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The player’s Tarnished dark elf action character will undergo a training of the staff-combat abilities during the main character creation, and will be accompanied by a mighty instructor.

The main character’s physical strength, attack strength, magic attack power, and speed are increased as you train. However, the Tarnished dark elf will suffer constant damage and the character will lose health during the training.

In the game, there are skills to defend damage, power up, and increase HP. The skills are acquired by using the currency and effects which the main character gains.

In the game, it is possible to change the Tarnished dark elf’s class and class skill as it advances, and also to learn other skills through training.

Players can choose from three main character classes, Warriors, Mages, and Fighters. As the character levels up, the character’s combat abilities are improved for each class, and a new class with special abilities is opened.

(Orchestral theme)

The Lands Between of our world, from the past to the future – The Lands Between in the world of time – It is a land of fantasy, full of mystery and magic, where the setting of imagination meets the present reality. Somewhere in the Lands Between, its name is lost in the sands of time.

Dawn and Dusk – The Lands Between Drenching the World in its Metamorphosis
The Lands Between is split into the East and West Lands, and a large land mass called the Commons exists between them. The Lands Between was originally a huge ocean, and the Commons is a large peninsula.

An Era of Fever and Joy –The Lands Between Abandoned by Time
During the era of the order of Dawn, an era of fever and joy, the Lands Between is covered by deep oceans, and the Commons is planted with fertile land.

Dawn and Dusk – The Lands Between Drowning in the Chaos of Times
During the era of Dusk, the day that enveloped the world, the Lands Between is floating on a vast ocean in an era of chaos. The Commons is engulfed by an ocean of sand and mountains of salt.

Dawn and Dusk – The Lands Between Abandoned by Reality
During the era of Dawn, the era of chaos, the Lands Between is drowned by the seas of sand and the Commons is covered with the Wasteland.


Features Key:

  • Customization: Every living soul can shape their body into a being of their choice. A creation of beauty and grace. When you create your character, you can freely build your own body with a variety of elements, such as wings, horns, tails, and hooves, and then change your hair, eyes, face, eyebrows, nose, lips, cheekbones and so on by selecting colors and luster. In addition, customizations can be made during battle to increase your fighting power.
  • Flavor System: A content-creation system that lets you freely create and organize the elements of the story that interest you. There are also other details that you can freely create around characters.
  • Free Exploration: An adventure in which all paths lead to the Lands Between.
  • Interconnected story: An epic drama that connects the world of Tarnished, your world, and the Lands Between. By traveling to the Lands Between, you will meet with new places that you have never seen in Tarnished. If you progress in the Lands Between, you will be able to visit the places of Tarnished in the world map of Tarnished. You can even travel to Tarnished’s world that will be controlled by strange creatures. You can also encounter special content only in the Realms Between.
  • Possibility that you might not survive! If you play as a cowardly wizard, you will have no chance of growing.
  • World Map… Damn it!

    When we have released the game we promised that we will improve the world map and we are still working on it.
    In our alpha version you can see the world of Arkoria where areas are highlighted in different colors.
    And in the beta version we will also show a version of the world with all dungeons and areas.

    Connection to Tarnished Online

    In Tarnished you can visit the world of Arkoria from the online feature. You can also visit the world of Arkoria by creating an account in the Realms Between in the world map. In Arkoria, you can see items that you can only find in the Lands Between, and the characters that you can only meet in the Lands Between. You can even


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    ■ FEATURES ■
    ◆◆◆◆◆◆ ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆
    · The Realms Between are a continuation of the world of Tarnished. The player character continues to grow as the protagonist and fights against enemies, accumulating glory.
    · Enemies that appear in the Land Between, on the other hand, behave in a completely different manner than the ones you encounter in the real world. Furthermore, the enemies have appearances and abilities that are unique to their appearances, allowing you to enjoy detailed battles that are difficult to find elsewhere.
    · The game features dynamic, interactive environments created using the Unreal Engine.
    · With the power of a finely crafted online multiplayer mode, join forces and fight with a large number of players together for the glory of a new adventure!
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    · With a total of 18 classes, you can freely enjoy the action RPG that is based on the design of fantasy gaming.
    · You can freely customize your character’s appearance and weapons, armor, and magic. In addition, you can freely combine the equipment you can find throughout the game.
    · You can also enjoy an unprecedented amount of freedom in the class creation system. Not only can you freely mix and match class parts, you can enjoy tactical gameplay while emphasizing your particular play style.
    ◆◆◆◆◆ ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆
    ◆◆◆◆◆◆ ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆
    · Class parts: Gathering all of the parts of a particular class, you can create and equip your own character! However, parts are randomly dropped by enemies or purchased from stores during game play.
    · Materials: All the materials that you can equip with your armor,


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    Select the title of your ELDEN RING game, press the green Download button or visit for Windows, the game will give you a link you can click to download ELDEN RING game.

    How install and crack ELDEN RING game:

    Select the title of your ELDEN RING game, press the green Download button or visit for Windows, the game will give you a link you can click to download ELDEN RING game.

    How install and crack ELDEN RING game:

    Select the title of your ELDEN RING game, press the green Download button or visit for Windows, the game will give you a link you can click to download ELDEN RING game.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Memory: 4 GB
    CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
    Hard Disk: 16 GB
    Audio Device: Speakers, Headphones, Stereo
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD equivalent
    Processor Speed: 3.4 GHz
    This game is available on STEAM. You can purchase the game with Steam.
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