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Elder Scrolls Legends, a free-to-play digital TCG, offers exciting, fast-paced gameplay, customizable cards, and access to special events with new cards and game content added regularly.

• Experience A Unique TCG Game Design
In Elder Scrolls Legends, you play a character that belongs to the current generation of Elder Scrolls: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, or Elder Scrolls: Arena. You can play the game with the classics, the latest released game (added to the Arena mode), or cards from future releases as well. You can also create your own character or choose from one of five pre-made classes such as: Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Rogue, and Ranger.

• Choose from an Array of Supportive Characters to Tandem
Character Rotation allows you to play your favorite characters while rotating away from your exhausted teammates.

• Choose from the Full Classes of Cards to Customize Your Gameplay Style
Collect and customize your entire collection of cards to build your deck.

• Choose From a Wide Array of Epic Gameplay Options
Duel, PvP, or Casual? You can duel your opponents head-to-head, challenge other players to a pub duel, or play in a casual party game.

• Direct Connect with Thousands of Players to Chat and Discuss the Game
All interactions and communications can be done in-game without the need to log into the game’s website.

Press Contacts:
Elder Scrolls Legends –


System Requirements:
Architecture: x64
Memory: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: 300MB
Internet Connection: Broadband connection

App Store:

Google Play:

Official Site:


Features Key:

  • Simple, fun combat with free interaction between combat and non-combat actions.
  • Solitaire gameplay that allows all players to enjoy an instant fight.
  • Huge maps that allow you to freely travel.
  • Effortless and easy location by logging in to a browser.
  • Additional features:

    • Time-motioning battles
    • Regeneration items and aura.
    • Artificial Intelligence mode (AI).
    • Hard Factor.

    Content Schedule:

    • The first three chapters are already released, and the fourth one will be out this summer.
    • Character Creation is going on.
    • Game items (starting value) and battle contents have been revealed.
    • The enemy monsters and environment have been completed, and the number of enemies will decrease as the game progress.
    • Guide for beginners as well as those who know the game is temporarily available.

    Platforms of Prowlers:

    • PlayStation 4
      * releases the game on August 5, 2015 at the PlayStation Store
      * requires UPlay

    PlayStation Network and
    U Play Features:

    • PlayStation Plus
    • PlayStation Plus: 1 Year Played and 1 Year Use
    • “Favorite Games” Trade-in and Giveaway, Free Trial, Surprise Box, and more
    • U Play Offers Items that Save Money and Money Back

    The Story So Far

    “While you were away, who werewolves formed a group, and their leader was the one who came to rescue [you].”
    — what


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    – A- A Living Landscape

    “A living, three-dimensional world.”

    – Strategy for Everyone

    “A remarkable strategy game where you can enjoy a lively battle and see the scenery at the same time.”

    – Fusion of Immersion and Excitement

    “I want to devote a full day to fight in this game.”

    – Ridiculously Fun

    “A fun and very well-designed game.”

    – Risky with Just the Right Amount of Reward

    “A great, easy-to-learn game for people who have never played strategy games before.”

    – A New Adventure

    “A truly unique RPG.”

    – Powerful Tools

    “A full adventure filled with cool items and a world to explore.”

    – Diligent Selection

    “The options for customization are many.”

    – Giving Room to Learn

    “People will be able to enjoy this game for a long time.”

    – Learning to Comprehend Various Dimensions

    “It’s difficult to grasp at first, but you’ll grow to love it.”

    – Has a Good Sense of Humor

    “It has a sense of humor unlike any other game.”

    – Filled with Secret Gems

    “You’ll find many secrets to discover.”

    – A Handy System of Progress

    “It’s easy to teach your friends to play this game.”

    – Wonder at the World Wide Web

    “I would like to make friends on the Internet.”

    – A Deft Sense of Control

    “You can freely shift your attention.”

    – Awaits You With a Flawless Game Balancing

    “Complexity in an appropriate range, a simple and appropriate game.”

    – A Unique Game Development Model

    “A story about a fantasy world that’s developed specifically for the smartphone.”

    – The Art of Passion

    “No matter how many hours I’ve spent in the game, I always want to experience more.”

    – A


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    ▶Characters and Classes

    The game revolves around the main character and his party. You determine which of the seven classes you choose: Fighter, Mystic, Mage, Holy, Dragoon, Thief or Ninja. This determines your degree of character development as you will grow with the character’s level. There are also many other secondary stats that you can raise. Let’s get acquainted with the seven classes:

    ▶1 Fighter

    The Fighter is a balanced main character who attacks with a variety of weapons and skills, including a bow, a blade, and a shield.

    ☆ Main Class Skill: Player Makes a Gathering Technique

    You have the ability to make special attacks by gathering from a variety of different plants in the world. This allows you to deal damage in a style that is appropriate to the battle. The class can learn a variety of skills. Let’s learn the skills available to the Fighter class:

    • Blade

    • Blade

    Defend yourself using the Blade, a sword that can cut through the opponent’s weaknesses.

    • Blade


    ▶2 Mystic

    The Mystic is a party member who specializes in healing, and uses a variety of healing techniques and skills.

    ☆ Main Class Skill: First Aid

    By creating the first aid skill, you are able to treat your party members’ wounds, and you can make a key effect when you heal the highest-ranked ally.

    • Healing

    Allows you to heal the party members.

    • First Aid

    • Heal

    • Recuperate

    • Skill Mastery

    • Unity

    The Mystic can learn various skills, some of which can even heal the leader. Let’s learn the skills available to the Mystic class:

    • Heal

    • Heal Shrapnel

    Heal the player’s party as a support skill, a unique skill that deals a certain amount of damage to a specific area. It will start at the player’s position and deals damage to the surrounding enemies.

    • Healing

    • Unity

    The Unity spell is an AoE healing spell that heals a wide range of enemies.

    • Spell Mastery

    • Unity

    • Heal Shrapnel

    • Unity


    ▶3 Mage

    The Mage is a versatile class that uses magic to attack, heal, and defend. The Mage


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Ys Net logo and the Rising Goddess logo are trademarks of
    Yasumi-Soft USA.

    The logo of Byakko-sha Corporation (TEC,
    KOSMOS, COSMOS, and so on) is a trademark of the
    Yasumi-Soft USA.

    COSMOS uses either the Java or C# programming language as
    a means of coding and compiling source code.
    Please refer to the
    accompanying license for details.Erich Zimmermann

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    Key Features:

    An epic drama that intertwines the various events of the main characters in the Lands Between.

    Unique online connections that allow you to see what other players are doing.

    Create your own character and work hard to defeat difficult enemies and monsters.

    To play at a good level you will have to face several challenges.Menu

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    1. An Apple Macintosh computer with a DVD-ROM drive, an Apple mouse, and Microsoft
    Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT operating system.
    2. 300 MB of free hard disk space available.
    3. A broadband connection to the Internet.
    4. Minimum system requirements:
    You must use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the
    Minimum system requirements:
    You must use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view