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Name Elden Ring
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We are developing a Fantasy action RPG based on the lands between continents,
called “Elden Ring”.

The game takes place in the Lands Between,
where two vast environments with an amazing design are seamlessly connected.

On the surface, the World Between is a large continent full of land and sea.
But upon researching it, you find that the World Between is a world fallen into darkness,
and only five cities remain and are ruled by demonic monsters.

In order to rid this world of evils,
the King of that continent sends his daughter to the Lands Between,
and she is your Goddess, who’s coming to that world to separate the light of the World
Within and the darkness of the World Beyond.

Upon her arrival to the World Between,
you, as a member of the royal army, must battle against the monsters in the World Below,
and utilize your Goddess’s magic to end the conflict.

Passionate Storytelling
Using our unique engine, we deeply delve into the story as well as design system,
and this time, it’s the most thrilling fantasy the world has ever seen.

We want to tell the story of a Goddess who is born and raised in the depths of hell,
and every event in the story is placed in an unforgivable situation.
Also, we are striving for the “every drop of action is delivered with feeling”,
and taking a stab at breaking the “magic fantasy action game” mold.

With “Elden Ring”, we want to bring a unique genre back to the world and announce
a new story about the thrill of fantasy.


* An Epic Fantasy with Thrilling Storytelling
The story revolves around a battle between light and darkness, which takes place on a vast world.
The diverse and curious story world is brought to life through the 3D graphics and music.
The story of “Elden Ring” has been crafted so that you can feel the emotions of love, hate,
or injustice.

The battles against the monsters in the World Below, and your Goddess’s path to become a lord are epic stories.
Also, you are given the power of Goddess’s magic.
Through this magic, you can defeat monsters with great ease, as well as protect allies and slay enemies.

*An Enormous Game


Features Key:

  • The Lands Between is a world between worlds
  • A world overflowing with story and ways to live it
  • Various story events that will allow you to fully enjoy your world
  • Various game features that support both social and self-centric play styles
  • How to easily play and enjoy the drama

    • Take a vivid journey in the world across various kinds of character systems and enjoy visual novel interactions as you advance your adventure.
    • Search for the time to form a party to run together with your friends.
    • Defend your world from threats.
    • Look at vast fields, meet new people, and acquire new life opportunities as you run across hostile continents.

    Where to find us

    Elden Ring official website:

    Elden Ring official Twitter:

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    Elden Ring official Tumblr:

    Elden Ring official network portal:

    Godot-JP Games Games official site:

    CG Companion:

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    Fantasy action RPG | Elden Ring – Gameplay The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay | Elden Ring
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
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    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    In order to achieve victory, you must equip your character in the best possible way. Depending on the task, you can choose from a variety of different abilities and weapons, containing all manner of features.
    Enable your abilities to ensure victory.

    Follow the story of a young man, sent to his fate by three legendary great spirits.
    Every area is unique, with new biomes, characters, and creatures.

    Adventure is afoot
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    By the grace of the three Great Spirits
    You feel on your path
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    By the grace of the three Great Spirits
    You feel on your path
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    By the grace of the three Great Spirits
    You feel on your path
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay
    The New Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay


    Elden Ring Free


    ★ Wide Variety of Dungeons to Explode Your Mind
    Large Dungeons created with elaborate designs to enhance the experience of the dungeon.

    ★ A Huge World with Open Fields and Complex Dungeons
    In addition to dungeons, there are vast open fields in the game. You can randomly encounter other players on the open fields and explore a wide variety of field paths.

    ★ Five Party Classes with Different Play Styles
    As a Warrior (Ranger), Enforcer, Archer, Necromancer, and Witch, you can freely choose your class and play style.

    ★ Huge Equipment Inventory
    In addition to your weapons, armor, and armor, you will be able to add other equipment, such as shards, runes, and elixirs.

    ★ Deep Dungeons and Cast-offs to Strengthen Your Character
    With the dungeon concept, any dungeon not only allows you to get stronger, but also provides you with items that will provide access to the various sites in the game.

    ★ Three-Dimensional Character Design and Realistic Feel
    The game’s graphic style is realistic and monochrome with a dark feel, allowing you to take delight in looking at the beautifully designed world. The character design is strikingly realistic and detailed.

    ★ Skill-Based Gameplay
    With a wide variety of skills, you can develop your character according to your play style. The skills that you can develop include on the Warrior (Ranger) classes, such as muscle strength to become a strong warrior or magic to develop your Might skill.

    ★ Five Classes with Five Distinct Play Styles.
    As a Warrior (Ranger), Enforcer, Archer, Necromancer, and Witch, the game offers you five distinct classes with five different play styles. Each class offers different ways to play, allowing you to enjoy the game to the fullest while enjoying the variety.

    ★ Continuously Developing World with Distinct Elements.
    Vast world with diverse elements continuously being updated, so that the game will keep surprising you.

    ★ Asynchronous Online Play.
    An online element that allows you to share the experience of the other players in the game.

    ★ One of the Highest ARPG Quality for Android.
    Elden Ring Arena 2 is the second installment of the third-person action RPG Elden Ring. This game follows the story of Hycilus and his search for a lost city.

    ★ Responsive Android OS:
    Mobile mode is


    What’s new:

    09 Aug 2012 12:01:00 Z2012-08-09T12:01:00Z

    The scenario of an apprentice and evil sorcerer in Castle Maxis, which is being taken over by rebellious nobles.” /></p>
<p>The new action role-playing game Empires of Court started off with a four-minute trailer where I was allowed to see almost the complete game. Some very neat aspects are immediately evident. The graphics are top-notch – lush castles and stylized emotions.</p>
<p>The story starts with a ten year old boy who will (spoiler alert) have a rather close connection with the main character of the game, Konrad, a respected sorcerer of Volgavar. His name is Konrad and he is being forced to learn his parents’ legacy of “strength and wisdom”, and learns the rules of casting magical spells, which he is forbidden to do. He will have to perform a quest that is not understood by the boy, whose sole role is to learn the ways of magic and a bit of the legacy of his parents.</p>
<p>The world is a fantasy one, but most of the time we will be in a rather typical medieval town. At night, the whole town will be filled with ghosts and other creatures not typical of a medieval town. You will encounter lots of dragons and other fantasy creatures – an ogre (appropriately enough an ogre town), ghosts, and even zombies are roaming around!</p>
<p>The design of the game is rather simple: the camera will stay in a fixed position (maybe even diagonally) and will not move too fast. This way the player can move very naturally and enjoy the scenery. Also, the game will have a lot of collectibles. Your battlefield will be filled with small fences, helmets and shields, which you can pick up and carry along until you get the items</p>
<p> </p>
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    In October 2013, the game was made available to 10 years and more of most recent functional updates. In November 2013, a trial period of Elden Ring for PCs on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 caused numerous issues to users. Many players reported the complete inability to play the game for the next few months. The situation of return to its original state of Steam version was not at all satisfactory to the users, as a number of bugs were still present. In December 2013, the final roll-out of the patch was released, but this time the team had great success in fixing all the problems that had accumulated in the initial relase. Players are still faced with complaints regarding various issues ranging from the absolute inability to start the game to bugs like the inability to equip items with unique abilities or items that were dropped by characters in the game and to much, much more. Users from all around the world are still facing many minor and major issues with the game, and this is why we have put in a lot of effort in order to slowly but surely bring the users back to the game. Another singular aspect is the amount of time that it’s taking to fix many of the issues that arose in the game. There are many fixes that take days to process, weeks or even months to be applied to the game, but the team remains unflinching: the game is still playable, and it is our intention to return to the game 100% in the future.

    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 64-bit or newer
    OS X 10.8 or newer
    Intel i5-750
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M/ GTX 660M
    4 GB RAM
    24 GB available space
    Windows Minimum Requirements:
    Windows XP
    Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon
    256 MB RAM
    4 GB hard drive
    Windows Vista
    Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 or AMD Radeon 9550 or better