REPACK Elden Ring Crack [v 1.02 + DLC] For PC




The action RPG of Elden Ring. You are Tarnished, who was a half-man, half-elf that raised in the central city, and is now about to leave the city for the first time. With your trusty companion, Denduria, on your side, take on the rest of the world together. The world of Elden Ring is one that defies description. A vast world that can be seen from space, a world that seamlessly joins the air and the ground, a world of various seasons, and a world that attracts and nurtures diverse life. A world full of magic and mystery, with handsome horses and cute talking mice, and a world of monsters and history, full of dark magic and magic still in use today. A story that takes place in the world between the lands of Idyll and Era, a story about finding one’s way in a vast world and casting off the past. ABOUT ORCA STUDIOS: Orca Studios, Inc. is a company that develops the fantasy role-playing game “The Elden Ring”. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Korea, the company develops both the IP and a game environment that embodies the spirit of fantasy and action role-playing games. Orca Studios was founded in 2002 as a PC game developer and holds a seasoned team of senior personnel who have been developing various game genres. Orca Studios has an extensive lineup of hit franchises, as well as a variety of titles in the pipeline. Please feel free to visit the website at: ABOUT UBIQ UBIQ is the ultimate enterprise software development company and a mobile app development company based in Seoul, South Korea. Unlimited Blockchain Apps are the only blockchain application development and mobile app development company in Seoul with an objective to create the most valuable blockchain applications that will improve the lives of our customers. We currently provide Blockchain and Mobile App development services on Ethereum, Blockchain, IOS, Android and Windows platforms. If you have any questions, please feel free to write us, we would be happy to help. ​ On September 28, 2018, a new wave of potential users will be able to enjoy Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot with its next content update. During the month of October, the gamers will be able to test their skills in two new PVP online battles. As a bonus, on October 2, the Dragon Ball


Features Key:

  • Unique Fantasy Setting: A Fantasy World of Multilayered Mythologies.
  • Explore a Modern Fantasy Fantasy World
  • Develop Your Character
  • Play with Others on the Same Server
  • An Epic Fantasy Drama Story
  • Key third-party features: