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Elden Ring is a fantasy-action role-playing game in which you create your own character to challenge other players in the Lands Between.
In this game, you can readily enjoy battles against monsters, skillfully use a variety of weapons, and solve various quests. The game has a combination of an online collaboration feature, where you can directly connect with other players, as well as a unique asynchronous online feature. You also have the freedom to build your own character according to your play style and develop your character according to your own preference.


■ Features
■ Character Creation
Character creation system.
– 2 races: Gryphon and Dragon.
– 4 gender options.
– Over 100 skills.
– 8 different classes.
– Advanced job data.
– Clothing system.
– Disguise system.
– 5 races: Gryphon, Dragon, Worm, Demon, Warrior.
Each race has 4 genders.
– Over 100 skills.
– Advanced job data.
– Artistic expression system.
– Clothes of the 8 classes.
– Disguise system.
– Traits.
– Aging system.
– Clothes.
– Customization system.
– Adornments.
■ Operations
Operations: To use the operations system, the game has an over-the-top graphical interface.
– Over-the-top graphical interface.
– Support for Chinese and English languages.
– Support for Japanese language.
– Previous DLC content, such as DLC that added new quests, can be installed.
– Support for console.
– Support for title update.
– Support for various data upgrades.
■ Embedded Database
An embedded database.
– Auto saving in the data.
■ In-game cash.
– Purchase content with in-game cash.
– Support for the virtual


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character increases With Advancing Levels 
    The character level-up system allows you to increase the likelihood of success when clearing dungeons, find stronger enemies and discover stronger spells and weapons.

  • Life-Saving System With AVOX 
    In order to escape from dangerous encounters with wolves and monsters, use the AVOX menu to save the world and yourself. You can use this system anytime that a wolf or a monster is attacking and use it to call for help and seek protection from wizards or soldiers.
  • Perfectly Balanced and Groundbreaking Development System 
    In the development process we have thoroughly considered how to improve the game. From information on the reception of each feature that is tried in practice, we have gotten valuable feedback on the issues that come up and learned what problems we need to rectify. We have made deep decisions from every position, implementing numerous systems that we believe will turn out well. We have made changes we think are suitable for this title and we are looking forward to receiving feedback.
  • Excellent RPG Character Growth Presentation 
    Strength: Attack power
    Resistance: Defense power
    Magic: Ability to manipulate the magic
    Defense: Enemy defense etc.
  • Select Your own Path from the Beginning
    Difficult decisions to decide the path from the beginning which appears to be the “right path” to the player can excite you! In the game, you are the master of your actions and your own mysterious power.
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    has been updated.

    Rise has been updated.

    Wed, 25 Feb 2018 10:16:42 +0000’s update has come!

    The basic story is the following. You are a young girl named Raine. Raine lives in a village


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    • Fantasy Drama
    A multilayered story that is split into five episodes, each with an original and unique story. The game itself is about the game, and is a fantasy drama with an endless world and an endless story.

    • Online Action
    A detailed and responsive action RPG that combines online and offline play. Action RPGs have a multiplayer feature in their DNA, but the action in Elden Ring is synchronized in real-time, so during online play, it is possible to directly connect with another player’s character.

    • Fantasy World
    An open world fantasy world full of adventures and events where multiple adventure paths branch off in an open and vast world. With large-scale dungeons, each of which is a huge puzzle, you are challenged to think out of the box to beat the challenges.

    • Gritty Graffiti that Pierces the Eyes
    A grim setting where the past and present have collided. As a begrimed artist, a scene depicting “Elid” appears in the background. The past is fundamentally destroyed and the city may never be what it once was.

    • Calm Pond
    A sweet, laid-back atmosphere with positive music. When you spend a relaxing day in the resort town of Pelimion, you will be able to regain your spirits from the challenges you have gone through.

    As promised, we are going to finally talk about the system here.
    While this game is described by a model of RA, we’ve decided to put the emphasis on the aspect of Roleplaying, rather than the aspect of Collaboration. This is because we want to focus on roleplaying as it is, and not as it is often applied to this type of game.
    You may be wondering why we decided to take this approach? Let me explain.
    Social Action Roleplaying is an in-game game where you can interact with other players (i.e. collaborate on the same map), which usually comes with issues regarding real-time management. For example, if we put the emphasis on cooperation, even if the players are strangers, then we end up having to ask all of them to work in real-time, which becomes very burdensome. This is what made us decide to push towards roleplaying rather than collaboration.
    Another problem we had was the place of the GM. The GM needs to be in charge of what happens in the game and the flow of the story. By having multiple people collaborate on the same


    What’s new:

    Dive into its peaceful and lush plains, change the country’s culture, and build up a strong military.
    • The Country’s History: A New History
    The future: an obscure country in the Lands Between, a country composed of only the Eldan Empire who relocated here from elsewhere. The description is a new history in which the festival atmosphere of the past becomes the serious and dark atmosphere of the future.
    • A Strange Country: Wealthy, but with a Darker Past
    To regain its national pride, the country decided to return to feudal ages through a political power game.
    • World Leaders: Fascinating Politicians
    In a feudal society where lords have their own territories, fighting for a political power game between the nobility is a complex dynamic involving various political figures.
    • An Epic Drama: A New Story from a Multilayered Script
    An epic drama in which each parallel story intersects, a story in which the various thoughts of the characters coexist.
    • Special Story: A Special Drama
    There is a story that only the heroes that are in the story know. A story that led them to the fate they have at the present time, and to a country that is initially unfamiliar to them. 《Eternal Isles》 Campaign ‘The New Fantasy Action RPG
    • A Rich Game Experience: New and Comfortable Game Mechanics
    A switch game with features you can experience in other RPGs.

    ■ Features ■
    Test your combat skills and complete quests to fight against powerful monsters and earn treasure.
    Making world
    A vivid world full of exciting and chaotic actions that you can freely explore, experience with your own sense of purpose.
    Loyal team
    Play alongside a new and dynamic party of heroes, who have their own goals, thoughts, and views of life and death.
    Customize your party
    Equip a party of up to five members and develop them through different challenges.
    Travel while protecting the head of your party and explore the world, defeating monsters


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