the other player’s character by traveling around their world with your own character.

    A design that offers a method for you to receive events from other players while staying inside your own game world.

    • A Link with the Complete Game

    An information field that keeps updated with the latest changes, events, and quests from the other players of the franchise.

    Terracotta Warrior system

    An increasing collection of new challenges that will take you up the ranks from silver to gold to platinum.

    • Leveling and Earning Points

    As you perform actions in dungeons and within the game world, your character will increase in levels through various quests; the level will increase your ability to earn points.

    • Unlock Special System


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    Claw Have It A Wolf full is a long running Baldur’s Gate style game in which the player is a tiefling and can choose to play a half-elf character who, like Baldur’s Gate, is a drow/elf hybrid.

    The player is forced to play a game full of ‘full frontal nudity’.

    Funny how Amazon made this game by mistake… if you know what I mean.


    Happy New Year 2018. As I had the time to play and review some games this year, they are listed here. You find something you like?


    1. Questing (Regular price 4.99, sale price 1.49, € 2.49, € 3.35)

    A very well made game of RPG maker, with great music, a very dark atmosphere and the graphics are close to the appearance of Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. You play as a human rescued from a dying plane by a mysterious elf woman with an unpleasant personality. He is then forced to rescue the elf princess being held by a group of orcs! The elf princess is being captured by the hunter king of Orgrimmar, and he offers the player some gold coins and a teleport ring in order to do that. It’s up to the player to choose the right course and help the elf princess. The interface is good, but nothing special.

    2. Velikon (Regular price 5.99, sale price 3.25, € 5.44, € 7.55)

    An excellent JRPG about a young girl who travels in a land called Velikon, while her father is on a mission to save the world. The graphics are kind of ugly, but that doesn’t bother me. The story and gameplay are excellent, with a dark atmosphere, hard battles and interesting decisions. The music also has a good quality. On top of that, the developers are trying to expand the game with improvements in 2018.

    3. Red Faction (Regular price 7.99, sale price 6.99, € 9.99, € 11.95)

    An interesting idea that I must say has been implemented in a good way. It has a fantastic atmosphere and graphics, the gameplay is excellent and it has a


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    The original fantasy RPG where you interact with the world and other players in an online environment.

    1. FATE

    (Marvelous Co., Ltd.)


    Fate is a free-to-play and cross-platform MMO RPG from Marvelous in which players venture into a vast fantasy world and battle other players in a high-speed battle action game.

    Fate’s battle action gameplay blends together the original fantasy RPG experience and the best elements of hardcore fighting games. Players can freely create their own character that they can customize with a wide variety of equipment, and battle via turn-based RPG combat.

    In Fate, there are two ways to battle: in “Free Battle” mode, players can take part in randomly generated battles. On the other hand, “Normal Battle” mode allows players to play against their friends using information shared via the social network.

    As players gain EXP (Experience) through battling, skills can be evolved. The skills developed in this way can be used in combat, and even in the field of social networking, to support their friends.

    In Fate, players can play together with their friends on a global scale via the global social network, and battle with them. Fate’s multiplayer game allows for co-op gameplay via online, and players can also enjoy “Fate Offline” online play via the global social network.


    ・Free Battle: In “Free Battle” mode, players can take part in battles and win EXP and equipment that can be used in the field of normal battle. In “Normal Battle” mode, you can play with your friends via the global social network.

    ・Global Social Network: Gain EXP and through battling with others, obtain items, and earn S-rank equipment via shared information on the global social network.

    ・Two Factions: The world is split into the “Celestial Faction” and the “Elden Faction.”

    ・Battle Action Game: Players can freely create their own characters and develop them through skills, and battle with other players from around the world in battles via turn-based turn-based combat.

    ・Official Server: Players can battle together with their friends on the official servers.

    ・Official Map: With “Fate Star Online,” players can battle using official maps. With the expansion of the game’s map


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    3- You will see a window “Set-up Dream Console 2”

    4- Select your region (North America, Europe or Australia)

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    What’s New in ELDEN RING For Windows.

    11 June 2017 Update :


    New door effect

    Card deck effect

    New music and sound effects

    New system music

    New home page animation

    New wall animation

    New castel animation

    New tileset

    New inventory animation

    New special animation for animation wheel

    New player icon

    New dedicated icon on the map

    New ELDEN’S items

    New editor layout

    New configuration panel

    New map paning

    New maps

    New storage system

    New profile list

    Added new megaupload provider


    Add language in game and program


    How To Crack:

  • Run the downloaded setup file.
    • Click ‘I Agree’ if the pop-up window asks for permission to run the software.
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    System Requirements:

    • Minimum:
      • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit only) and Windows 8 (64-bit only)
    • Recommended:
      • Windows 7 (64-bit only) and Windows 8 (64-bit only)
    • Processor: Pentium III 600 MHz, AMD Athlon 2200+ or higher
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Video Card: 32 MB VRAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D 10-compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: 9.0c compatible
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection, sound card, microphone and speakers
    • Sound: Win32 Sound API compatible

    To activate the product key, please connect Internet.

    You may need to upgrade the DirectX version. If a DirectX version update is available, download the latest version, register and reinstall the software.

    What’s New:

    • From the menu, you can now select the setting that connects to the Steam Community.
    • The character’s first time through the Port of Abydos will now have an experience filter, which means your actions during that playing time are easier to understand.

    Key Features


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    How to install:
    *Download the files from this page to your computer.
    *Run the installer from your Desktop.
    *Click through the installation process.
    *The game will open when the install is complete.
    IMPORTANT: A hard disk is necessary to play the game. The game does not support a
    CD/DVD-ROM drive.
    Q: I installed the game and I get an error.
    A: Please see


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