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The creation of the Elden Ring Torrent Download was the result of a collective effort by an enormous number of people. Please note that the Elden Ring does not represent any particular person, corporation or company.

※ As you progress in the Elden Ring Game, you receive rewards such as weapons and armor sets as your rank increases. However, the levels of some items may differ depending on the server you use.
※ Also, weapons obtained during the game will not be shared with other players. Please pay careful attention when using weapons in an environment where PvP (Player-vs-Player) is possible. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
※ In the event of a “server restructure,” the contents of your inventory may be lost.
※ In the event of a “server restart” during an online game, you will lose your current game state and be dropped into a game map without the knowledge of where you may have been playing.
※ In the event of a “server restart,” you may lose your current game state and be dropped into a game map without the knowledge of where you may have been playing.
※ If the game server crashes, it will be difficult to reconnect.
※ In the event that a part of the game becomes unplayable due to technical difficulties, we will promptly seek a solution to bring it back to normal.

The game of the Elden Ring is a long-term game where server restarts occur regularly and periodically. We ask for your understanding in regard to the “server restart” and “game server crash.”
※ We ask for your understanding and patience regarding the possibility that the game server may be restarted or the game map reset due to an online match ending.
※ Game servers will be automatically reset in the event of a strong attack on the game server, and the game map will be reset.
※ We ask for your understanding of these circumstances.
※ When the game server is restarted, please try to reconnect to the new server as soon as possible.
※ We will tell you when and where the game server is restarting.

※ On the HOME menu, you will be able to re-download the game to play again.
※ Please note that when you download the game again, it will not be as updated as you currently are on the server.

※ When the server


Features Key:

  • An Epic Drama in Three Acts
  • A Machinery of Your Delightful Righteousness
  • The Dirty Fight – The True Way to Nobility
  • A Spectacular Powerful Play Style
  • Merry Christmas, everyone!


    The tutorial is placed in a top-down view to show you an overview of the game by dividing the screen into four areas.

    Tarnished;01 Tarnished;02


    The world is a wide space with open fields, but it starts narrow and ends deep. Such a meagre world that remembers your own body after taking a sudden leap.

    The character named ushio, shiki, and their friend Yukizome know of this fact. At the request of their friend who wants to explore it, they set out on a journey to find out what lies far, far away.

    Character Creation



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    “I can hardly believe that I was just playing a demo of this game for the first time. It is all the things that I want in a fantasy action RPG: deep, interesting, exciting battles against multiple types of enemies and bosses, with moments of breathtaking beauty.”

    “An action RPG that I want to play again and again and have fun.”

    “In a world where there is much unnecessary hate, this game takes a refreshing approach and I’m excited to play more of it.”

    “I would like to play more of this game.”


    “The recently announced Elden Ring Crack For Windows game is one of the most ambitious games that has been released in recent times, and that is why this review deserves to be as long as it is.”

    “Tarnished provides an exceptional experience for the genre that can only be compared to the works of the Final Fantasy series.”

    “This game is the masterpiece of the genre.”

    “Tarnished possesses the same sense of freedom as a JRPG, but it has no boundaries that restrict the player and provides a much deeper experience in the form of a complex story and enormous battles.”

    “I am officially converted to a Tarnished fan.”

    “I don’t know how many people play action RPGs in my generation, but this is the first time that I am playing one of them. It is also my first time ever playing an action game with a turn-based battle system, and the game is giving me even more fun than I thought it would.”

    “The magic that they used to create such a work is an amazing talent.”

    “Tarnished is one of the most important titles released in recent times. The fantastical and action RPG genre is often limited to the imagination of game designers, but Tarnished is taking things to a whole new level.”

    “The best fantasy game in years.”

    “Tarnished is a masterpiece.”

    “Tarnished is one of the most important titles released in recent years.”

    “Tarnished is one of the greatest fantasy games.”


    Elden Ring Download For Windows

    Play as an Elden, the leader of the a new fantasy action RPG in the Lands Between. With this game, an epic drama that will sweep you up, you will begin your quest to become an Elden Lord by struggling with the rise, tarnished, and coming back to your ideal state in the Elder Ring.
    • Rise System
    By using a system wherein characters are evaluated on their own merits, you will be guided to an ideal state by coming back to the Lands Between.
    • Legacy of the Dragons
    Generation after generation, the legacy of dragons began to fade away. The Elden Ring protected those who call themselves the heirs of the dragons, and a civil war broke out between the left-wing supporters and the right-wing supporters.
    • Enis Reorve
    Wake the anger of the dragon and destroy the left-wing supporters, but know that there are ten thousand left-wing supporters more than you in the Elder Ring.
    • Legend Lives On
    A sin wave caused by the rebels killed the dragon curse that had been kept safe by the Elden Ring, and a mysterious wave of misfortune began to strike the Lands Between. The Lands Between that is full of good and bad will once again be preserved.
    • Dreamless Demon
    A dreamless demon appeared. Because the demon was able to enter the dreams of many people, he will return where he came from.

    In order to avoid being tainted by the sin wave of the earlier generation, you may be tempted by sin wave. By making decisions, you will be able to change your fate. The future that you will choose may change forever.
    • Fortune System
    Fate has decided your path, but you can always change the course of your fate.
    • The Soul Searcher
    With the knowledge of the Lands Between, you will be able to travel everywhere by seeing the dreams of others.
    • Pleasure System
    Through you, many people will be brought into pleasure.
    • Increase in Experience
    By learning the knowledge of the Lands Between, you will become more experienced in the field.
    – The ‘tarnished’ status within the game is based on the trading card game “Gacha”. When you participate in events, you may receive cards such as ‘fate’, ‘luck’ and others. By spending these cards on the ‘tarnish’ system,


    What’s new:

    PlayStation 4
    Xbox One
    Limited Edition (physical version of the game)
    Original Soundtrack CD (in English)
    Original Art WorkCD (in English)
    Original Soundtrack, original art work, etc.

    Official Website:>

    Get ready for some epic battles!
    Demons and humans clash!
    An epic drama born from a myth!
    Develop and rise to become the lord of the rings!

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    1. Download the game file
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    ————————-:elden ring RANKINGS HIGHLIGHT:———————————
    There are other player rankings, and it will be updated periodically on WPS Office.
    – Player rankings are displayed along with the game menu.
    – The higher the ranking, the more EXP you will earn, and the higher your level will be.
    – The game will also be adjusted so that players with high levels are given priority in battling, and all players are forced to attack under certain circumstances.
    – You can see your own player ranking.
    – You can see other player’s rankings.
    – You can promote to a higher rank.
    – You can demote to a lower rank.
    ————————-:elden ring MANAGER HIGHLIGHT:———————————
    The game manager enables you to obtain more items for your equipment.
    – When you have obtained certain items, you can increase the level of the equipment.
    – You can change the level of equipment through the manager, and you can change the amount of damage and healing through it.
    – After leveling your equipment, there are “recipes” to craft items that you may need such as healing items, weapon items, set items, etc.
    – Some of the recipes do not work for equipment of certain ranks.
    – You can check the item recipes to learn what kind of weapons or set items are needed to make recipes.
    – You can check the details of the item recipes and add them to the equipment of your own, in order to increase the level of the equipment.
    ————————-:elden ring CREDIT:———————————
    This game uses some of the work of Implements of an ELDEN ADMIN,
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