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Name Elden Ring
Publisher flacla
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Fantasy Action RPG developed by Seiun Studio, Inc
Seiun Studio is a mobile game development company.

Vision: to develop innovative mobile games
Shiretoko Studio: to develop AAA mobile games
Seiun Studio: to develop indie mobile games

PlayStation®4 Presentation by Haruyuki Kitazaki

About Kingdom Come Deliverance

A major high fantasy game set in the time of the Holy Roman Empire. It emphasizes a personal experience, which is similar to the role-playing game genre with as a genre. This game is an open world game using a centralized server.

The world of 15th century Kingdom Come Deliverance.

The story of Kingdom Come Deliverance takes place in Bohemia, the Prague Crown Lands, in the year 1404. The Holy Roman Empire is invaded by the Ottomans and the Prince Elector of Saxony Ludwig IV is killed. The Bohemians rise against the invaders, who are led by the corrupt Habsburg King Sigismund. The Czech uprising is soon suppressed, and some Bohemians turn to the Hussites, who are based on the Czech-Ungers. The Bohemians of the south are almost entirely destroyed by the Hussites, and those of the north retreat to the mountains. To this day, the conflict still afflicts both the German and Czech people.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a major high fantasy game set in the time of the Holy Roman Empire, and focuses on a personal experience, similar to the role-playing game genre. A major innovation for this title, which deviates from the history of Europe, is the use of the open world, which was previously restricted to the role-playing game genre.

In the Old World, the game features three main locations and districts in Bohemia:

The capital of Bohemia, Ludek Castle
The medieval towns of Cheb, Plzen, Sluk and Vysca
The New World, inhabited by the natives, who are populated by the time of the game and have special quests


Playable character classes are the Warrior, The Knight, The Gunner, The Hero, The Gladiator, The Wizard and The Thief. The skills of these classes have been designed to be compatible with each other.

The Warrior and the Knight have a particularly strong attack and defense. Their close-ranged attacks deal a great deal of damage, and they can attack several enemies at once.


Features Key:

  • 18 classes to play, 6 race (Elf, Dwarf, Human, etc.), 7 gender
  • Wield a powerful god-like magical weapon and battle your enemies
  • Unrivaled character customization available with many item combinations
  • Combat system with a unique world map and a turn-based system
  • Role-playing game with detailed character development and customization
  • An epic story that can be played with friends
  • Multiple multiplayer modes, including hot seat
  • The full version has the following extras:

    • 3 Race Variants: Imperial, Forsaken, Wild
    • 3 Gender Variants: Male, Female, Dual Gender
    • Less linear in gameplay

    The basic version is already an enjoyable and award-winning game, however, full features are offered only to players who want to enjoy this beautiful world further. Please buy the full version before purchasing the basic version.

    Elden Ring uses a convenient payment system called In-App purchases, which you can enjoy the rest of the game totally free. Please purchase the full version at any time while playing this game, and enjoy this award-winning game to the fullest!

    Tue, 12 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0400
    Fate of the Elden Ring

    THE END IS CLOSE. The mystery of the Lost Village has finally been revealed. From the Majesty Oratoria, a guilty verdict has been passed on from the Elden Rule to the Elven community. From all efforts of detection, we have come to this conclusion that an individual who committed an unattributed heinous murder has been sentenced to a sentence of death.
    The term to decide a ‘guilty verdict’ is not a term that can be used lightly. A sentence of death is a sentence of a crime that contains no crime of lesser degree against Society. It is a sentence of death only to


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    “I would like to thank John and TOSVF for giving this opportunity, and for all of you who have been with us from the beginning. Thank you for allowing us to bring this game to new fans of TOSVF through this experience!”

    —Todd Friesen, 17th Planet Studios

    “TOSVF is not only one of the nicest, yet most successful independent publishers in the history of games; it is also a wonderful team of friends that do everything together as one.”

    —Frieder Weiss, 17th Planet Studios

    “A hearty thank you to everyone that got behind this Kickstarter for The Elden Ring Crack Free Download, helping us to see our dreams become a reality. We


    Elden Ring Download [32|64bit]

    Unique online play that loosely connects you to others

    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    {8}Tone of Voice Clearer in Ver.2.0!

    While we were addressing the desire of the players, we also tried to improve the in game experience. We have done lots of tests and the top priorities were: ~ easier to read~ clearer and concise~ softer~
    The result is that we have improved lots of things. We hope you like the result more than the previous version.

    The overall tone of voice was improved.
    The player’s ability to understand the input was improved.
    The pronunciation of the words was improved, which makes it easier for players to read for a longer period of time.
    The descriptions for the background music was removed and the atmosphere was improved, which results in a smooth game experience.
    Following the improvement of the tone of voice, we added the key Kana by the input that is chosen for the voice.
    Read in more detail at the bottom.
    【Small bug fixes and changes】
    The error where the music would be cut off when it was paused for some time has been fixed.
    The text problem caused by the line break when the text was too large has been fixed.
    【Dialogue Changes】
    1. The tone of voice in the conversation with the merchant has been improved.
    2. The “✓ I will do it” text message has been removed.


    Option for displaying Kana in the Kana with the “Input: Kana” voice has been added.

    -Option of displaying Kana in the Kana with the “Input: Kana” voice has been added.
    -You can easily understand the characters by changing the voice to the “Input: Kana” voice in the character creation.
    -The background music will be changed to the music of the “Hold to confirm”.
    -The rhythm and sound of the character that you are familiar with, such as your friend, will be added.
    -You can change the background music by pressing the “Slot 1” button.
    -The background music will be


    What’s new:

    City Grid Global Website

    These days, the city Japanese are slowly beginning to connect more and more once their business goes down. Based on this, both the city’s people and car free areas are becoming popular areas which allots the space for their leisure activities. 

    Meanwhile, the local government with initiative #4120427002 tried to spread information about the car free city blueprint.

    City Grid Global Website

    For the local government, a park from the initial plan will open on the mid of the year with the timetable of this year. So if you want, visit the place for recreation and leisure. 

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    The aim of this project is that each of the residents can live this leisure time any time. 

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    And now, it is also said that the car free city is growing in stages. In this report, each community, businesses, the police department and more is joining in order to make the car free city’s affair easier and more smoother.

    City Grid Global Website

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    6. A window will appear where you can install the game. Wait for the installation process to be complete and after a while you’ll be able to launch the game.
    7. If you want to install the game on a different library, go to properties, go in the Local Files tab and move to the line Import local files on this library and replace the line with the line: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\eldeneringe

    Thank you so much I hope you like the game and enjoy it, I’m working hard to make new stuff at this moment so your comments will be appreciated.

    Comment by TARNISHED

    The first of this generations era of WoW! Good idea for some good old stomping fights!

    Comment by aftr832

    on 2014-04-10T13:57:24-05:00


    Comment by DorKosh

    on 2014-04-10T14:04:06-05:00

    There will be more WOW!!

    Comment by Cutter

    on 2014-04-10T14:05:33-05:00

    What a great game, the world, the weapon and armor customization, and the random dungeon fight. Only issue with your plans for expansion (dungeon not shown in video) – they are rather limited and repetitive compared to the old. I know I would play the game more, but it just isn’t worth it.

    You’re right about the expansion not having a lot to offer. I’ll try to come up with more in the meantime, I promise.

    Comment by rabirema

    on 2014-04-10T14:18:22-05:00

    Not a bad change, I’ve been wanting a classic style MMO game on my computer since the days of Warcraft 3. The only thing that I regret though is that


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Find the downloaded file and extract it using 7-Zip.
  • Double-click to install and start the setup file.
  • After the installation, simply double-click on the icon of “Elden Ring” in the game’s main menu.
  • When asked, type “DEBUG” without the “quotes” and then press Enter.
  • After the “Debug” procedure has finished, double-click the “Elden Ring” icon to launch the game.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Wii U:
    1024×768 Minimum Graphics (or Better)
    512MB of RAM
    1.5GB of available HDD space (Required to install the game)
    Wii U Pro Controller (Required to play the game)
    Internet Connection Required
    Wii Remote Required
    Gamecube Controller (to play Board Game NES Mini as a Gamecube Controller)
    Requires Android: 2.3.3 or above, and iOS: 5.0 or above
    Google Play Store or iOS App